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Electronic music in Studio One 5

Just got into production a few months back and been using FL studio 12 that my cousin owns and also Studio One Artist that he got free with an interface but he stuck with FL. Now me, I really like Studio One, the workflow and everything. Now I am planning to get a full fledged DAW (electronic music : Future Bass, Melodic Dubstep, Chill step etc). I have been looking at my fav producers and almost all of them use ableton and it looks good to me too, workflow and everything. So now I'm left with the dilemma between gwtting the Live Standard (still slightly out of budget) or Studio One Rent-to-own on splice $17/month and save up for serum, sylenth, fab filter etc vsts. So the major question is are there a lot of things that Ableton does and studio one dosen't (or with less quality) that it would hold me back? I know stock presonus plugins aren't very good and Ableton's are great, but other than that are there any major features or way of doing things that set Ableton in a way above league for production?
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[Table] IAmA: I am Sirens, a music producer of many things AMA!

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Date: 2015-02-01
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, thanks for doing this, I love your music. What's your opinion on downloading music? Do you see it as something that is inherently bad or maybe something that could be a good way as get your name out there and spread your music even if you are getting no profit? Hmm, its bittersweet. from personal experience i absolutely love when people support me with purchases and making money feels awesome, but at the same time i just want people to listen and share it. but then again i think most artists know that selling music doesnt make a lot of money anymore, most of that is in live shows.
Well, if you ever want to make some more money, please come and do a live show in the UK. I'd be there and i'm sure a lot of others would be too! Thatd be awesome to play there eventually :)
How do you make your music sound so full? Layering? Variety of things. layering, compressing those layers, panning, EQing, and also just training your ears to hear how things really sit in a mix.
Hey Sirens! Why aren't you touring the world yet?? I'd go crazy if you mainstaged a massive event! All the headline producer's progression chords and melodies just have no feeling to them but your's hit me straight to the heart! Honestly im not sure why i dont play more shows. i know my music isn't quite "mainstream" but i def got fans. its really just about who you know when it comes to that so i guess i have to go out there and get to know more people!
What is your mastering chain? Usually EQ-compression-ozone-limiter of some sort. pretty simple. i also give lessons on this stuff u can email me at [email protected].
What stuff did you learn from your collab with Varien? And have you ever tried or thought about sending in another song to Monstercat? Hmm, i learned that a song can go through a couple different versions before its actually good to release. as for the second question - not every song is for every label.
What music program do you use to make your music, and what did you start off using to make it? Also do you have any advice for people who are just starting to get into music production? I started with ableton and been with it ever since. didnt even know what it was when i first bought it, some dude at guitar center was just like here try this one. and patience...lots of it.
I've heard a lot of good things about that program it's nice to see so many pros are using it. Also I was wondering how many different instruments do you know how to play? Yeah its an amazing program but its really just about preference. and i play piano and guitar, the basics :)
Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? Why? You know honestly, im not exactly sure i was nevver the biggest fan of that show. i was more into sonic the hedgehog.
Which are your favorite labels AND why ? Would you like to have own label one day ? I love your music man, you're so talented and inspiring artist! I cant really say that i have favorite labels, they all have their niche and do a great job on their respective communities. and thank you for the kind words!
What has been your most memorable show you've played? Id say EDC las vegas 2013. first festival experience and the rush afterward is better than any drug you'll ever take or see anyone take.
Hi Sirens! Just wanted to let you know that you're my favourite EDM artist and that your songs keep me up and going all day! I was just wondering where you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now in the context of your career and the music you are making? Thanks! Hmm thats a tough one! i havent even been doing this for 5 years :P, but i would love to be in my own personal studio space producing my own music and writing for other artists and really just being a producing guru.
I only found out about you a couple days back actually (Nik Cooper's channel has some hidden gems!) You hit the nail on the head when it comes down to the music I like, there is just something about your song Adventure Time that I love so much! Down to the actual question, what are your feelings on the first song you ever released compared to what you can make now? I cant remember the first song i ever actually released as SirensCeol, but i can assure you that whatever i do now is a HELL of a lot better. both quality wise and musically haha. one thing as a musician is that you're always improving your skills as days go by.
What piece of music of yours would you recommend to someone who hasn't heard any of your music before? Hmmm, depends what kind they prefer. but id say a good starter is endlessly feat. aloma steele or nightmare feat. sean dee.
What was the thing that made you feel that music is your thing? When I was 12 i sat down at the piano and liked it. from then on i've been playing and creating music.
What's your go-to VST when it comes to overall sound design, and why do you love that VST so much? Def massive. just because theres pretty much no sound you cant make, and its easier to learn your way through as well.
What VSTs do you use for your big super saw chords (like in Echoes Guide Me and Moonlight) and how much post processing goes into them? Lots of sylenth, and a layer of nexus. processing wise the chain is pretty long, but its really just eq and compression and panning.
Hey sirens, I am a big fan of yours, and I am wondering, do you want to keep producing edm or explore other style, like orchestral? Definitely exploring more styles. i just put out an orchestral EP if you haven't already heard - Memories of a distant past.
If you find someone totally unknown who makes really awesome music, would you somehow help him get the appreciation he deserves having (like playing in your set, or shoutouting him)? I usually try! i dont have an exact method of how i would help someone, but i definitely want to help get talented people the recognition they deserve.
What's your secret to mixing your tracks? Start with the drums and build everything around them. itll change your world.
Love your stuff man, heard "Coming Home" and been following you ever since! As you've branched out from dubstep and experimented with other subgenres, is there one that you've felt the most comfortable producing? Do you think you'll ever end up in one specific genre? Ill never end up making one genre thats for sure. but id say the genres that come easiest to me are electro and melodic dubstep. something thats more melody driven.
What's your favorite city and why is it Los Angeles? LA is cool, but ive lived in nor cal bay area my whole life and i love it here.
Favorite music to produce? Depends on what kind of mood im in that day. its always changing.
How many push-ups can you do? Haha i have no idea. but my best bench press ever was 365lbs.
If you would get the opportunity to collab with any artist in the world, who would that be and why? Very tough question. theres so many but right now the first one that came to mind is pink floyd.
Do u make music full time? U in school/uni? Yes..i just finished school for good :)
Hey Sirens, big fan of everything. But apart from that, what is your main source of inspiration and do you feel as if some of the music you have created is inspired by other artists/songs? If so which ones? Yeah i definitely gain inspiration from other music. who doesnt! and most of the inspiration comes from non edm music.
What was the biggest step/trick you learned as a total noobie (first year of producing or so)? Sidechaining. when i learned how to do that it was mindblowing. i thought i was a master.
What is the meaning of life? According to monty python, i have no fucking clue.
What's your favorite track (which you produced) at the moment? Id say my most recent favorite is Memories of a distant past pt. 1.
Why is your alias name written as SirensCeol and yet pronounced as Sirens? I just say sirens kinda as a nickname, its pronounced sirens-soul though.
Will you release that dolphin track? ;D Hopefully! hit up michael liedtke and ask him ;)
Do you have any more collaborations with other producers coming up? I sure do! although i dont want to state who quite yet!
Hey sirens. Method To Madness has been one of my favorite albums and Method To Love is amazing as well! The Glitch Waltz is incredibly unique and everything there is awesome. Memories Of A Distant Past is great as well. Now my question: what genre do you like a lot but won't make? Im a huge sucker for singer songwriters. i used to do that before i started making electronic music, but honestly i kinda wanna get more into it again.
Do you have any upcoming tours in Tennessee? I'd really love to hit one of your shows up. Not that i know of in tennessee but hopefully soon!
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