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Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create PDF files by simply click the "Save as PDF" button from MS Word, creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a PDF viewer.

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Marbula One Season 2: First Quarter Reports!

Three down, nine to go! We’re at the halfway point of the halfway point, it’s still anyone’s game but the pack is starting to separate. We’ve seen some excellent racing from unlikely teams, slow starts from racers who should be dominating the competition, and the shocking-but-completely-expected return of the Savage Speeders. The schedule is set to change; qualifiers will now be on Fridays and races will be on Saturday, which I think is better for racers and fans alike. But let’s put that aside and talk about the races we’ve already seen, here’s the First Quarter Reports for every team!
20. Jungle Jumpers: In order to win Marbula One you have to do two things: qualify for races and perform well in the races you qualify for. The Jungle Jumpers have done neither. Hop has failed to qualify in both of his races, meanwhile Skip only managed a single point at O’raceway. Marbula One has historically been a top-heavy league, and being down 61 points this early might’ve ended their season before it really got started.
19. Hazers: Oh boy, one of the best teams from Season One has only managed two points through the first three races. I don’t know if their downward spiral will last, but this slow start is concerning and they need to right the ship fast.
18. Limers: The Limers were bad in Season One and they’re bad in Season Two. Is anyone shocked by this development, frankly I’m not sure why they were invited back in the first place.
17. O’rangers: Congratulations O’rangers, you scored points! I’m chalking their early stumble to fatigue from their stellar performance in ML20, the O’rangers are the kind of team that you can never count out no matter how bad it looks. Still, the lead isn’t exactly shrinking so the time for a comeback is now.
16. Minty Maniacs: Minty Maniacs had a huge culture shock when they got to Marbula One. They surpassed all of our expectations in ML20, but the difference between great team and one-hit-wonders is how they handle themselves after their breakout performance. I think Minty Maniacs realized that by now, after two DNQ’s they managed a respectable 8th place finish at Honeydome. Let’s hope this upward momentum carries.
15. Oceanics: Yikes. An 8th place finish followed by two races where they scored zero points is not the direction you want your team heading in. They’re racing at home at Aquamaring, and we all know how much the “host curse” hurts this team. I’m sorry, I don’t think their struggle is letting up any time soon.
14. Midnight Wisps: Wospy is holding this team back, Wispy has scored all seven of the Midnight Wisps’ points. I wouldn’t call Wospy a cube, but that chokejob in the Marathon of ML20 cost them the podium and I don’t think Wospy has mentally recovered from it. Hopefully the upcoming break gives Wospy the chance to refresh their batteries, but for now it’s all on Wispy to carry the Midnight Wisps in the next few races.
13. Kobalts: I consider “cube” to be an unfair label for a racer, Marbula One is a difficult league to compete in and the line between success and failure is a fraction of an inch. Having said that Azure is a cube, their two DNQs are holding the Kobalts back. I don’t know if Cerulean’s 6th place finish at O’raceway is enough to call them a great racer, but Azure needs to learn a thing or two from their teammate if they want to get back into this competition.
12. Mellow Yellow: Mellow Yellow wasn’t particularly great in Season One, and the story hasn’t changed in Season Two. They performed really well at the Marathon in ML20 so it’s not like they can’t race well, but I think the fact that they’re in 12th has more to do with other teams like the Hazers and O’rangers underperforming. I just don’t see them making much noise as the season progresses.
11. Thunderbolts: I’ll be honest, I’ve never been impressed by the Thunderbolts. They’re a veteran team who I feel lost their touch long ago, and they haven’t placed in the top half in any race so far. But I can give credit where it’s due, they’re the first team on this list with points in each of the first three races. Having said that, this team shouldn’t settle for the middle of the road.
10. Raspberry Racers: The Raspberry Racers are in the top 10, but they haven’t competed like a top 10 team. Ruzzy is the obvious culprit, they failed to qualify at O’raceway and that cost the team some points. Razzy is good, but he’s not good enough to carry a team like Prim did last season. The Raspberry Racers were one of the worst teams in Season One, I hope they can improve this season but so far I haven’t seen much to write home about.
9. Balls of Chaos: DNQ, 3rd place, 12th place. Chaotic indeed.
8. Team Galactic: Team Galactic proved that it only takes one good race to get back into this competition. Two miserable finishes followed by a silver medal at Honeydome weren’t enough to change the podium picture, but Team Galactic got themselves back into championship shape. Consistency has always been this team’s downfall, they’ll need to keep up the strong performances to really make a case for the podium, but never count Team Galactic out.
7. Snowballs: Snowy is quietly making the case that he’s one of the most consistent racers in the sport. Snowy doesn’t have Speedy’s flash, and they don’t have the reputation for carrying a team like Prim, but Snowy had the 2nd most individual points last season and has a respectable 20 thus far. The Snowballs needed to give Snowy a worthy teammate to make a push for the title this season, and it’s too early to say if Snowstorm can get the job done. If Snowstorm’s mediocre two-point performance at O’raceway was just a fluke then I can see The Snowballs making another run at the podium this season.
6. Team Primary: Surprisingly, Prim isn’t Team Primary’s savior this season. Prim hasn’t stunk by any means, 12 points is more than the O’Rangers, Limers, Hazers, and Jungle Jumpers combined, but Rima has been the star so far thanks to a 4th place outing at O’raceway. I for one am glad that Team Primary has put together a competitive team where both racers can be relied on, they made the right call removing Mary.
5. Savage Speeders: Rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated. Rapidly had a bad race, but considering how good they were last season one bad race isn’t enough to call them washed up. Meanwhile, Speedy was poised to have a podium finish before their horrific accident, and they came back with a win from pole position at Honeydome. And for the record they aren’t cheating, they’re just THAT good. We should’ve learned our lesson after Season One, the Savage Speeders are the gold standard of marble racing and we can never count them out. Dammit.
4. Green Ducks: The Green Ducks opened Season One with two strong races but immediately fell off a cliff. Is history repeating itself in Season Two? If Honeydome is anything to go by, it just might be. I hope they find their footing, I like the Green Ducks quite a bit and I want them to regain their rookie form.
3. Bumblebees: The Bumblebees are proof that consistent racing is just as important as medals. They haven’t reached the podium yet, but between Honey’s 7th place finish and Bumble’s two 4th place finishes they’re sitting pretty at 36 points. I like where they stand, but the gap between 1st and 3rd is massive this season. It’s time to convert solid finishes into medals, and I’m confident in the Bumblebees to pull this off.
2. Team Momo: Team Momo has never looked better. Just when we all thought Team Momo was destined to be perpetually average they turn in their most dominant run in team history. A silver medal at Minty Mania, their first gold medal since ML18, and a 5th place finish after starting 16th. If anything threatens to hold this team back it’s their weak qualifying runs; they can finish strong from any position, but that won’t matter if they land in the bottom four during qualifiers. But as a fan for many years I’m beyond thrilled, I’m not used to Team Momo being in the championship hunt and I hope it lasts.
1. Crazy Cat’s Eyes: The Crazy Cat’s Eyes have medaled in every race so far, that’s genuinely insane. Their talent isn’t up for debate, but with CCE there’s always one critical question: can they sustain their success? This team is infamous for starting strong and steadily declining. I wouldn’t call them choke artists, but they tend to peak early.
submitted by OneTrueBrody to JellesMarbleRuns

Is there a program which can convert solid color image into graph equations?

I have a logo that I need to put on a graph. But I have to use equations to create that graph. Is there a program that can do that? I have searched for a couple hours for one.
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