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Job Popularity in Eden's Verse circa Week 3

The raid tier is mature enough at this point that I think we can examine the stats of what jobs are being brought to the tier to discuss what's mostly going to be popularity by virtue of comfort. Notably, all of the melee perform in a similar rDPS band, as do BLM/SMN. The RDM buffs, for now, have elevated it to melee levels of DPS. MCH is a clear physical ranged frontrunner, but for top groups DNC is displaying similar max parses. BRD is left behind somewhat. Tanks all basically contribute the same rDPS, as do healers, with SCH falling a little behind. We can then guess that any job distributions are mostly due to comfort or how a job's rotation fits into the demands of a fight.
Instead of transcribe the page into text, it was easier to just snip the all bosses category. Here's a few thoughts and topics for discussion:
  • AST is incredibly unpopular still. It's not Gordias level where there was 1 AST for every 10 WHMs, and it's putting out both the healing and DPS numbers to compete fine, so I think it's likely just preference at this point. Not many healers care for the card minigame that AST provides. They either never have, or the ShB changes rubbed them the wrong way. Some merit might also be given to the idea that WHM allows for easier recovery.
  • PLD is the king of tanks, with DRK not too far behind. PLD provides the most party mitigation as its unique trait, in addition to having the best ability to operate under extended melee downtime with clever Req usage. Many early week strategies involve this for the tanks, so that was likely beneficial. Hallowed Ground is also an incredibly powerful tool in any fight. DRK's continued popularity is likely a mixture of comfort and personal defensive power. TBN remains the strongest tank CD, and Dark Mind is always a powerful button since every fight has some magical tank damage. It has an easy to manage rotation too. GNB's lack of popularity is likely due to the sometimes uncomfortable nature of Gnashing windows. Needing to hit tank buttons or move the boss while doing Continuation is tricky and uncomfortable. WAR remains a victim of being the same job since 4.2, and no longer the top tank numerically. What's left is, to many, probably a shell of a tank rotation that desparately needs filling in for 6.0. WAR provides the raid two things, Holmgang if the timers line up (They do nicely on Shiva), and Nascent Flash to save healer GCDs. TBN can do this too.
  • SMN, as ever, maintains high caster popularity. A straightforward rotation with generous movement periods and extremely high DPS combined with the ability to raise someone if Swiftcast is up will probably make it continue this way. BLM is likely a comfort thing, there's just never many BLM mains despite the job putting out the numbers.
  • I think groups are sleeping on RDM. A two caster comp feels viable. BLM/SMN then RDM in place of BLM or SMN and two melee. RDM does melee-competitive DPS, although that might be diminished in a one melee composition due to Embolden.
  • Physical ranged is a healthy spread and it's largely playstyle preference if I had to guess. BRD might need some help, as no fight this tier showcases its greatest strength which is extended two target damage.
  • MNK and NIN are noticably less popular than SAM and DRG. All melee are near enough to each other. I think DRG still has the weight of inertia carrying it, players have defined themselves for 6 years now as DRG mains. It's also the only slow melee which has an appeal, so I don't think DRG will ever stop being the most represented melee. SAM got buffed to viability in 5.0 or 5.1, and we're seeing the effects of that now as former MNK mains, flavor of the month or otherwise, move to the job along with those that play it for comfort. NIN has recovered from Eden's Gate, but from what I read it's still a contentious playstyle after the 5.1 changes. MNK just needs help, it's clear at this point players don't like it for gameplay reasons, not numbers.
The shortlist of jobs that likely need 6.0 "help" to me would be WAR, MNK, and BRD. I think BLM and AST have fundamental identity issues that will always result in low play rates, and that players are just sleeping on RDM for now.
submitted by BlackmoreKnight to ffxivdiscussion

[Race Report] Flying Pig Half-Marathon May 6, 2018

Race information

* **What?** Flying Pig Half Marathon
* **When?** May 6, 2018
* **How far?** 13.1 miles / 21 km
* **Where?** Cincinnati, OH
* **Website:** [http://flyingpigmarathon.com/](http://flyingpigmarathon.com/)
* **Strava activity:** [https://www.strava.com/activities/1553527553](https://www.strava.com/activities/1553527553)


| Goal | Description | Completed? |
| A | Finish in 1:48 ET | *Yes* |
| B | Finish < 1:45 ET | *No* |


| Mile | Time | Elev |
| 1 | 8:15 | -4 ft |
| 2 | 7:45 |-2 ft |
| 3 | 8:04 |33 ft |
| 4 | 7:45 |-9 ft |
| 5 | 8:05 |30 ft |
| 6 | 8:27 |80 ft |
| 7 | 8:38 |153 ft |
| 8 | 8:23 |39 ft |
| 9 | 7:53 |-34 ft |
| 10 | 8:09 |20 ft |
| 11 | 7:36 |-205 ft |
| 12 | 7:37 |-73 ft |
| 13 | 7:25 | -41 ft |
| .1 | 7:32 | 0 ft |


I have run a few half marathons but this race I was able to put more focus on what I can do to really improve my performance. I have been watching lots of training videos from [Sage Canaday](https://www.youtube.com/useVo2maxProductions) who has years of videos to watch where he talks about training as well as training guides (free and for purchase) available. His Strava data is also public and it's great to see what he does to be fast.
I started by increasing my weekly mileage from 0 miles coming out of winter 13 weeks ago. I did a mix of long runs with good intensity and recovery runs, no speed work, strides, or form work. I always tried to negative split the long runs. I saw my pace during training go from 10:00 / mi pace drop to 8:15 / mi pace.
| Week| Mileage |
|Race Week| 33 miles |
|-1 | 26.4 miles|
|-2 | 31.1 miles|
|-3 | 31.3 miles|
|-4 | 35.0 miles|
|-5 | 31.3 miles|
|-6 | 23.8 miles|
|-7 | 20.5 miles|
|-8 | 23.0 miles|
|-9 | 20.5 miles|
|-10 | 13.6 miles|
|-11 | 6.0 miles|
|-12 | 5.9 miles|
|-13 | 0 miles|


The Flying Pig expo is fantastic! Get the bib, get lots of free P&G goodies from the main sponsor (shampoo, detergent, mouthwash, a nice bag, etc.) in a quick roller coaster corral style queue line. Lots of discounted shirts and shoes too. The premium gift this year is a nice picnic blanket, years past we've gotten, dry bags, duffel bags, backpacks, all kinds of stuff. Other gear we get is t-shirt, magnet, and poster.


Pre-race dinner was my tried and true pineapple fried rice, unprocessed complex carbs that sits well in my stomach. Pre-race meal was a banana and peanut butter. I carry an 18 oz Nathan's hydration hand-held bottle with 1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Blueberry Mojito powder mix. 3 GU's consumed while running at miles 3, 6, 9.


Early wake up at 4:45am and out the door by 5:15am. Traffic getting into downtown, parked at 6:00am. I did a warm up run(0.5 miles) to the bathrooms for a quick bio break. Into my corral 5 minutes before race start. Weather was perfect, 56 degrees and cloudy, almost no wind.

7,000 volunteers (Grunts)

Before I start with the miles, there were 7,000 Grunts this year to support the runners. Water / Gatorade stops every mile as well as Puffs tissues, GU, and Vaseline sprinkled throughout. Many of the Grunts were in sections cheering us along. They did a great job.

Miles [0] to [5]

Race starts with a few rolling hills as we cross bridges from Ohio to Kentucky and back to Ohio. It is pretty congested which is good I suppose to keep us from blasting off too fast. We get a pretty sunrise and lots of crowd support through downtown. I was on pace at 8 min/mi.

Miles [5] to [10]

Here we have the toughest section for half and full marathoners. We climb out of downtown and up 400ft of elevation gain. There are lots of people along this section to keep us moving up the hills. I was off pace and hoping to make up for it on the downhill section

Miles [10] to [13.1]

This is all downhill to the finish, moving my legs as fast as they could go. I made up a lot of time but it wasn't enough officially. GPS watch says I ran a 7:59 min / mi average but I ran 13.3 miles, the official time and distance had me at 8:09 min / mi.


We are awarded with a very decorative heavy metal (the full marathoners get metals and a nice jacket this year). Kroger was there with a bag of goodies for us pre-filled with some snacks and more to grab as we head to the exit. Larosa's pizza had hot slices coming out of the oven. Beers were right around the corner.

What's next?

I'm looking to continue my training, i'd really like to get into the 7 min / mi pace area. I'd also like to start doing some trail runs to see how I like those. Maybe another full marathon in the future, we'll see.
*This post was generated using [the new race reportr](https://martellaj.github.io/race-report), a tool built by [BBQLays](https://www.reddit.combbqlays) for making organized, easy-to-read, and beautiful race reports.*
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