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Acupuncture Vlog #1 with Jennifer Dabu - Office Tour

Pre-season: Vlog 2 Episode 2 of the 2020 Pre-season Vlog is here, presented by Snap Fitness. Delaine Eastin is in a tough battle in the Democratic Party race for Governor of California. Partying at Rolling Loud Night 1 & 2 With Tyler, Dylan and.

65 Creative Youtube Vlog Ideas that Will Delight your

The vari-angle LCD screen combined with the newly added grip to the. Posted April 1st, 2020 by Eric Fassbender & filed under All, Travel Vlog. Click is the programme for everyone interested in the internet and new media.

Vlog 7 - A Tour of the AFO - Atmosphaeres Blog

Welcome to our new series: Carolina Therapy Connection Staff Spotlight Vlog. Jay Leno and Jeremy Irons take part in Mille Miglia 'the https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=978. Decorating Tips and Ideas for home, office and media.

Activity code pre-Season Vlog: Episode 1 - Brisbane Lions

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Manual Coffee Machines + Espresso Machines At JB Hi-Fi. Epic Games' Fortnite https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=987.

Cracked one Room Challenge Week 6 - IKEA Hack for Custom Office

Discover all the latest about our products, technology, and Google culture on our official blog. Request an appointment today! The ZV-1 vlog camera comes with a Product Showcase Setting for perfect product review videos and Bokeh Switch for easy background blur control.

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Top 60 New York Lifestyle Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020

The digital guide is easy to use; just click on a category and explore all that New York State has to offer. See more ideas about Vlogging, Live chat room, Vlogging camera. It is a relatively small island so if you have the budget and time you can easily tour the whole country in three weeks.

Video Archives - Page 2 of 20 - Esports News UK

She made her film debut in the musical comedy Camp (2020), and rose to prominence for her role in. Learn how to utilise this feature for your best Skype experience. Views 0 Comments ENTERTAINMENT.

Patch new York City Hudson Yards Apartment Tour Pt 1

Consider where your microphone is going to be in relation to everything else in the room. Try to place it so that it picks up a minimum of computer noise (hard drives, fan). We celebrate the unique bond between horse and human (#TwoHearts) and strive to develop equestrian sport globally in a modern, sustainable and structured manner with guaranteed athlete welfare, equal opportunity and ethical partnership with the horse.

Sample Tour Guide Speech in English

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New office tour vlog 1 the crack.

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Her first starring role was in the 1998 Broadway musical High Society, for which she earned a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. New York has been the US state hardest hit by COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. My Office Tour & Friday Writing Vlog; Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) Click to print (Opens in new window) Filed Under: The Sweetie Chronicles Tagged With: Eternal.

IPhone SE is already cheap, but there's a way to save even

We have Office Crack Software torrents for you. New Movies and Episodes are added every hour. Drum Talk TV - Dan's Almost Daily Vlog - Ringo's 80th https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=998.

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My weekend with mel and david from tokencard in London

Dear Tokencardfriends,
Some of you maybe saw it during the last week here on reddit or in the discord channel that I planned to visit the tokencard team in London.
Because I like random moments, I didn't tell to anybody, that I will come with a group of people and a professional camera team, but more on that topic later. In advance I just contacted the founders to make sure that at least somebody will be there when I come to London. At this point sorry again to Mel and David for not inform you properly in advance. Thank you very much for handling it with a smile!
So, now the plan was made. I asked some friends if they want to join for a funny weekend in London, and started to tell it to people in the discord channel. Of course, in the beginning nobody believed me and I even got banned from the discord channel because I kept repeating that i will fly to London soon. Greetings to the community mod @christianjpberg at this point! :) I collected questions which the community wanted to have answered and started a youtube channel named tknfan to go live while traveling to London. With great support from the community I managed to collect the 100 needed followers for the live stream around one hour before departure.
Because I was a little scared to show my face to the world wide web I decided to not film any faces. That is why the videos look even bader than amateur level, I am sorry for that. To be honest it was pretty funny, I arrived to early at the airport and was streaming live in front of the airport and still everybody said I am a troll which is just standing in front of an airport and will not deliver what I promised.
This behavior of course suddenly changed when I went live while entering the plane, and people started to realize that it's real. Of course the haters immediately started to hate me because of my "disco pants".(philipp plein sweatpants for everybody who was not around in the discord channel friday and saturday)
Finally we arrived in London, where a ugly and by the way very uncomfortable stretch limousine waited for us. The hate level was unbelievable high at this point, and thats why I finally stopped the live streaming then.
I was standing with 12 of my friends plus 2 guys from the camera team in the lobby of "The Savoy" hotel in London when Mel and David showed up to pick us up for food. To be honest, they only expected like two guys and found a big group of 14 people and a RED 8k camera which is normally used for cinema productions.
So we went to have dinner in "The Savoy Grill" right next to the hotel(amazing food by the way) and started to talk about the interesting things.
At this point I think its important to mention that both David and Mel are very sympathic and charismatic guys, which handled the unexpected situation just amazing. It was a great dinner with some great topics. Because after the food everybody was tired we agreed to meet again on the next day.
We met in the lobby at around two o'clock and decided to visit the tokencard office. Because it was amazing weather we walked around in the city, also thanks at this point to Mel and David for being amazing tour guides.
As you can see on the picture, the camera team was following us all the time to record as much material as possible. We arrived in the tokencard office and to be honest I was a little overwhelmed how big it actually is, of course in a positive way. They just moved from the office which I had in my mind because of pictures from an older medium post to the new one, which is just amazing.
Unfortunately, and this is of course my fault because i didn't communicate at all what i had planned, there was no one of the 9 employees around because it was weekend.
After we spent some hours in the office with talking and a lot of filming we decided to meet again on sunday. They day ended for me with a great steak at the M-Restaurants and a little walk in the amazing city.
On sunday I met the guys again for a typical british afternoon tea and some last talks. At this point I want to thank David and Mel again for being so amazing hosts and spending so much time with us. It was a great weekend in London and really a pleasure to meet you guys. After all I know now i am absolutely sure that you guys gonna delver the best product and even more.
From my side I can promise that i personally talked with Mel and David about all the important points like broken social links or the new homepage and more recent updates and they promised me that this is all being handled as fast as possible. To be honest i also had to realize first that they just really had more important things to handle, but I guess me and some other people in the community sometimes forget that!
So whats next?
I promise at least a teaser of the upcoming Vlog in four days from now
I know that everybody wants to see the video, which we recorded in London as fast as possible, but please try to not forget that it is an high quality production and it is a lot of work to cut it together perfectly. But since i also hate to wait, I already wrote the production company that I want the express way!
Next London visit in the next two weeks
tknfan returns, a new Vlog, badly recorded live streams and maybe some new disco pants. Stay tuned!
Thank you very much for reading about my trip to London, i hope it was not too boring. I am really looking forward to see as much as possible of you during the Tokencard meet up on the 2 october in London!
Kind regards
submitted by cryptostasher to TokenCard

How to Research. Quick-start guide for writers.

"How do I write something/someone/somewhere I'm not?"
Very common question from would-be writers. The answer is always research.
A big thing necessary to write is being confident enough to share with others. Part of confidence is being willing to explore and investigate. Learning, gaining knowledge, nearly always makes someone more confident about that thing; they have fewer unknowns about the thing, and thus are more willing to talk about it to others. Fortunately, the 21st Century continues to make it easier and faster to conduct research.
Once upon a time, there was an insurance salesman who wanted to write a military-thriller drama. At the time (early 1980s), the Internet hadn't really been invented yet. He needed to spend a lot of time and effort in libraries, looking things up tediously by subject, and then reading book after book. Using those to trigger him to something else that might help, or be more helpful or more relevant.
He had to spend time actually talking to people to find individuals who could cast clarity and provide insight; talking to them in person. There were no chat rooms or email or anything else people take for granted today. He had to mail off, snail mail, physically writing letters and physically walking them to a post office or mail box, to ask people things, or to request documents (that cost money) from various suppliers for something he wanted to know more about.
If you haven't figured it out yet, the book was The Hunt for Red October. Clancy never served in the military, or in government; but wrote in great detail about both because of research. Enough so that people who were military or political constantly talked about how accurate his writing was.
Today, all of that is much easier; the next Clancys have smooth sailing. Much smoother. Anyone, any would-be writer, who thinks "research is hard", doesn't know how good they've got it.
Google. Always start with Google. It boggles that people who have grown up with Google and the Internet have to be told this, when people who are 32+ had to learn it after they were already adults, but Google is the library computer from Star Trek. What does that mean?
The question you want to post, here or anywhere else in a forum, you type into Google and see what comes up. Ask Google the exact same way you'd ask a person. Look at the links. Click on some of them. Read.
It will blow your mind how much useful stuff shows up. Your question can be as basic as "what is seventeen ounces in grams?" or as complicated as "why did England and France fight so many wars?" Google's algorithms parse it and start throwing links up. For a straight up data question Google will find the answer so fast your head will spin, sometimes not even linking you somewhere else. For more involved questions, it'll find links where people discuss it. These links could be manufacturer or scientist sites, or someone's blog or vlog, an industry page, forum discussion threads, whatever.
Read. Read the links. Learn to skim, learn to decide in seconds if the page looks like it might be helpful or isn't on-point enough for what you're after. If yes, skim less and read more. If no, maybe skim a bit further to give it a chance to turn around, or just close the link and go to the next. The point of the Internet is to disseminate information. Use that amazing power that you haven't even fully considered.
Wikipedia is always an extremely useful place to start for a writer. It doesn't matter what the subject or topic is, Wikipedia is very likely to have an article about it. That article will link to other articles in Wikipedia that are often either useful or things you hadn't realized you needed to know about yet; and every Wiki entry includes sources and references at the bottom that will do the same.
Google Maps, including StreetView, is an amazing resource. You can write very detailed stories set in places that are literally on the other side of the world from you using these tools. Punch in the location, let the map load, then start scrolling around. You can see a diagram overhead, or a satellite overhead; and StreetView puts you there to pan the 'camera' around on the images.
So many people don't realize how useful and powerful StreetView is. Especially would-be writers. Even actual writers sometimes haven't realized it. Pick somewhere, and use the little StreetView button, and take a virtual walk. It puts you right there. You can see the lay of the land, see what was there when the camera car drove past. There will be people and cars on the street, that can be helpful. You can use the virtual tour to block scenes out and plan movement or layouts for your characters.
And StreetView's usefulness is not limited to needing to be writing about that actual location. You can pick some place to 'stand in' for your entirely fictional setting, and use StreetView as inspiration or blocking while changing details as you like. It's your world, but tools help you build that world. The store there, it can be a made-up store. It can be a bank, or a workshop, or a house. You're the writer, do what you want with the inspiration of research.
Youtube is an amazingly useful resource for so many things. If you're a visual person, looking up a how-tos or something might be more useful than a Wiki article. Further, sounds are harder to convey via text; so you can hear how a certain engine or gun or animal or accent or whatever sounds. Never been to France, but want to hear how a native French person pronounces another language? Youtube!
And Youtube's search is powered by Google (same company; Google bought Youtube a long time ago), so the Youtube search works just as well as Google's.
Youtube offers a lot of other stuff. StreetView is useful, but a lot of people post "walk" or "walking from X to Y" or "travel tour" videos. There are tons of other keywords I either haven't heard about or didn't post here, but those should get you started. And here's some example channels to definitely get you started:
Look at what these videos do. It's someone who takes a camera and walks through somewhere. You're right there, on the sidewalk. In someways it's less useful than StreetView; you don't have any control over the camera. And you have to use the video stream controls to click forward and back through the vid, with all the issues a linear video inherently has. But most of them (and if one doesn't, find others) have much higher picture quality. And many of them have sound! You can hear the street sounds, the whatever sounds, of that location.
This kind of video shows up all over the place on Youtube. Never been skydiving? There are skydiving videos where people take a camera and jumps out of the plane with it. Boom, you're skydiving; you can see what it looks like, sounds like, up there, as they come down, as the ground rushes up, everything. Watch the videos, take notes, figure out what that vid does for what you want to write about. Sailing? Museum tours? Fixing cars? Shooting guns? Military stuff? Hunting? Mountain climbing? Sewing? Carpentry? Painting?
Watch vids. They're out there. Someone who loved something enough to try to video it, and posted the video. Some of them suck, sure (the vids, not necessarily the people); but it's part of research. Looking for good sources. This video sucks? Fine, close, click the next. Good ones are out there. You have to find them. Fortunately it's just clicking and watching. It's way easier than it used to be. A couple of hours can yield enough information for years worth of stories.
Finally, bookmarks. Create a Research folder, add subfolders, and fill them with research links. If you're researching soldiers for your next thriller, then open a new bookmark subfolder and fill it with links to what you've found that was useful. Unit listings, bases, weapons and gear, whatever. Bookmarks take two seconds to add. Maybe twenty if you take the time to add a descriptive name. Examples: "explains M4 vs M16" or "Google Maps view of Fort Whatever."
Research is something every writer does. Even the ones who only write stuff they know have already researched those things. A retired soldier who only writes action packed thrillers about spec-ops troopers has done that research, the hard way by living through it. And even that guy is probably doing ongoing research, even if he doesn't think of it as research, when he networks with his other soldier spec-ops buddies and hears stories from the ones who aren't retired. Where they talk to him about the latest things and tricks and changes in the spec-ops soldiering business.
Learn how to use the Internet to take the pain out of research. Not for us, for you. It keeps you on track, gives you confidence, and helps you build better stories. Ones that you're more willing to show off and stand behind, because you feel surer that they're not going to make people "in-the-know" laugh. And because even casual readers will not see things that make them think "this guy doesn't know what he's talking about."
submitted by DavesWorldInfo to writing

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