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Emphatic and reflexive pronouns - English Grammar

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Troubleshoot STUN with TURN in Office Communications

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Can reflexivity be learned? An experience with tobacco

Construction Project Scheduling – Page 5 – Construction

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How is everyone's lockdown practice going? Are you practising more like you said you would? [Chat, motivation and tips thread!]

Hello. I'm amongst the many people with extra time sat at home - and so far, I have practised more and its been good for my 'zen-ness'. How about yourself? This thread is for checking in and checking up to see if youre keeping in the zone too.
My pattern is pretty unscheduled - I tend to do short meditations sat at my desk or on the sofa, being that I have pretty much no other scheduled commitments during the day. I dont have to think so much about actively 'doing' mindfulness, it just comes to naturally as a reflex (It took a good amount of practice to 'get there') 2 min, 3 min, 5 min session - does very nicely. Sometimes I Skype my family and we do a longer one together. And Im definitely feeling the benefits: calmness and appreciating the moment I'm in - particularly when I get outside for a brief period each day. Nature seems particularly beautiful right now
Lockdown days can feel very boring - but ...its crazy how much of that 'boredom' feeling is created by the mind being unfocused! Needy of short term distraction and 'stuck' in thought loops. Out-of-practise me gets bored to the point of depression. But 'zen', post-practice me is calm, enjoying the moment, really into hobbies, and willing to put the hours in to get a long term but satisfying task done. So theres my motivation! A bit of application once, twice, 3 times a day, and you can develop that state of mind too.
Any good tips? Here's some basic but very true ones:
1) Keep a schedule. It encourages self-discipline and helps make the day productive (ignore my second paragraoh - I'm experienced so I get to cheat ;)
2) Remove ALL distractions from your meditating area. Computers, phones, all of it. You might say youre strong enough to reists them for 10-20 mins. Its harder than you think.
3) Stretcth out or get some exercise in BEFORE you start a session. Gets the blood flowing and helps you feel fresh rather than foggy as you start (obviously wait for your heart rate to drop if youve done some high intensity work!)
...so yeah. If youre a bit stuck or struggling with your technique, feel free to answer a question. Maybe I can or someone else here can help.
submitted by Jesse_Inevitable to Meditation

Joseph Alai's chat with Moonlight Concerto [ Part 1 ]

Joseph Alai's chat with Moonlight Concerto [ Part 1 ]

Hi Everyone,

Here is the long promised chat I recently had with Joseph Alai, the LOAPornstar.
Some background : he suddenly showed up in response to this post and stated alot of facts and crap. Then he suddenly pinged me for a chat about that thread. I told him pretty quickly that I had not researched the content of that thread, and will leave his comments there and people can decide who is telling the truth.
Then he went on and on with his plebeian mindgames. I did not budge which i knew would piss him off enough to produce a threat to sue. So I preempted that by asking him first to send me his writ. The threat eventually came with more mindgames telling me that what I had done I'm ooh ooh.
Then he finally confessed his raison d'etre for personally profiting from LOB coaching, which was it was a manifestation from God himself and so whatever he makes from it is sanctioned by god. Didn't see that one coming. He also identified that his key skill was public speaking, which is something that all the LOAPornstars posses. Then he tried to play good cop, I was too bored and sleepy to laugh or read by then, then he threw the bible at me.
Basically, if you are dealing with morons in america, the two things you say to them to shut them up fast are A I will sue you B You are going against the Bible. People reflexively recoil when they hear these things and they run, which is obviously something that he has noticed and used many times.
Somewhere along the way, he admitted that he earned his living from his LOB coaching, and not from mastery of his subconscious mind :
Okay so now you're threateening me again and my livelihood?
He knew I was going to post the chat, and it was sad to see him cave actually - he had been on the chat for 2.75 hours, which is dumb on so many levels. He seemed alot more reasonable (I wasn't reading the last 15 minutes of the chat), told me he was jetlagged, I told him I was sleepy, lets get back to this on the morrow, I won't publish for 24 hours. Of course, he didn't show up later. After polling the sub, I made the following decision :

and here we are - the chat. Look out for his mindgames. They are er, how do I put it......so charming!

p.s. And oh, he lies that he does not do coaching. He offers coaching on his website right now. And he posts snazzy photos of himself there. Basically, he is trying to create a personality cult to live off people. Which is bullshit.
( I've had to break this up into two parts, too long for one post. The link to the second part is found here. )

· MoonlightConcerto,
Panthera Leo
· josephalai
LOA Pornstar
Feb 10
josephalai01:30 AM
Hello MoonlightConcerto. This is Joseph Alai, here. I am a firm believer that situations should be resolved as fast as possible, and I would very much like to inquire to see if you would be willing to discuss our public conversation.
📷MoonlightConcerto01:31 AM
Hi dude. Are you there?
Sorry was on a call, didn't notice your chat request..
We can discuss our public conversation
but I notice that you've invited me to a chat, publicly. So why don't we have a discussion in public ?
josephalai01:38 AM
Because I'm an adult
as are you
This isn't a game
MoonlightConcerto01:39 AM
Alright then.
josephalai01:39 AM
It will be best for both of us if you quickly accept a phone call or Skype call
MoonlightConcerto01:39 AM
Since wére both adults, lets talk in private. What can I do for you ?
josephalai01:40 AM
I'm not here for a pissing contest. Are you willing to chat via Skype? Or google hangouts with voice?
MoonlightConcerto01:42 AM
I can hit you up on Google hangouts sure
josephalai01:42 AM
I linked you
tell me if there's trouble signing on
MoonlightConcerto01:46 AM
Far better than this crap.
But I don't do voice and camera, not even with my cubs. So well stick to chat.
josephalai01:46 AM
Listen then, I'll be really clear
a lot of the things you wrote were just plain lies, and wrong
MoonlightConcerto01:47 AM
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
you can ping me on hangouts
Wait a sec
josephalai01:48 AM
I can't even say what I want to say because we're not going to do voice
MoonlightConcerto01:48 AM
Where they are wrong, or where I can't be bothered to do the primary research to prove it one way or the other, I will concede that publicly. But that does not mean that you're exonerated by any means.
josephalai01:48 AM
So basically you're a gossiper?
MoonlightConcerto01:48 AM
josephalai01:49 AM
That's called gossip
And the way you're responding is like a child
"i can't disprove or prove it so i'll keep saying things"
You won't even voice chat
You're willing to have an opinion and gossip about me -- but not talk with me like an adult.
That speaks volumes about your character
MoonlightConcerto01:51 AM
That's not what i said. There am on the crapper now. We can talk for abit.
josephalai01:51 AM
"Where they are wrong, or where I can't be bothered to do the primary research to prove it one way or the other, I will concede that publicly. But that does not mean that you're exonerated by any means."
I have no interest in making fake accounts
I barely comment in the first place
So that is actually a great compliment to me, I suppose -- because if you're claiming that they're fake, then that means they're so good they're unbelievable.
So that -- I'll leave at that
I've already gotten enough information from you that states you just want to talk shit, based on no true information
MoonlightConcerto01:53 AM
So a well known thieving clown comes into the bar and says I didn't steal the car which that dude says I stole. The patrons agree there is insufficient evidence of that, and abandon that claim against you. Aren't you still a thieving clown?
josephalai01:53 AM
So as I said
you basically just made something up, and are spreading it
because it can't be proven false lol
It doesn't matter to me, but it may matter to you
MoonlightConcerto01:53 AM
Forgive the fat thumbs, I'm a lion. (Edit : typos have been fixed)
josephalai01:54 AM
Do you coach manifesting?
MoonlightConcerto01:55 AM
You've seen the thread on that
josephalai01:55 AM
Only a single post
someone saying, "wait, are you a coach?"
MoonlightConcerto01:55 AM
Let me link ya
josephalai01:56 AM
There's no way to get the truth out of you in this subject matter but is it simply because my teachings disagree with yours that you are talking shit about me?
The telltale sign for me is accusations of me posting on fake accounts -- which is a hilarious lie
MoonlightConcerto01:57 AM
Not at all Joseph.
josephalai01:58 AM
Then why make those false accusations out of nowhere?
You specifically and deliberately chose that to spread a rumor about. Which means THAT was on your consciousness when you took the action,.
MoonlightConcerto01:58 AM
You are quite mistaken as to why I disagree with you. I believe you don't understand the LOB, and certainly not with any facility to teach it. The fact that you're charging people for it demonstrates this perfectly
josephalai01:59 AM
And this is where you are wrong, again.
It was a manifestation from God
MoonlightConcerto01:59 AM
josephalai01:59 AM
MoonlightConcerto01:59 AM
the fees that people charge you is a manifestation from god ?
josephalai01:59 AM
I simply imagined being free from 9-5 and that manifested
You... a coach... mock manifestation?
That's interesting.
Very interesting.
MoonlightConcerto02:00 AM
Then why don't you tell them that you won't charge them anything, they can pay anything at anytime they want if they feel it is justified, and if they don't then its all good too, and take THAT as a manifestation from god?
josephalai02:00 AM
I don't coach anymore
MoonlightConcerto02:00 AM
OH you don't.
josephalai02:00 AM
no, I don't
MoonlightConcerto02:00 AM
Really ? You don't coach anymore ?
josephalai02:00 AM
No. I don't.
I haven't had a single coaching call in over 3 weeks
MoonlightConcerto02:01 AM
Why did you EVER charge money to coach in the first place ?
josephalai02:01 AM
Because it was a manifestation.
Do you know how manifestations unfold?
You're very cocky, but all I see is insecurity
I see you overflowing with insecurity
Have you ever watched my video on how I manifested doing what I do?
Probably not... I can see, though, that you're a very doubtful, insecure person
I know this, because I used to be the same way
Everything everyone said was a lie
It's interesting to me that you are an alleged manifestation coach, and yet you doubt manifestations?
MoonlightConcerto02:03 AM
oh you used to be the same way!!
josephalai02:03 AM
Yes I used to be doubtful and insecure
and I can see the same signs in you
MoonlightConcerto02:03 AM
You should NEVER have charged money for coaching.
josephalai02:03 AM
On what principle?
Excuse me? Who are you?
It was a manifestation.
What part of "it was a manifestation" don't you comprehend?
MoonlightConcerto02:04 AM
If you know the lob, you can never charge money for teaching it. Charging for teaching it proves you don't know it enough to teach it.
josephalai02:04 AM
No, that's not true
Even Neville charged, and you know that
And you're making up rules, proving you have no idea how manifesting works
"you can never charge money for teaching it"
Listen, I'll leave you with this
MoonlightConcerto02:06 AM
This is what real experts in the lob do when they want to impart knowledge https://www.reddit.com/JosephMurphy/comments/aw9x2b/lob_coaching/
josephalai02:06 AM
There is a video that I am releasing soon which is going to explain to you a lot of things
About how if something is not in your consciousness, you cannot see it
You make a lot of assumptions, have a lot of resentment issues, and spread gossip. All of those are insecurity issues. All I can say is this: if you truly hold resentment, jealousy, fear, doubt, insecurity, and the like... I would try to remove those as fast as possible otherwise it will consume you. They will consistenyly manifesting in your life
All I've heard from you is "you should" or "you shouldn't"
when the number one rule of God and the bible, above any Man, is that "all things of God are good."
MoonlightConcerto02:07 AM
Neville charged enough to cover the costs of whichever hall he was lecturing at. It was a simple. Practical matter. He was a Co owner of goddard enterprises and independently wealthy.
josephalai02:08 AM
my position has been manifested. You're making up rules and basically telling me that God made the wrong decision by having this manifested. I am truly and deeply concerned for anyone your'e "coaching".
there are only two ways to displease God, one is to "lack faith", and two is,"judge good and evil"
your little rules and doctrine are meaningless. the only thing that matters is God
MoonlightConcerto02:09 AM
And he only did this much later in life, when he was already famous. And whoever could not afford a seat was given one for free without questions.
josephalai02:09 AM
Do you realize those are the only two sins? So each time you say, "Charging for coaching is bad" you're just doing one of the two sins?
It doesn't even matter what your excuse against it is. It proves you have no idea what non-duality is
MoonlightConcerto02:10 AM
God is always pleased with you no matter what you do. Do you imagine that you have the power to displease god?
You don't even understand basic spirituality.
josephalai02:10 AM
no, literally, what you've just said before completely contradicts Neville's teachings
and the bible
your making of Rules completely proves that you have no idea what you're talking about
MoonlightConcerto02:11 AM
God does not matter because god has no problems. God’s purpose is to self experience through his creations.
josephalai02:11 AM
Also, I wonder if you're aware that your accusations and lies will be manifested back to you
Okay dude you're making stuff up on the fly
You don't even know the basis of what Neville teaches
All these things you're saying is just further proving you don't know wht you're talking about
it's interesting because things could have been different
i haven't had to have any of thes conversations before
I felt moved to discuss this adults, but your immediate responses just completely turned me off
MoonlightConcerto02:13 AM
Your position was not manifested by God just for you. You have zero divine sanction here.. Your position is something you took advantage of, because you just could. There are enough idiots out there to buy your bullshit just because you sprout it confidently. And you took their money.
josephalai02:13 AM
Listen man
You've revealed a lot about yourself
And that's okay
I understand more where you're coming from
MoonlightConcerto02:14 AM
As someone said on my sub recently, you are either poor or middle class.
josephalai02:14 AM
and again,
you attack character
that's pathetic
I'm trying to have a regular conversation
MoonlightConcerto02:14 AM
Ie, not in any way a master practitioner.
josephalai02:14 AM
and you don't know what my bank account looks like
again, there goes the judgments
MoonlightConcerto02:14 AM
Of the law of belief. What you call the law, or the loa.
josephalai02:14 AM
it's absolutely disturbing that you consider yourself a coach
you hurl insults
can I ask how old you are/
Listen I can understand that perhaps your ego is hurt
You continue to hurl insults
Instead of asking for the correct information
Ever heard of "contempt prior to investigation?"
I see now why you attack me
So let me make something clear to you
MoonlightConcerto02:16 AM
Here we call you an LOAPornstar. You promise love but only give sex. But in truth the real sex pornstars are more honest than you, because they don't promise you love but only give you sex. They promise sex, and lots of it. And they deliver exactly that.
Boy do they deliver lol
josephalai02:17 AM
To look back at this conversation and see your responses
compared to mine
i hope you can look at it objectively
All I see is a coach who talked shit, but who has no idea what they're talking about.
You should stop talking shit about me
MoonlightConcerto02:18 AM
I see you evading and avoiding the direct question.
josephalai02:18 AM
What question?
MoonlightConcerto02:18 AM
That's obvious everyone can see it.
josephalai02:18 AM
What question?
I'm waiting for the question?
MoonlightConcerto02:19 AM
What don't you read this chat to discover the question?
josephalai02:19 AM
Listen, I don't play games
obviously you have plenty of time to waste
MoonlightConcerto02:19 AM
You lie that you have some divine provenance to charge for lob training.
josephalai02:19 AM
I lie?
Again, you make these assumptions as if you know me
Your mind is filled with doubt
it's sad
I cannot even fathom that you coach
all I've heard from you is calling names, calling me a liar -- all of which you are wrong
you don't even know what non-duality is
MoonlightConcerto02:20 AM
Go read yoganandas book, the chapter called two penniless boys in Brindavan
josephalai02:20 AM
and that's the basis of nevile's teachings -- and the basis of why you're wrong with everything you've said
Listen man
I don't play games
You're playing with big boys
You're making a big mistake
You've picked the wrong guy
MoonlightConcerto02:20 AM
Try me on non duality. It's been awhile
josephalai02:21 AM
this isn't a game
I can sense you think this is a game
You're hurling insults, acting like a child arguing
and the funny thing is... you started it
MoonlightConcerto02:21 AM
And you my friend, are playing with lions.
josephalai02:21 AM
Listen to me very closely.
MoonlightConcerto02:21 AM
I'm waiting for your writ.
josephalai02:21 AM
Give me a call
like a man
MoonlightConcerto02:21 AM
Since you don't play games.
josephalai02:22 AM
What's your name
MoonlightConcerto02:22 AM
Hey we are chatting. This is recorded, and will be published, as will any voice call.
Why don't we have a global text chat on your YouTube channel
josephalai02:23 AM
I really hope you do post this whole thing -- as it shows your true nature
MoonlightConcerto02:23 AM
Rumble in the internet jungle
josephalai02:23 AM
as a matter of fact
You want to threaten me?
MoonlightConcerto02:23 AM
I will mate I will
I'm getting sleepy
josephalai02:23 AM
You realize if you post this, it will expose your weakness and misunderstanding of the teachings and will ruin your career
MoonlightConcerto02:23 AM
So let me sum up what you have said.
Yes a career will be ruined of course.
josephalai02:25 AM
I'd better save this entire thing
MoonlightConcerto02:25 AM
Btw training cubs is not my career, because I DONT PROFIT FROM IT.
josephalai02:25 AM
Ths is really funny
I would really dislike being you
MoonlightConcerto02:25 AM
I'll send you a copy.
josephalai02:25 AM
You have to threaten people, gossip about people...
MoonlightConcerto02:25 AM
So just to round up,
josephalai02:26 AM
Just to round up
I'm grateful you've exposed your lack of knowledge, your admittance of false rumor, and your needing to threaten me because you just can't take it
And you're inability to talk on the phone like an adult
MoonlightConcerto02:27 AM
You say that you are now not charging for LOB coaching, but you used to charge and profit by your LOB coaching because you received some kinda divine mandate from God to charge for it.
And you have a video that explains this.
Is that right?

[Part 2]
submitted by MoonlightConcerto to JosephMurphy

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