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[Event] An das deutsche Volk

Deutsches Reich

Mid-to-late November
In the chaos of the German revolution, many British observers believed Heinrich Dorrenbach to be the Commander of the Volksmarinedivision. The assessment was off the mark, but it wasn’t too far from the exact truth.The Imperial Officer was a friend of the socialist revolutionary Karl Liebknecht, and due to issues surrounding issues surrounding pay and the Council of People’s Deputies, had become increasingly frustrated with Frederich Ebert. And as a consequence, Heinrich and several other figures would convince most of the soldiers to sympathize with and support Liebknecht.
After the support of many in the Volksmarinedivision, and after the People's State of Bavaria recognized the Free Socialist Republic of Germany as the sole legal government of all of Germany, the monumentum began to shift in favor of Liebknecht’s government. Increasingly frustrated by the schism,which in itself stalled promised reforms, Workers and Soldiers Councils gradually abandoned the SPD in favor of the USPD.
As this all occurred, the German revolution continued to spread throughout all of Germany like a wildfire. In cities like Lezpig, Chemnitz, and Gotha, local administrators were replaced by Workers and Soldiers Councils. And in some places like Brunswick and Zwickau, administrators loyal to the Emperor were outright arrested. The workplace also saw change, with large industrial facilities like the Leuna works being taken over by the local councils. Old administrators were more or less kept around, sometimes because of moderate liberal sympathies, but mostly to allow the Councils the ability to provide services.
And following the trend of the Volksmarinedivision, local councils began to organize “Red Guards” to protect themselves from reactionaries.
Ebert faced defections within the SPD, with arguments erupting between Frederich and Philipp Scheidemann. The former was bitter with Schiedemann’s proclamation of a Republic and blamed his actions on the current state of affairs. And though the two constantly sparred with one another, they maintained a united front against their former allies in the Spartacist-USPD unity government.
Frederich was more concerned with the reaction on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Due to his position at the head of the revolution, Ebert was loathed by most conservatives, albeit the Reichskanzler was alarmed with the stability of his pact with Groener. And because of recent failures in Berlin, the Ebert-Groener Pact risked collapsing.
Compared to its opposition, Liebknecht’s USPD-Spartakusbund government was unified and focused on increasing its support. Shop stewards would propose the creation of an executive action committee, which would have the unmentioned effect of further damning Ebert into irrelevance. The Council of People’s Deputies would agree, and a 24-member Executive Council of Workers' and Soldiers' Councils. Not only would the Executive Council of Workers' and Soldiers' Councils include women, but it would also include representatives from all over Germany. The Executive Council would be dominated by the USPD and would have Richard Müller as its Chairman.
On the 25th of November, Liebknecht’s government would issue the An das deutsche Volk;
-The State of Emergency is lifted.
-The rights of assembly and association are not subject to any limit. (This also applies to civil servants.)
-Censorship is banned, including censorship of theatrical plays.
-Freedom of expression in speech and writing is allowed.
-Freedom of religion
-Amnesty for all political prisoners.
-Political trials are discontinued
-The Gesetz über den vaterländischen Hilfsdienst [de] is repealed.
-The Prussian servants' law and special laws for agricultural workers are repealed
-The rules for the protection of workers rescinded at the start of the war are restored
So as to alleviate certain concerns, Liebknecht’s government provided assurances to the private property rights of the German citizen.
Furthermore, arrangements were made to guarantee suffrage for all men and women above the age of 20. Workplace laws would see an 8 hour work day established on January 1st, 1919. A national program would also be established to provide income and stability to all unemployed persons.
Similar reforms were to be announced by Ebert’s government, but parallel to the November 9th, Liebknecht heard about it and had his government to announce their reforms first. And as a result, the Workers and Soldiers Councils of Berlin outright endorsed the Free Socialist Republic of Germany, which was then followed by Workers and Soldiers Councils around Germany acknowledging Liebknecht’s coalition as the legitimate government.
submitted by Tion3023 to SWWP

Imperial German Schütztruppe soldiers passing by a burning hut during a counter-insurgency operation in Barotseland, Deutsch-Mittelafrika (C. 1939)

Imperial German Schütztruppe soldiers passing by a burning hut during a counter-insurgency operation in Barotseland, Deutsch-Mittelafrika (C. 1939) submitted by Miguel_LettowVorbeck to Kaiserreich

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