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Position a Infernal Rapturess with a unit of Obliterators as her Euphonic Blast has similar range and damage potential; and she can also resurrect a dead Obliterator on a 6. Deep strike her into the mid-field together with 1-2 units of Obliterators to position her. With the 'generic' medieval fantasy fans well-catered-for, it was decided that this new setting would be considerably more original. Greater Daemon is the only model I actually still like at this point. Battering Ram: Battering Ram; Battle. Fallen empire - Stellaris Wiki https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=953.

Orc - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

PlayStation 2, Game Script by Mookiethebold. Also includes a new setup version, when using this remember to install directly to the game's folder! Piggy and Fatherhood Suits You form-locks you, disallows you from leaving Lusitania, has most humans think of you as savages, with Fathertrees immobile and only capable of communicate with other philotic. I'm just hoping that people are launching into 3000+ for the right. He handles item socketing and unsocketing, and upgrades gems.

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"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier: An English-Language Bibliography. Getting worked up because some people are posting longer entries? Tyrant's Stride can be found in Ancient Passage, which is made accessible during the quest Withermoore's Soul Jar. Mercedes Benz E Class: Style, performance, luxury and performance; you get it all soulseekers defiler patch for version 1.1 for titan quest this car. This is their dosage recommendation: Under 20 lbs – 1/4 to 1 teaspoon daily 20-40 pounds – 1-1/2 to 2 teaspoons daily 40-60lbs -2-1/2 to 3 teaspoons daily 60-80 pounds – 1-1/2 to 2 tablespoons daily 80-100 pounds – 2-1/2 to 3 tablespoons daily 100 pounds or more – 3-1/2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup daily For ground flax, Ellie's Whole Grains recommends daily use with the following doses.

Warcraft RPG - Manual of Monsters

I think it has the edge over the imperial version. How in the world an I suppose to know where it get my monster shoulder pieces if I don't know the chest, and where to get my monster Helms if I don't know the dungeon. Saint Germain Foundation is an international religious organization in existence for over 85 years, and offers to spiritual seekers the original and true Teaching of the Law of Life, as given through Mr. The temple is. Crack in this context means the action of removing the copy protection from software or to unlock features from a demo or time-limited trial. The one you want to bring if you want to make your standard Plaguebearer even more mindbogglingly hard to kill.

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All that is Dread - A new Dread - Robot thing WIP 3rd Jan

Last Content Update: 15 Nov 2020 Total Downloads Today: 21, 217 Total Downloads: 419, 969 Average Download Speed: 974kb/s. He also manifests a temporary Lightning Converter to take some. Legendary items - Official Calamity Mod Wiki recommended reading. I carefully cut the end off, and stuck it to a twin linked lascannon arm which I had already cut up. Rift - FAQ/Strategy Guide - PC - By JPaterson.

Your accumulated 3.x list?

Where can I get? - Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Q&A for PC try this. But then there's backlash to this idea? Thus, someone ruining a shrine to Kelemvor would get one random monster encounter per week, and it would be undead.

Soulseekers Defiler 1.1 (7 Downloads Available)

Manual) A ghost yearns to complete some unresolved task from. Like the Blacksmith and the Mystic, the Jeweler is located in the Caravan area. It was the Judeo-Christian version of the Bible that needed clarification. This guide covers both the Normal and Heroic versions of the encounter, as far as mechanics and general strategy is concerned. House Rules: Dismounting.

Imperator Guides: Daemon Rules Ahoy

[Release][Daily] Ascent, Moon++, LUA++, ABD and Extra's visit here. C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston click over here now. Simplifying your search query should return more download results. Warpstone Flux: Horus Heresy Review: Headhunter Kill Teams. Soul seekers defiler patch for version 1.1.

Chaos Daemon Tactica - 8th Edition - Page 2

Keygen burning Crusade reputation rewards - Wowpedia - Your wiki

Below is a quick summary of these amazing strollers: Name Rating 4.3/5 5/5 4.1/5 Reviews Read Review Read Review Read Review Top 3 City Strollers Reviews Here are brief reviews of the 3 best City Strollers to give a quick overview. Tolsimir Wolfblood - Fixed missing attribute of created token (token was no creature). Codex Chaos Knights - Honour Through Annihilation. Runspeed Mounts [3] 130 percent Runspeed Mounts [250] 135 percent Runspeed Mounts [42] 150 percent Airspeed Mounts [76] 1 percent +successmod [9] 2. 200 percent Airspeed Mounts [29] 24 percent Runspeed Mounts; 25 percent Runspeed Mounts; 2 percent +successmod [9] 3. 32. Replacing the Iron Claw with a Warp Sword for +25 points is a hilariously bad idea which you should not do.

Dark Sun - D&D 2nd - Dragons's Crown (OCR)

The biggest thing that I'm not liking is the odd language. Musicassette RelaxMusic y Meditaciones Guiadas Political Action Hero Podcast Moving Mountains in Heels with Aiyana Shedd CC & C Royals Blue Podcast Heart n Soul Radio Featured software All software latest This Just In Old School Emulation MS-DOS Games Historical Software Classic PC Games Software Library. For concerns and queries regarding the Archive, please message /u/xenoposeidon. It would be foolish to suggest that the power-seekers were disarmed by the opposition of the Nation. Fallen empires are vestigial remnants of millennia old, extremely powerful empires that have become chronically stagnant and decadent over the ages.

Slaanesh CSM + Daemons 2k List Feedback

Hi community, I am looking to start a Chaos army to play in ITC tournaments next year. I initially thought of running a pure Slaanesh Daemon list but saw the juicy CSM Daemon Engines and wanted to combine the two. I am new to Chaos and not sure if this is even legal to have 2 detachments for 2 different codexes? or if this is legal for ITC. Please correct me and point out the rules on this.
The idea behind the list is to have the fast chariots fly up the board and tie-up any heavy guns, to give my daemon engines time to move up the board, shoot, and eventually get into close combat (if needed). I considered taking cultists as troops but the Daemonettes 5+ invuln makes them slightly more durable.
Here's the list:

++ Spearhead Detachment -3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [60 PL, -3CP, 1,020pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Detachment CP [-3CP]
Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Lord Discordant on Helstalker [9 PL, 195pts]: 5. Glutton for Punishment, Autocannon, Bolt pistol, Frag & Krak grenades, Impaler chainglaive, Mark of Slaanesh, Mechatendrils, Raiment Repulsive, Warlord
. Helstalker: Bladed limbs and tail, Techno-virus injector

+ Heavy Support +
Defiler [9 PL, 140pts]: Battle cannon, Defiler claws, Defiler scourge, Mark of Slaanesh, Reaper autocannon, Smoke Launchers

Defiler [9 PL, 140pts]: Battle cannon, Defiler claws, Defiler scourge, Mark of Slaanesh, Reaper autocannon, Smoke Launchers

Defiler [9 PL, 140pts]: Battle cannon, Defiler claws, Defiler scourge, Mark of Slaanesh, Reaper autocannon, Smoke Launchers

Forgefiend [8 PL, 135pts]: 2x Hades autocannons, Daemon jaws, Mark of Slaanesh

Forgefiend [8 PL, 135pts]: 2x Hades autocannons, Daemon jaws, Mark of Slaanesh

Forgefiend [8 PL, 135pts]: 2x Hades autocannons, Daemon jaws, Mark of Slaanesh

++ Battalion Detachment -3CP (Chaos - Daemons) [53 PL, 9CP, 980pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Chaos Allegiance: Slaanesh
Detachment CP [-3CP]

+ HQ +
Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot [6 PL, 130pts]: Hysterical Frenzy, Lashes of Torment, Lashing tongues, Ravaging claws, Smite

Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot [6 PL, 130pts]: Hysterical Frenzy, Lashes of Torment, Lashing tongues, Ravaging claws, Smite

Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot [6 PL, 130pts]: Hysterical Frenzy, Lashes of Torment, Lashing tongues, Ravaging claws, Smite

+ Troops +
Daemonettes [4 PL, 70pts]
. Alluress: Piercing claws
. 9x Daemonette: 9x Piercing claws

Daemonettes [4 PL, 70pts]
. Alluress: Piercing claws
. 9x Daemonette: 9x Piercing claws

Daemonettes [4 PL, 70pts]
. Alluress: Piercing claws
. 9x Daemonette: 9x Piercing claws

Daemonettes [4 PL, 70pts]
. Alluress: Piercing claws
. 9x Daemonette: 9x Piercing claws

Daemonettes [4 PL, 70pts]
. Alluress: Piercing claws
. 9x Daemonette: 9x Piercing claws

+ Heavy Support +
Exalted Seeker Chariot [5 PL, 80pts]
. 3x Daemonette Charioteers: 3x Piercing claws
. Exalted Alluress: Lashes of Torment
. Steeds of Slaanesh: Lashing tongues

Exalted Seeker Chariot [5 PL, 80pts]
. 3x Daemonette Charioteers: 3x Piercing claws
. Exalted Alluress: Lashes of Torment
. Steeds of Slaanesh: Lashing tongues

Exalted Seeker Chariot [5 PL, 80pts]
. 3x Daemonette Charioteers: 3x Piercing claws
. Exalted Alluress: Lashes of Torment
. Steeds of Slaanesh: Lashing tongues

++ Total: [113 PL, 6CP, 2,000pts] ++

I am aware that some special rules/buffs/stratagems do not affect units in the other detachment. I am more curious if the list is legal. And if it is, would love some feedback from any ITC veterans in the house.

Thanks team!
submitted by Method_Plays to Chaos40k

HUGE List of Real Gunsmith Weapon Variants

HUGE List of Real Gunsmith Weapon Variants
A big list of real guns you can make in the gunsmith. Some are "cosmetic" approximations.
Part 2
Assault Rifles:

Kilo 141 (HK433) Attachments Notes
Bushmaster ACR with KRG PDW Stock FSS Close Quarters Stock + Flash Guard The HK433 has no such stock.
Bushmaster ACR with Midwest Industries Rail 19.8" Barrel + Flash Guard The HK433 has no such extended handguard.

Price's HK433 with a KRG PDW style stock.
FAL (FN FAL) Attachments Notes
FAL 50.00 XRK Marksman Barrel + Muzzle Brake
FAL 50.61 XRK Marksman + Muzzle Brake + 18" Aluminum Stock
FAL 50.62 Muzzle Brake + Aluminum Stock
FAL 50.63 13.0" OSW Para Barrel + Muzzle Brake + Aluminum Stock
Rhodesian R1 Forest Shadows Blueprint Base: XRK Marksman + Muzzle Brake
L1A1 SLR XRK Marksman
L1A1-F1 / T48 The Aristocrat Blueprint Base (+ Burst Perk for the T48)
DSA SA58 Carbine Smooth Dominator Blueprint Base: 13.0" Barrel (Optional Aluminum Stock)
DSA SA58 Improved Battle Rifle Smooth Dominator Blueprint Base: Any Barrel + Flash Guard + Close Quarters Stock
GF RAL (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Flash Guard + M203 + 30 Round Mags + Rubberized Grip + Sleight of Hand

M4A1 (SOPMOD Block 2) Attachments Notes
M4A1 Carbine Task Force Blueprint Base: CQS Stock + 14.5" Tac Lite Barrel
M16A3 Grenadier The Purist Blueprint Base: M16 Grenadier Barrel + M-16 Stock + M203 40mm High-Explosive OG Blueprint Base = M16A1.
M16A3 The Purist Blueprint Base: Corvus Custom Marksman Barrel + M-16 Stock OG Blueprint Base = M16A1.
M16A4 / M16A2 Add the 3 round burst perk to the above two. OG Blueprint = M16A2.
Diemaco C7 Corvus Custom Marksman (Optional M-16/CQS Stock).
Diemaco C8-SFW 11.5" Commando Barrel + Suppressor
Noveske Gen 3 Infidel / Afghan Zip Tie Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + CQS Stock + Granulated Grip + Crossbones Sticker in Position 1 (+ Flash Guard for the Afghan).
Civilian Force Arms HAGOS-15 (Full Auto Conversion) Zip Tie Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + Singuard Arms Invader Stock + Granulated Grip + Flash Guard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pK9Kcf0SSI
Radian Model 1 XRK M4 Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + Flash Guard + CQS Stock
Spike's Tactical Compressor SBR Zip Tie/XRK M4/The Purist Blueprint Base: 12.4" Predator Barrel + CQS Stock + Commando Foregrip
Nordic Components NC-PCC Zip Tie Blueprint Base:14.5" Barrel + Flash Guard + Singuard Arms Stock + 9mm Para 32-Round Mags Recommend the Integral Hybrid optic to remove iron sights.
Angstadt Arms UDP-9i The Purist Blueprint Base: 12.4" Predator Barrel + CQS Stock + Tactical Foregrip + 9mm Rounds
Wilson Combat Recon SR Tactical The Purist Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + CQS Stock (Optionally + .458 SOCOM 10-Round Mags)
Tactical Edge WARFIGHTER The Purist Blueprint Base: Singuard Arms Stock + Muzzle Brake
Colt M4 Commando The Purist Blueprint Base: 11.5" Commando Barrel + Flash Guard
Colt 9mm SMG The Purist Blueprint Base: 11.5" Barrel + 9mm Rounds
Rock River Arms LAR-458 Calibrutal Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + Flash Guard + SOCOM Rounds + CQS Stock
USMC SAM-R The Purist Blueprint Base: Corvus Custom Marksman (OR suppressor) + Bipod + Sniper Scope + M-16 Stock
SEAL Recon Rifle Monolithic Suppressor + Variable Zoom Scope, Bipod/Foregrip (Optional M-16/CQS Stock + Spray Paint style Camo)
SIG P516 (Full Auto Conversion) The Purist Blueprint Base: 11.5" Barrel + No Stock XRK Blueprint with M-16 Stock for a visual approximation of the arm braced version.
M4A1 SOPMOD (CoD 4) The Purist Blueprint Base: 14.5" Barrel + Monolithic Suppressor + 1mW Laser + G.I. Mini Reflex + M203

Noveske Gen 3 Infidel Rifle.

FR 5.56 (FAMAS) Attachments Notes
FAMAS Sniper FR 24.4" Sniper + Bipod + SnipeVariable Zoom Scope
FAMAS Commando FR 15.9" Commando
FAMAS Valorisé Code Breaker Blueprint Base
FAMAS FÉLIN (Approximation) Code Breaker Blueprint Base: NVG/Thermal Optic

Oden (ASh-12.7) Attachments Notes
VKS "Vykhlop" The Liar Blueprint Base: Colossus Suppressor + 420mm Barrel + Sniper Scope + Bipod
KelTec RFB 730mm Barrel + Sniper Scope + Ultralight Hollow Stock Recommend sacrificing cosmetics for ADS.
KBP ADS Amphibious Rifle Monolithic Suppressor + 420mm Barrel + Hollow Stock + M203 + 30 Round Mags Recommend default mags for ADS.

KBP ADS Amphibious Rifle.

M13 (SIG MCX VIRTUS SBR) Attachments Notes
MCX Rattler Short Stuff Blueprint Base: Tempus Mini Barrel + .300 Blackout 30-Round Mags + Skeleton Stock + Flash Guard
MCX with SUR300 Upper Cyclone Barrel Blackout rounds optional.
MCX VIRTUS Patrol Marksman Barrel + Flash Guard ""
MCX VIRTUS Pistol for LE/Mil (Full Auto Conversion) Mini Barrel + No Stock + Flash Guard ""
MCX Snakebite Tank Blueprint Base: Flash Guard (Optional Mini Barrel + Close Quarters Stock) ""
Diamondback DB15 Pistol (Full Auto Conversion) Cagefighter Blueprint Base: Mini Barrel + No Stock + Granulated Grip + Compensator
Umbrage 3-80 (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Cyclone Barrel + 50 Round Mags + Stippled Grip + M203 + Skeleton Stock

Diamondback DB15 Pistol.
FN SCAR 17 (SCAR-H) Attachments Notes
SCAR-SC CQC Pro Barrel + FTAC Collapsible Stock + Flash Guard
SCAR-H PR FORCE TAC 17.2"/20.0" Barrel + Flash Guard/Suppressor (Optional: XRK Obelisk Pro Stock)
Mk20 SSR 20.0" Barrel + Sniper Scope + Obelisk Stock + Grip Tape + Bipod Foregrip Grip tape for black grip.
SCAR-H with Midwest Industries Rail The Traitor Blueprint Base: 20.0" Barrel
SCAR-H PDW FORGE TAC CQC Pro Barrel + Close Quarters/Collapsible Stock + Flash Guard Black: https://i.imgur.com/osrXFZE.png

My Midwest Industries SCAR-H setup.
AK-47 Attachments Notes
AK-74 Freedom Fighter Blueprint Base: 5.43x39mm 30-Round Mags + Muzzle Brake Correct dimpled stock.
AKS-74 5.43x39mm Mags + Muzzle Brake + Skeleton Stock
AKS-74U / AKMSU 8.1" Compact Barrel + Skeleton/No Stock (+ 5.49x39mm Mags for the AKS-74U)
AK-12 / AK-15 Steel Curtain Blueprint Base: Spetsnaz Elite Barrel + Muzzle Brake + FSS Close Quarters Stock (+ 5.45x39mm Mags for the AK-12)
AK-103 (Wood Furniture) Freedom Fighter Blueprint Base: Muzzle Brake Correct dimpled stock.
RPK / RPK-74 23.0" RPK Barrel + Field LMG Stock + Bipod (+ Muzzle Brake + 5.45x39mm 30-Round Mags for the RPK-74). 75 Round Drum Mags optional.
AES-10B Revolution Blueprint Base: RPK Barrel + Bipod + Skeleton Stock ""
Romanian AIMS 74 RPK Blueprint Base: 23.0" [Default: Romanian Barrel] (Optional: [Black Cat Blueprint: Skeleton Stock]) Should have 5.45.39mm mags but the default or drum looks more accurate.
RPK-16 Steel Curtain Blueprint Base: Spetsnaz Barrel + Close Quarters Stock + Drum Mags (Optional Suppressor) Thanks to Untakenusernameyeet
FB Tantal Revolution Blueprint Base: Muzzle Brake + Skeleton Stock + 5.45x39mm Mags
MPi-AKS 74N Revolution Blueprint Base: Skeleton Stock + 5.45x39mm Mags
Gold-Plated AK-47 Gold Dragon Blueprint Base: Gold Camo + Any Foregrip + Stippled Grip Tape. Use the skeleton stock and leave off the foregrip and grip tape for 100% gold plating.
Vicar Mark II (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Steel Curtain Blueprint Base: Spetsnaz Barrel + GP25 40mm High-explosive + Skeleton Stock + Sleight of Hand + Stippled Grip

The Romanian \"Paratrooper\" RPK (PM md 64).

RAM-7 (Tavor CTAR-21) Attachments Notes
TAR-21 XRK Ranger Barrel Shrouded barrel.
STAR-21 XRK Ranger Barrel + Sniper Scope ""
GTAR-21 XRK Ranger Barrel + M203 ""

GRAU 5.56 (SIG Sauer SG 553 SB) Attachments Notes
SG 553 BK Monolithic suppressor + R-89 Rubber Grip Real gun fires .300 Blackout rounds.
SG 550 FFS 20.8" Nexus
SG 550-1 FSS 26.4" Archangel + Sniper Scope + FSS Blackjack Stock + Cronen Sniper Elite Grip Real barrel looks different.
SIG P553 (Full Auto Conversion) No Stock + Flash Guard
FAMAE Mini-SAF ZLR Drifter A-08 Barrel + XRK StrikeLite III/No Stock Real gun fires 9mm.

The FAMAE Mini-SAF with no stock.

AUG (Steyr AUG) Attachments Notes
AUG A3 9mm XS Ranger Foregrip + FTAC Ultralight Hollow Stock
AUG Para 407mm Extended Barrel The Integral 3.0x Optic is classic.
AUG A3 407mm Extended Barrel + Flash Guard + 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags ""
AUG A3 HBAR 622mm Long Barrel + Flash Guard + 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags ""

P90 (FN P90 TR) Attachments Notes
P90 Standard FSS Ring Sight
PS90 Custom Barrel Shroud (Full Auto Conversion) FORGE Tac Retribution

MP5 (H&K MP5A5) Attachments Notes
MP5A2/MP5A3 Point Blank Blueprint Base (+ Classic Straight-Line Stock for the MP5A2)
MP5A4 Straight-line Stock
MP5K FSS Mini Barrel + FTAC Collapsible Stock + Ranger Foregrip SP89 forend.
MP5K-PDW Mini Barrel + Flash Guard + Ultralight Stock + Ranger Foregrip "" and real stock folds.
MP5SD3 / MP5SD2 Subsonic Integral Suppressor (+ Straight-line Stock for the MP5SD2)
MP5/10 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags
MP5F FSS Light Barrel (Optional Straight-line Stock) Optional Sand Snake/Point Blank Blueprint Base.
HK54 Strapped Blueprint Base: FSS Light Barrel + 10mm Rounds (Optional Collapsible/Straight Line Stock) Prototype MP5.
MP5 (Wood Furniture) Admiral's Pride Blueprint Base: FSS Light Barrel + Straight-line Stock + 10mm Rounds From: https://www.reddit.com/guns/comments/1lnv2p/a_mp5_with_wood_furniture/
WASP 11 (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Tactical Suppressor + Tactical Foregrip + 45 Round Mags + Sleight of Hand + Stippled Grip

A Navy SEAL armed with an MP5K-PDW.

UZI Attachments Notes
Suppressed UZI 8.5" Factory Mini Barrel + Suppressor (Optionally + Standard-Issue Wood/No Stock) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soza_vYd-2E
UZI Carbine 16.5" Carbine Barrel (Optional Standard-Issue Wood/No Stock)
Mini UZI 8.5" Barrel + Optional No Stock
UZI PRO (Full Auto Conversion) Blowback Blueprint Base: 8.5" Barrel + Underbarrel of your choice (Optional No Stock) Underbarrel adds the handguard extension piece.

MP7 Attachments Notes
Steyr TMP / B&T MP9 No Stock + Ranger Foregrip (Optionally + FSS SWAT + Monolithic Suppressor)
MP7A2 Piercer Blueprint Base

Striker 45 (LWRC SMG 45) Attachments Notes
UMP45 Undertaker Blueprint Base: Rubberized Grip
H&K USC Undertaker Blueprint Base: 400mm Stainless Steel Barrel + FSS Guardian Stock + .45 Hollow Point 12-R Mags Real gun fires semi-auto only.


Model 680 (Remington 870 MCS) Attachments Notes
SPS-T 1337 SKEET Blueprint Base: 30.0" Barrel + Truegrip Underbarrel + Lockwood Stock + Desert Hybrid/Kill Brush camo.
Tac-14 XRK 14.0" SWAT Barrel + Truegrip Underbarrel + FTAC HunteNo Stock FTAC Hunter for the arm-brace.
Express Super Magnum 30.0" Barrel + Lockwood Stock + Lockwood Underbarrel
MCS CQB 14" 14.0" Barrel + Stalker-12 Stock + Compensator
Whispering Scourge (Tomb Raider) FORGE TAC Marauder Suppressor + Truegrip Underbarrel + Sleight of Hand
Bishop 600 (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) 1337 SKEET Blueprint Base: Lockwood Stock + Lockwood Underbarrel + Sleight of Hand

725 (Browning Citori 725) Attachments Notes
Citori 725 Feather Superlight (Optional Ruin Seeker Blueprint Base): Tempus Smooth Bore Barrel
Citori CX 32" Competition Barrel
Cynergy CX Composite (Optional Ruin Seeker Blueprint Base): 32" Barrel + FTAC Equilibrium Stock + FORGE TAC Commander Guard + Choke
Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Ice Storm Blueprint Base: Compensator + Tempus Sport Stock + Commander Guard + Desert Hybrid Camo
Browning Superposed Grade 3 Rail Splitter Blueprint Base: Smooth Bore Barrel

Origin-12 Attachments Notes
Origin-12 SBV FORGE TAC Dart Stock
Origin-12 18" FORGE TAC Impaler Barrel
Light Machine Guns

PKM Attachments Notes
PKMN Solozero NVG Enhanced Optic + Bipod/Foregrip
PKP Pecheneg Old Country Blueprint Base: 25.9" Heavy Barrel + Muzzle Brake + Bipod/Foregrip + Granulated Grip
PKP Pecheneg-SP Old Country Blueprint Base: 18.2" Compact Barrel + Lightweight Suppressor + Stalker Stock + Bipod/Foregrip
PKT Old Country Blueprint Base: 26.9" Extended Barrel + Monolithic Suppressor + No Stock Vehicle-mounted.

SA87 (SA80) Attachments Notes
L85A2 SA87 18.2" Factory Barrel
L86A2 LSW SA87 25.4" Factory Barrel + Bipod
L22A2 12.4" Barrel + Optic of your choice

A selection of L22 carbines.

M91 (H&K MG5) Attachments Notes
MG5 A1 No Stock + M91 Heavy Barrel Vehicle mounted.
MG5 A2 M91 Special Forces Barrel
SIG MG 338 Dusk Blueprint Base: Flash Guard/Tactical Suppressor + Bipod + Desert Snake Camo + Optic + FTAC HunteNo Stock Stock folds. Different barrel lengths available.
M249 (FN MINIMI) Dusk Blueprint Base: Any barrel + Bipod/Foregrip + XRK Striker Stock

An unloaded M249 PARA.

MG34 (Maschinengewehr 34) Attachments Notes
MG 34/41 FSS Stubby Barrel + Bipod
MG 34 Panzerlauf No Stock Vehicle mounted.
DLT-20A (Star Wars) Stubby Barrel + APX5 Solozero NVG Enhanced + 75 Round Belt + Laser Laser rangefinder.
DLT-19X (Star Wars) Sniper Scope (with holo reticle) + 75 Round Belt + Bipod + Laser ""

Holger-26 (H&K MG36) Attachments Notes
G36 30 Round Mags
G36K XRK Ultralight Barrel + 30 Round Mags
G36C FTAC 8.98" Spitfire Barrel + 30 Round Mags
Military Rifle (Rise of the Tomb Raider) Ultralight Barrel + Lightweight Suppressor + 1mW Laser + 30 Round Mags + Sleight of Hand

German Special Forces (KSK) with G36K rifles.
Marksman Rifles

EBR-14 Attachments Notes
M14 FORGE TAC Precision 22.0" Barrel + 20 Round Mags
M14SE 22.0" Barrel + FTAC Precision Comb Stock + 20 Round Mags + Sniper Scope + Bipod
Mk 14 Mod 0/1 FSS Raider Chassis Elite Stock + Flash Guard + 20 Round Mags
M14 EBR-RI 22.0" Barrel + FSS Raider Chassis Elite Stock + Flash Guard/Suppressor Scope and bipod recommended.
M1A Loaded 22.0" Barrel + FTAC Lightweight Stock + Flash Guard/Suppressor
M1A SOCOM 16 CQB FORGE TAC Elite Barrel + FSS Raider Chassis Pro Stock + Flash Guard + 20 Round Mags
M21/M25 SWS (Optional Messenger Blueprint Base:) Sniper Scope + Bipod + 22.0" Barrel + Flash Guard OR Suppressor https://i.imgur.com/DB518vm.png


MK2 Carbine (Marlin 1895SBL) Attachments Notes
Marlin 336XLR FSS 24.0" Factory Barrel
Marlin 336RC Engraved Dusty Trail Blueprint Base
Marlin 336SS Engraved Dusty Trail Blueprint Base: Platinum Camo
Marlin 444 150th Anniversary Dusty Trail Blueprint Base: 24" Barrel Shortened tube.
Marlin 1895 CLTD The Warden Blueprint Base: 24" Barrel
Marlin 1889 Gold Plated Golden Age Blueprint Base: Hollow Stock + 24" Barrel
Marlin 336W Tactical Ending Misery Blueprint Base: Cartridge Sleeve (to cover stock hole) https://i.imgur.com/aHSHsJm.png

Kar98k Attachments Notes
Kar98k ZF Sniper Scope
Lee Enfield RIC Singuard Custom 21.2" Barrel
K98 Sporter with Bayonet Lug 27.6" Barrel + Sniper Scope
Sniper Rifles

Dragunov (SVD-63) Attachments Notes
SVD (Polymer) Semi-God Blueprint Base: VLK Lightweight Stock
SVDS / SVDSN Semi-God Blueprint Base: 510mm Compact Barrel + Skeleton Stock + Flash Guard (+ Thermal Scope for SVDSN)
SVDK Semi-God Blueprint Base: Skeleton Stock
Sureshot Armament Group SVD / SVDS Plague Sore Blueprint Base: (Optionally + 510mm Barrel + Flash Guard for the SVDS)
Izhmash Tigr SVD Semi-God Blueprint Base: Lightweight Stock + 510mm Barrel

Tigr SVD.
HDR Attachments Notes
Sureshot Armament Group AR-50 Muzzle Brake/Suppressor + Bipod Fictitious, but has a Sureshot style chassis and an AR-50 stock.
Sako TRG 42 A1 (+ Hand Guard) (Optional Scorpienem Blueprint Base): 26.9" HDR Pro + FTAC Champion + Bipod + Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Without blueprint add Desert Snake Camo.

AX50 Attachments Notes
Accuracy International AX Covert 17.0" Barrel (Optional Singuard Arms Assassin Stock)
Orsis T-5000M Corpse Maker Blueprint Base: Singuard Arms Assassin Stock + Muzzle Brake

T-5000M style rifle with a T-5000 style stock.

X16 (Glock 21) Attachments Notes
Glock 18C Singuard Arms Featherweight Barrel
Glock 34 Singuard Arms Advantage OR Vanguard Elite Barrel (latter for silencers)
Arsenal Firearms Strike One ("Strizh") Urban Defiler Blueprint Base

1911 (Kimber Custom TLE/RL II) Attachments Notes
Colt Government .45 Match Grade Barrel
Colt Officer's ACP .45 Compact Barrel
Remington R1 Threaded Barrel 1911 Stalker Barrel
STI Tactical Javelina Blueprint Base: Stalker Barrel
Kimber Warrior Riptide Blueprint Base
Springfield Marine Corps Operator One For One Blueprint Base: Match Grade Barrel
Springfield Master Class Silent Operator Fisticuffs Blueprint Base: Stalker barrel
Taurus PT1911 AR (pearl grip) The Invader Blueprint Base (Recommend 10 Round Mags for the magazine lip).
Kimber Stainless II (bone grip) The Invader Blueprint Base: Platinum Camo
Silverballer (Hitman) Match Grade Barrel + Platinum Camo (Optional: 1mW Laser; Akimbo).
AB .45 (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Flash Guard + 1mW Laser + Lightweight Trigger + 10 Round Mags + Sleight of Hand

Top: Taurus PT1911 AR. Bottom: Kimber Stainless II.
.357 (Colt Python) Attachments Notes
Colt King Cobra Snub Nose Barrel
Colt Python Hunter Long Barrel
S&W Performance Center M&P R8 XRK .357 Blueprint Base: Silverfield Ordnance Barrel
S&W Model 29 Callahan Blueprint Base Doesn't look that similar but is meant to be the Dirty Harry gun (hence "Callahan").
Colt Anaconda Legacy Edition Tycoon Blueprint Base: Long Barrel
S&W Engraved Revolver High Noon Blueprint Base: (Optional Stippled Grip) Diamond patterned cylinder of the Elvis Presley revolver and gold accents: https://i.imgur.com/bS7LsIj.png
J&D Model 27 (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Snub Nose Barrel + Flash Guard + Lightweight Trigger + Rubberized Grip + Sleight of Hand + 1mW Laser

The Legacy Edition Colt Anaconda.

M19 (SIG Sauer P320 RX Compact) Attachments Notes
P320 X5 XRK V Extended Barrel
P320 X5 with Threaded Barrel Slick Steel Blueprint Base: XRK L Super Barrel Suitable for silencers.
P320 RXP XCompact A9-16 Lightweight Barrel

Desert Eagle (IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX) Attachments Notes
Magnum Research DE50BB Hot Nugget Blueprint Base: FORGE TAC Extended Barrel
River Hawk (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) Flash Guard + 1mW Laser + Lightweight Trigger + 13 Round Mags + Sleight of Hand
Moon Shadow (Rise of the Tomb Raider) Monochromatic Blueprint Base: 1mW Laser + Lightweight Trigger + 10 Round Mags + Rubberized Grip + Sleight of Hand
Gold Deagle (Hitman: Contracts) The Alchemist's Dream Blueprint Base: Granulated Grip Tape (Optional Akimbo)

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