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[Manga spoilers] Monster association members descriptive (version 2) part 1

Table of contents

2nd part
3rd part
It's been several months since the first version and I know that some of you wanted a quick and short update but I prefer working that way, with bigger and fewer updates. Here are all the updates :
  1. Now appear all the monsters that die until chapter 110 ( except Orochi). So basically all the demons except G5
  2. I added the chapters of appearance, always good to know when they appear.
  3. Also, I put a quote from each monster because it's fun that way :). Now I do realize that some of them are lame af because they had 3 lines before dying.
  4. In some rare case, I placed a weakness part. always good to know the way to beat them.
  5. I made an intermediary rank between executives (dragon) and officers (demon) for special ones.
  6. The post is divided into three now ( 40 000 characters max for a Reddit post), I think it's better that way.
  7. The next update will be at the end of the arc.

Now for those who don't know, last year I made a post regrouping all the Genos upgrades through the manga, resuming their power and abilities. I had this idea after finding two excellent posts, one from u/MisterLestrade ( who isn't very active now) and the other from u/UnconsideredTrifles (one of the greatest contributor of this sub who unfortunately left us some times ago :'( )
After the Genos'one, I did a similar one about the MA monsters (only those who died before Garou came a second time to the MA). To summarize I sum up their feats/abilities with images of the manga as proof ( a bit like r**/**respectthreads). Almost everything I said is verifiable (I hope) and without any judgment, the rest is assumptions that I made and all of them appear in italic.
Some people may find this post it futile or boring, I'm fine with it. I don't have a particular talent with analysis, my drawing skills are nothing to be proud of and I can't translate anything from Japanese. Now I have a passion for One punch man and luckily I had some free times this year, so I think even I can do something valuable for this sub.
I don't see this post as personal but instead belonging to OnePunchMan that's why I think everyone should try to improve it. I know it, with his size and the volume of data collected, it's still far from perfection. So feel free to :
  • Correct grammar mistakes, phrasing, etc...
  • Report me any broken link or low definition image.
  • Tell me if I forgot anything
  • If some of my statements are incorrect
  • if my assumptions are out of place
  • or if you have better quotes from monsters
  • and parts I should add or improve for my next update.

Good reading!

Monster Association introduction :

The Monster Association (or MA) is an evil organization that regroups a large variety of monsters (from wolf to dragon) and seek to destroy the Heroes and dominates the world with at the top Orochi (even though not all monsters recognize him as their king). Although their military advisor Gyoro Gyoro has a more mysterious goal.
Its base is located in Z city beneath a deserted district in a huge underground city. It was later revealed that it was previously the domain of the subterranean people. The MA has probably taken the city by force and killed all its habitats.
Even if its date of creation is still unknown, we can deduce that it's more than 2 years (date were Elder centipede joined), but probably not much more (revealed in the webcomics).
Their first move was a combined attack of all city with a small part of their force in order to lure the hero association into a clash at their base and finally destroying them, leaving the world unprotected. There are three major objectives in that assault :
  1. Strike fear to the human population through monster rampage.
  2. Kidnapping important hostages that are vital to the operation of the Hero Association.
  3. Transform powerful humans into monsters to boost military strength of the organization.
After this attack, less than 500 monsters remain meaning at their top the MA regrouped more than that (probably between 600 and 1000 members).

I/Allies :

Not part of the MA (or not yet) these groups still help in their own way.

Monster worship party (Chp 87)
A group of several people claiming the MA can't be fought so they need to supply them in with blood offering to stop their killing intent. We only see a small group in Z-city but it's possible that others gathering took place in other cities.
They are still human so not a threat for the heroes but given their violent behavior they can rapidly endangered civilians and create chaos.
Battle: Garou (At least demon level) ->Defeat. Just one finger is necessary for Garou to settle this.

Monsters gathering (Chp 80)
A group of several dozen monsters coming from all over Z-City (and likely other cities too) to join their force to the MA. Their disaster level is unknown, maybe there were demon levels in the bunch.
Battle: Saitama -> Death. A thought for those who clean every day Z-city's streets of monsters guts and blood. Not all heroes wear capes...

The Organization
A mysterious organization who seems to be only composed of robots. If their goal remains unknown they offer their help to the MA in their fight against the HA by giving them G5, powerful robot. They are also at the origin of the paradisers and the Narinki's squad suit and the machine G4 who confront Genos in King's arc.
Members :

II/Recruits :

Spotted by the MA, these powerful individuals have the potential to become part of the association (super fight participants, smelly lid prison detainees, and council of swordmasters members but no heroes). But for this, they need to completely abandon their humanity and become monsters.

Monster cells: These are strange looking balls that transform anyone who eats it in a monster.
Here a brief resume of what we know about monster cells :
  1. Anyone who eats it increases drastically every physical characteristic (strength, speed, resistance, longevity, etc).
  2. The stronger the human is, the stronger he will be in monster form.
  3. There is also a change in their appearance (it varies between two persons).
  4. The mental consequences are also important. There is a loss of humanity and morality and every bad aspect of their personality is exacerbated. They express violent behaviors and the weak-willed one will become wild-beasts.
  5. A human with excellent control over his body and mind can swap from his monster to his human form at will.
  6. Eating a monster cell cooked or without consent won't do anything, except maybe monstrous diarrhea.
  7. Eating several monster cells at once can be dangerous, however, we still don't know if more effective than with only one.
  8. They were created by Gyoro Gyoro and it seems like it's Orochi who produces them.
  9. This transformation, like any other monster transformation, doesn't break the limiter but only adds new ones.
  10. The transformation is, for now, irreversible (Maybe Puri-Puri will prove me wrong).
I have my own vision of monsterification. In a majority of case, physical characteristics determine the monster power and the state of mind the attributes and his appearance. We see examples of that through the series and the transformation via monster cells seems to work that way.
  • Rosie, a martial artist with a weak body and who was crushed by Dave must have come to the conclusions that only strength determines the issue of a fight, so he obtains a grotesque muscular body with absolute sheer power.
  • Hamukichi, who help weak one to defend themselves and always keep smiling wasn't doing too well financially, his frustration and anger must have increased all along his life and the monsterification let it all go and transform him to a beast.
  • Bakuzan who rejoice in beating weaker ones became Gigantic like to illustrate the difference between him and the smaller ones.
  • And Benpatsu was certainly a fan of Pudding from one piece. Everything match perfectly...

Rosie (C class or less) (Chp 60,62-63, 71-72)
" I'll use the logic of the psyche to revolutionize the martial arts world !"
A contestant of the 22nd super fight (his first), he seems very weak compared to the other participants.
  • Psychoanalytic Martial Arts: Allow him to analyze his foe's psychology and turns it in his favor.
Battle: Dave (Likely B class) -> Loss. Got literally crushed by him. Guess theory useless without proper practice.
Rosie, monster form (Likely Tiger) (Chp 72)
" Psycho-analysis is dumb, I'm gonna kill you with brute strength !"
Develop a hideous muscular body (like the abomination) and abandon his ancient martial art for sheer power.
  • Strength: Now he can lift Dave (biggest super fight contestant, at the very least several hundred kilos) with one hand and throw him away like nothing.
Battle: Choze (likely A-class) -> Death. Was caught off guard but the results would have been the same.

Benpatsu (Likely b-class) (Chp 60,62-63, 71-72)
"An A-class hero? Hmm... You look weak !"
First-time super fight contestant and a member of the infamous Harsh Path Clan. We already saw him in the lobster's omake.
  • Harsh Path Style: With this style and his comrade from his clan destroy numerous other dojos. Since he was sent in this competition he must be an eminent member of the clan. He demonstrates two techniques: Full-on-face punch and fake-out punch
Battle: Sneck (A-class) -> Loss. Don't underestimate pro-heroes!
Benpatsu, monster form (Likely tiger) (Chp 72)
" Wahoo! This is awesome ! I can do anything now !"
Grown a third eye and sharpen his teeth. He became even cockier than before rushing toward Suiryu, even though he saw his match with Saitama.
Battle: Him + Hamukichi and Volten vs Suiryu (Likely S-class)-> Loss. (Death?) He got suiryued, like Max, Sneck and Volten.

Hamukichi (Likely b-class) (Chp 60,62-63, 71-72)
" Enroll for 2,000 yens a month !"
One of the largest and muscular contestants of the super fight (his first participation). The scars on his body might witness numerous fight.
  • Sunflower Dojo's Gentle Self Defense: Enough effective to heavily injured Gatlin (another participant).
  • Resistance: Resist for some time the machine-gunning of Galin punches, but finally fall.
Battle: Gatlin (At least B-class)-> Loss. But manage to injure him.
Hamukichi, monster form (Likely tiger) (Chp 72)
" Ugraaaaarrrr !"
Now he became a mindless beast with fur and sharp-teeth, I don't think he practices his Sunflower Dojo's Gentle Self Defense anymore.
  • Speed: Even with his massive size he can still appear in no time behind Suiryu.
Battle: Him + Benpatsu and Volten vs Suiryu (Likely S-class)->Death?Only one punch for Suiryu.

Volten (Likely A-class) (Chp 60,62-63, 67, 71-72)
" Phew ! I can handle this much damage."
He has participated four times to the super fight. He is one of the only humans beside espers to have a supernatural ability.
  • Electrical body: After being struck by lightning in his youth, Volten body produces and a large amount of current through his body is an asset in both offensive (one shot Bazuzu) and defensive since touching him bare-handed mean being tased.
  • Thunder-Thunder Fist: Not only he has electric power but he elaborates a style around it, leading him to the semi-final.
Battles :
  1. Bazuzu (Likely B-class)-> Win. One shot him.
  2. Gatlin (Likely B or A-class)->Win. Get a little more trouble with him (since Gatlin negates electrical effect with his gloves).
  3. Suiryu (Likely S-class)-> Loss. Is one shotted by Suiryu's kicks.
Volten, monster form (At least tiger) (Chp 72)
" Die by electrocution !!!"
After his humiliation against Suiryu, he seeks revenge. Now he looks likes a lightning bolt with clothes.
Battle: Him + Hamukishi and Benpatsu vs Suiryu (Likely S-class)-> Suiryu beats him with the corpse of Benpatsu to not touch his body.

Choze (Likely A-class) (Chp 60,62-63, 67, 69, 71-72)
" I'm a different specie than you commoners ! And now my clan will reveal our supreme power !"
Certainly the fourth strongest participant of the super fight (After Saitama, Suiryu, and Bakuzan), his skills led him to the semi-final even though it was his first time participating.
  • Mentai (Maybe B-class)->Win. He didn't give the chance to Mentaï to give up. The referee intervened to stop the fight.
  • Dave (Likely B-class)->Win. Beat Dave so badly he stayed KO even at the end of the super fight.
  • Saitama->Loss. One punch! (While yawning)
Choze, monster form (Likely demon) (Chp 72)
" My new world doesn't need you ! Therefore you failed my test and must die!"
His shirt mixed to his skin to give us one of the coolest looking monsters drawn by Murata. Choze is the only one who analyses the physical and mental change occurring with his monsterification, proof of his high intelligence and analytical mind. Too bad he overestimates himself, like every monster.
  • Strength: With one blow he send Jakumen, and heavy fighter flies across the ring and manages to injure Suiryu.
  • Speed and skills: Fought evenly with Suiryu, the other fighters couldn't see them battling.
  • Inferior Race Annihilation Shot: His best attacks is a glowing ball of pure energy (in the same vein of Vaccine man ones but at a weaker magnitude). He forces Suiryu to break his armband to deflect it in the sky. The explosion creates a vast opening in the clouds.
Battle: Suiryu(Likely S-class)->Death. After a hard-fought battle Suiryu finishes him with his best move.

Bakuzan (At least A-class) (Chp 60,62-64, 71-73)
" Concentrate all your nerves on defense ! Otherwise it will be your last moment in one piece !"
Considered as the strongest combatant in the history of the super fight (if we don't count Saitama Suiryu, Gouketsu, and Garou as Wolfman), he already won two times the tournaments and without revealing his full potential.
Battle: Saitama->Loss. One punch!
Bakuzan, monster form (Dragon) (Chp 73-75)
" No one gives order to the great Bakuzan !"
After nearly dying from consuming several monster cell at once he became a huge monkey-like monster with four arms. Saitama head reaches his knees.
  • Dark Hell Assassination monster form is composed of:
  1. Devil Cry Low Kick
  2. Bear Killer Mid Kick
  3. Ashura Straight Punch
  4. Hell Dispatch Chop.
  • Strength: Pummeled Suryu in the ground leaving huge impact all around. By stepping into the ground he imprints his footstep.
  • Speed: With his four arms he can deliver a rain of blows looking like Genos machine-gun blow.
  • Agility: Thanks to his monkey attributes he can jump dozens of meters high.
  • Resistance: He recovers immediately after being smashed into the stadium by Gouketsu. But Suiryu with his remaining strength manages to break one of Bakuzan toes.
Battles :
  1. Suiryu (Likely S-class)->Win Totally humiliate a weaken Suiryu before Saitama came in.
  2. Saitama->Death. One punch!

III/Fodder monsters (Wolf class monster)

Representing the major part of the Monster Association, their number should be more than 500. Even if they are still canon fodders they are a menace to citizens or c-class heroes and can cause chaos in many places at once. They often work in groups to counter stronger foes. Although there are often despise by stronger monsters, even Gyoro Gyoro don't hesitate to kill a bunch of them to remotivate his army.

Typical wolf class monsters (Chp 79, 94) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Wolf class monsters can take various forms and shapes. Although there is probably some tiger in the bunch.

Interesting low-class monsters (At least wolf) (Chp 94) All of them participate in the defense of the MA base:

Your worst nightmare, unless you're an S-class (Likely wolf) (Chp97) A porcine monster who held a cleaver. He was pierced by the Octotank of Child emperor. Worth mentioning.

Hostage guarding squad (Likely wolf) (Chp 97) Four monster assigned to guard Waganma. All gazed by Child Emperor.

Pureblood followers (At least wolf) (Chp 101) More than 30 monsters who follow the demon level monster Pureblood,waiting for him to be weakened in order to kill him. Killed by either Pureblood or Zombieman.

Shapeshifting Monster (Likely wolf) (Chp 109) A blob monster who can perfectly mimic human, but he couldn't withstand the king engine.

Gyoffrey (Likely wolf) (Chp 70)
" Good thing the hero hunter didn't kill you. Now I get all the cred for achieving a wounded hero!"
A fat fish-monster with a fishing rod and a pot. He prefers beating weaken and injured heroes and take all the credit. He was sent to finish off the injured heroes at the hospital with a bunch of other monsters. (There are still the Tanktop army, Mumen Rider, Charanko, Heavy Tank Fundoshi, Magic trick Man, Blue fire, probably Metal Bat and other unknown heroes)
  • Strength: Push Mumen Rider several meters away with a single blow.
Battle: Mumen Rider (C-class) + Tanktop Master (S-class)-> Death. Would have won against Mumen Rider (already injured) until Tank top Master tackles him to oblivion.

IV/Elite soldiers (Tiger class monster)

We can assume their number is far less than wolf monster, so maybe around 100. They have enough power to be assigned specifics mission, like defeating certain heroes or killing key targets. They can work individually, in a pair or leading a group of lesser monsters.

Typical tiger class monster (Chp 67) The tiger is leading a group of monster (probably wolf). He can easily throw a car at several meters high.

Fish monsters trio (Likely tiger) (Chp bonus manga star) They were sent to kill Amaï Mask but failed miserably.

Elite monster company (Likely tiger) (Chp 94) Deployed during the hero assault on the MA. They march in formation and according to Feather, they seem stronger than the ones before.

Multi-elements squad (Likely tiger) (Chp 105) A squad composed of 10 monsters with unique abilities.
  • Two with electric power (Maiko plasma and Electric Catfish Man)
  • Two with heat ability
  • One with ice
  • One with poison/acid
  • One with wind
  • One with supersonic waves
  • One with parasitic eggs.
  • A last one without specified power
They are a good example of how lesser monsters can teams up to win against stronger opponents.
  1. Puri Puri Prisoner(S-class) ->Loss. Totally ineffective
  2. Vacuuma (Demon) ->Death. Absorbed by his trunk to increase his power

Smelly lid prisoners (At least B class) (Chp bonus prison, 66) They are among the worst prisoners of the world, so dangerous they can be kept inside a normal prison. Some of them are strong enough to break iron bar, clever enough to create weapon or poison out of nothing or disturbed enough to drive other prisoners crazy.
They are locked inside the smelly lead prison with Puri Puri Prisoners as their "leader". Here of those named:
Smelly lid prisoners, monster form (Likely tiger) (Chp 74, 89, 105)
After the arrival of Nyan at least 16 of them were monsterified, we don't know which one of them. All of them want to retaliate against Puri Puri.
Strength: Their blows have enough force to tear out Puri Puri shirt.
Teamwork: They can attack in formation to completely encircle their opponent.
Battle: Puri Puri Prisoner (S-class) ->Death. Puri Puri killed them without paying attention.

Venus Mantrap (Likely tiger) (Chp 52,54)
" Good thing he is with the kid. The brat is mine." (That's all he said)
An insect monster directly inspired by the Venus flytrap. He was sent with Junior centipede to capture Narinki, the primary sponsor of the HA and his son Waganma.
Partner: Junior centipede
Battle: Him + Junior centipede vs Metal Bat (S-class)-> Death. Is easily destroy by Metal Bat.

Junior centipede (Likely tiger) (Chp 52,54)
" I was bigger than the other centipedes and grew a big ego... so I thought I ruled the natural world... But then... he showed up."
A big centipede monster with a human face.
Partner: Venus Mantrap
Battle: him + Venus Mantrap vs Metal Bat (S-class)->Death. Survive a few seconds even cut in half.

Destrochloridium (Tiger) (79)
" That S-class body is mine !"
A parasite monster, the size of a cat who can control a human entering his body him. He was sent to infiltrate the HA headquarter, deliver a message from Gyoro Gyoro and kill all the leaders.
  • Parasite mind control: With his drill as tough as steal he can make his way to a human brain to take absolute control of it. He can remain hidden and infiltrate enemy base but he can't mimic perfectly his host behavior since he is dead.
Battle: Superallow Darkshine (S-class)-> Death. Squashed like a bug.

Marshall Gorilla (Tiger) (Chp 59, 61, 78)
" How many of you do I have to kill to raise my threat level ?"
A gorilla monster who could also have been called Guerilla Gorilla. His bananas contain cigars.
  • Skills: Marshall Gorilla is a pretty talented fighter with his knife since he beat Heavy Kong without much trouble.
  • Banana Slash: A slash with his knife, no less no more.
  1. Heavy Kong (A-class)-> Win. Without apparent injuries.
  2. Armored gorilla, not armored (Demon)-> Death? One punch!

Maiko Plasma (Tiger) (Chp 59, 61, 89, 105)
" Oh my... Is a hero running away ?"
A Japanese style monster with eight tomoe drums attached to her back, maybe one of Ener's relative? She was sent with Electric Catfish Man to kill lightning Genji.
  1. Her + Electric Catfish Man vs Lightning Genji (A-class) ->Win. With the help of Electric Catfish Man, they easily beat him
  2. Multi-elements squad vsPuri Puri Prisoner (S-class) ->Loss. Even with the help of 8 other monsters, they can't injure him
  3. Multi-elements squad vs Vacuuma(Demon) ->Death. All of them suck in his trump.

Electric Catfish Man (Chp 59, 61, 89, 95, 105)
" I guess even I can beat an A-class hero."
His name is enough to describe him.
  1. Him + Maiko plasma Man vs Lightning Genji (A-class) ->Win. With the help of Maiko Plasma, they easily beat him
  2. Multi-elements squad vs Puri Puri Prisoner (S-class) ->Loss. Even with the help of 8 other monsters, they can't injure him
  3. Multi-elements squad vs Vacuuma (Demon) ->Death. All of them suck in his trump.

Sludge Jellyfish (Tiger) (Chp 58-59, 88-89, 97)
" Like I said, slice and stab all you want it's useless."
A jellyfish monster, maybe one of the most resilient tiger monster.
  • Speed: Even if it's not his main attribute he can move fast enough to jump overhead heroes without them noticing.
  • Semi-liquid body: Sludge Jellyfish as a great control of his gelatinous body, creating legs tentacle or even becoming a mud puddle allowing him to pass through tiny interstices.
  • Resistance: With the composition of his body he has virtually no weak point and can regenerate from any kind of injuries almost instantly. There are not a lot of ways to deal with him.
  • Poison immunity: He isn't affected by Child emperor toxic gas.
  • Sludge press: His offensive power is low but he can still crush and drown his enemies with his own body.
  • Partners: Phoenix man, Rhino Wrestler
  • Weakness: One way to deal with Sludge Jellyfish is to burn him with oil.
Battles :
  1. Garou (likely demon)-> Unfinished. Both opponents would have trouble to deal with the other.
  2. Child emperor (S-class)->Death. Child emperor always carries a gasoline tank with him, just in case.
submitted by vuzz33 to OnePunchMan

JP - NicoNico Live #34 (1/28)

JP Version Only | Keep Global Rants in the Rant Thread |
Stream Status: Ended


  • Stream Link: Youtube
  • Album: Link
  • Duration: 21:00 ~ 22:43 JST
  • Start: ↑54, ↓225
  • End: ↑689, ↓705

Information Breakdown

Talking about Story Event, apologizing for making some trials too hard... As an apology some rewards will be given throughout February:
  • 5,000 Lapis
  • 100x STM Tickets
Note: You have to log in every day and do the daily missions. They'll be adding a fourth daily mission for it. (Clear 10 Missions) This might change since players aren't too happy with doing 10 missions...

1/31 Update

Mini Game: Raid

  • The usual... 10 minutes to do X damage to the Raid Boss
  • Up to 10x Gift Tickets in Prizes.
  • We did a lot more damage than needed... They will give us 40x Gift Tickets instead. (x4) We will receive them on 1/31.
Hirono talked about possibly adding Multi-Ticket (10x) Pulls. (Gift Tickets only?)

Talking / Showcasing the new "Chocobo Run" facebook game...

Mog King Event (2/1)

Final Fantasy II!

  • 5-7★ Leon TMR: [Sword] +135 ATK w/ 20% DEF & ??% Phys Evade STMR: [Materia] +50% ATK w/ Sword, +50% ATK w/ Heavy Armor (I.E. 100%) Skillset: Physical AttackeDebuffer
  • 5-7★ CG Firion (Anim) TMR: [Sword] Two-Handed, +135 ATK & Blood Weapon Passive (Heals when doing damage) STMR: [Materia] +60% ATK & ??% Bird, Human and Stone Killers Skillset: Has Killers... (Bird/Human/Stone Killers)
Item World (Boosted):
  • Katana Lv4 (+20% ATK/HP)
  • Axe +40% ATK
  • Whip +40% MP
  • Gun +40% ATK
Quality of Life:
submitted by Nazta to FFBraveExvius

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