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It is the sequel to Stronghold, released in, also by Firefly Studios. Found results for Dynomite Deluxe 2.70 En crack, serial & keygen. With this tool you can integrate Addons, Drivers, Gadgets, Language packs, Modified Files, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Silent Installers, Updates. Page 1. Browse our catalog of over 50 000 mac apps.

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Stronghold 2 -- Deluxe Edition (PC: Windows, 2020 official site. FREE Online Website Malware Scanner visit here. Build 6, Norton By Box, Hdd Regenerator, Ace Contact. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size.

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Internet Download Manager Full Version Crack Free. Gameguru Mania is the world's leading source for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, VR, Switch video game news, reviews, previews, cheats, trainers, trailers. Free download mf scan utility canon Download - download mf. IDM 6.18 Build 8 Full Version With Serial Key Free Download supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing.

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Stronghold 2 % Crack + Patch + Install Get AI For Stronghold 2 and Tech Rich 11, views. Download Mod APK - Latest version of the best Android Mod. AntiMalware Stronghold has a large database of known virus signatures, including spyware, adware, Trojans and.

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Firefly Studios - Strategy Games. Habe auch schon einen FRST-Scan. I'm getting abnormal stuff going on in my computer, i've tried spysweeper and ad-aware, but they wont delete the virus. Download Free Software for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS my site.

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Stronghold 2 is a Real Time Strategy computer game released in April 2020 in which the player develops a Stronghold in the Medieval ages. Now reinstall Stronghold 2, and patch up. Restart your computer. The ultimate source of patches & addons for Stronghold 2. This page is no longer being updated! Was running Avast, Tea Timer, and Ad-Aware real-time protection.

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A noob's Diary to Runescape - continues

Hello, i'm Triettsche.
This is a sequal to my first Reddit post ever, which you should read first if you havent already. Otherwise nothing here will make sense to you. By now several Weeks have passed full of stressful work and i m not able to tell exactly on which day all the events happened, so consider this a Chapter 5+ post.
Here is the link to the first post: https://www.reddit.com/2007scape/comments/d6lhmt/a_noobs_diary_to_runescape/
So lets start right away, here comes part 5
But how do i train agility? At least by now i know every skill as a description you can read for more info. Gnomeball sounds like a minigame i have not unlocked yet and Low-level Agility Arena sounds like PvP, so Gnome Stronghold Agility Course it is. A look at the map and it was clear this was going to be quite a walk. So i went off to the west. Right after Taverley i hit a roadblock. There was no shortcut to the harbor of Catherby, so i would have to pass White Wolf Mountain. But White Wolf Mountain wasnt an option for said White Wolves are way to strong even for me, the most trustworthy wizzard out there. I walked as far as Burthorpe to find a way around, where i met the Slayer Master, but it was no use. Catherby is at the coast, so i thought a boat might sail there and went to Port Sarim (praise the Lumbridge Teleport).
When i arrived at Port Sarim i, indeed, found a sailor, who could bring me there for a lousy price of 1000 coins. So THIS mus be one of the scammers everyone is talking about (jk, but seriously i had like 7k in bank remeining and this was a lot of money for me just for transportation). I booked my ticket to Catherby, and started walking westwards. At the Tree Gnomes Stronghold's gates i worried a little if they'd even let me in, but i had no issue entering, so i went to the Agility Training Area to get the first 10 levels, which allowed me to continue Training in Draynor Village. Trained there till 20 so i could train in Al Kharid, until i left with lvl 30 for Varrok training. Ahh, home sweet home.
Then i became lvl 40 and unlocked the Canifis Rooftop Course, only to hit my next Roadblock. The guys at Paterdomus Temple didnt let me through. After some back and forth i kneeled in front of the temple to pray to the allmighty god: Mozilla Firefox for some insight. And visions of the "Priest in Peril" quest appeared in front of my inner eye. Thanks oh allmighty Firefox, to continue my adventure, the ingame tools shall provide enough guidance.
The quest started with King Roald, who asked me to look for his priest buddy at the Paterdomus Temple (Hah!!). Knocking at the door some guys told me the priest-buddy Drezel is fine and asked if i could kill the evil Dog down the crypt. Tbh this story instantly smelled more fishy than my boat trip to Catherby, but i still went down there and tryed fighting the Dog.
Which was completely immune to my mighty pew pew magic.
And also way to high leveled for me.
Still, i wanted to do this quest so i tryed coming up with a plan. One thing was crystal clear: if i wanted to beat this dog, i'd need healing. As strange as it may sound, but during almost a full week of adventure i never ever healed, not even once. I always relyed on natural health regeneration, because i never felt like i need to rush things and so far, it somehow worked fighting most of the monsters my level one at the time. I ported back to Lumbridge. I needed food, but i've never trained any food related skills so far, so i did the only thing i was able to and killed some cows for meat to cook.
With an inventory full of Meat, which healed 3HP, i went back to the Dog....and failed. It wasnt a total failure though, i managed to bring him down to half hp at least before running for my life. I thought maybe if i had some better equipment than my stupid bronze/iron armoweapon i might able to defeat him. I went to the grand exchange in order to turn my loot into money so i can visit the armor and weapon shops all around the continent, still not realizing i might get better prices at the grand exchange than the vendors if i bothered to look for the buy-option. When i came to Al Khard for a better saber i also found my very own secret weapon: Kebab! A lot of you people might be facepalming right now, but with a price of 1 coin and a healing capacity of 5 HP per kebab i thought this was going to be it (i didnt notice the RNG-nature of kebab yet, but for a single coin its still a good deal in my opinion).
Geared up and stuffed with Kebab i challanged the dog again....and WON! The beast was no more and i reported back to the Monks, and the king of course, wo got angry at me for magical-barrier-fantasy-reasons. Sooooo i went back to the Temple, walked through the front door that was suddenly unlocked and talked to Drezel, killed a Monk by safespotting (wohoo im using runescape language) in my magic gear (i went back to being a mighty wizzard when i reported to the king), stole a key, unlocked the basement, brought some rune essence i had banked anyway and unlocked the road to Canifis.
But i couldnt enter yet. My funds were running dry, i almost couldnt afford any runes anymore and this was new enemy territory. I decided to walk to the grand exchange again to look for a fellow wizzard. He told me to buy an "upgraded smokestafflol" and walked away. Nice guy. I found the buy option, looked up the "Mystic Smoke Staff" noticed the price, and decided to buy the "Mystic Dust Stuff" instead as soon as i had the money, for it would cost only like 30k compared to 10million. I changed channels and looked for another wizzard. This time i found one who was a little more helpful. He explained me there was a place called Chaos Temple, where i could steal expensive wine with Telekinetic Grab, without pulling aggro. I bought 10 law runes from my last funds and wizzard guy traded me, giving me a whole lot of law runes to get startet a little faster. If you are reading this Mr. Wizzard guy:"Thanks again, you are awesome"
Buuut again, its a wizzard and as i learned at the Wizzard's Tower: you cant trust wizzards. I was unable to climb up the Ladder as described(Skillcheck), and also: Telecinetic Grab still makes everyone aggro. Though, this is still better than stealing it by hand for i only have to move away two fields to be safe instead of getting slaughtered.
I started stealing as much wine as i needed to buy my Staff and enough runes to stay afloat for a while and realized i'd need 40 Attack and 40 Magic in order to wield my new weapon. I still have half the Law runes, for i just wanted to continue my adventure and not farming all the money one could possibly grab.
At this point i had like 38 Magic and 22 Attack....i had to do something about my skills and there was only one thing i could do to change it: a training montage!
Jokes aside, i needed to do combat, but i also didnt wanted to just slay cows or something. I wanted to still make progress somehow. Thats when i remembered the Slayer Master in Burthorpe. So i started doing Slayer quests in the desert, figured out i had to stay hydrated and noticed camels are even more dangerous than their cigarette counterpart. So there i was, shooting magic at dogs in the desert next to Pollnivneach, when i noticed im running out of food and there was no bank around. Also i didnt bring any money to the desert so i wasnt able to buy more kebab at the conveniently placed local kebab shop. With my HP running low i started to RUN to the bank in Nardah, stocked up on some money and kebab, and went back to the Dogs.
I hit lvl lvl 40 Magic there, finished my slayer quest and went back to Varrok in order to prepare for melee combat training.
Tankfully, the next two slayer quests took place in the varrok sewers, which arent that dangerous. Filled with confidence and kebab, i decided to explore the sewers a little more since i felt a lot stronger now. I spotted "Deadly red Spider"s in the distance and thought, they might be a little above my league. A guy walked by, greeted me, and asked what i was doing. I told him about my adventure and what i thought about these spiders. He asked me if i had any food with me and laughed a little when i told him i was stacked with kebab. Anyway, i noped out of the sewers and back to the Slayer Master. Killed some bugs in a desert cave ect. Ended up getting a quest where i had to kill bears. There was a Bear caged in varrok you could reach via the sewers....so i killed that very bear 63 times, reaching Attack level 40 in the process.
I proudly equipped my Mystic Dust Staff, stacked up on mind runes and kebab and went to Canifis, only to not play the game for like two whole weeks exept for some rooftop agility training during my breaks, for those two weeks were packed with horrible shifts at the hospital, but that might be a story for a different subreddit.

So here i am, standing on one of those canifis rooftops writing these lines. i think i'll stay here until im lvl 60 Agility, for this course seems to bombard me with marks of grace. I already googled what they are good for, so i want them~
I think this might be my last update on my written adventures for quite some time, since these storys probably become less and less entertaining as me experience with the game grows, so feel free to add me ingame for some advice and spoilers.

See ya in OSRS,
Triettsche out-
submitted by Triettsche to 2007scape

Take Back Your Social Media

This new year, make your social media private. Break the stronghold of the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, all owned by the same company, with a huge history of data leaks and cyber manipulation. Then there's twitter, full of shills. Shift to other much secure and partially/fully open-source apps. Don't let the government, or for that matter anybody else, be able to spy on you.
1) WhatsApp - replace with
  • Telegram - supports multiple sessions, transfer files over 1 GB in size securely, full end-to-end encryption, chat with other users without having to reveal your telephone number.
  • Signal - open-source and fully end-to-end encrypted.
2) Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: replace with
  • Mastodon - a fully decentralised open-source client
  • Reddit - mostly anonymous
  • Tumblr, pinterest - anonymous
3)Skype: replace with
  • Discord - anonymous, open-source
  • Slack - anonymous
4) Chrome: replace with
  • Firefox for a more privacy-focused alternative. Use uBlock origin/AdGuard to protect yourself from online ads/tracking.
  • Tor for full anonymity, available for desktop and android(fully secure) or iOS(limited security).
5) Install AdGuard app for android or iOS, get rid of all ads and trackers on your device.
Happy New Year, and may the new one bring you everything you ever wished for <3
submitted by as53 to u/as53

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