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If anyone is interested, here's a link to the above-listed tools. Download, extract, install, enjoy. Dfs cdma tool serial key websites - cdmatool.com, Youtube https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=142. Hi My original serial number has 30 characters not 32 as requested on purchase page Rory. You can then add trackers in dfs evolution crack properties.

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[$20][OPT][11.1.2] Status Bar Network Info Tweak


I'll pay $20 for a tweak that would show the actual RSRP/RSSI of your cellular connection (instead of bars) and the LTE Band or CDMA Band Class you're connected to in the status bar.


  • Functional on iOS 11.1.2, but 11.3.1 compatibility would be nice, as I have a secondary device on that firmware (I don't think there would be much of a difference between 11.1.2 and 11.3.1 for this tweak)
  • Open source (I'm learning about tweak development so I'm curious how it works)
  • Shows LTE RSRP dBm
  • Shows CDMA RSSI dBm
  • Shows LTE Band
  • Shows CDMA Band Class
  • (If possible, not required) Moveable9 compatibility
  • (If possible, not required) option to disable certain sections (i.e. only show LTE section)
  • (If possible) GSM/UMTS compatibility (my primary carrier is Verizon but if I'm ever using a GSM carrier it'd be nice to have that work with this tweak
  • Sections can change based on current connection (for example, LTE section would change to 3G if phone is connected to 3G)


They're kinda low quality but I think they show my idea pretty well.


  • Best resourceCellularInfo: A tweak that shows information from CommCenter about current cellular connection. Great resource as it shows how CommCenter headers are used and how to implement them in the tweak Repo for Tweak SOURCE CODE
  • CommCenter Headers: Headers for things like LTE Band, RSRP, etc. Resource 1 (easier to read) Resource 2
  • OpenNotifier: I think this could help with creating the tweak as it's also a status bar tweak that updates in the background SOURCE CODE

Extra Info:

  • RSRP: Basically LTE signal strength
  • LTE Band: A number used to represent the frequency of the LTE antenna you're connected to Definition and Bands Chart
  • RSSI: Signal strength for 2G (CDMA or GSM)
  • CDMA Band Class: A number used to represent the frequency of the CDMA1x antenna you're connected to Band Class Chart
  • When an iPhone on a CDMA carrier is set to data-only mode for LTE, it simultaneously connects to both LTE and CDMA1x. That's why there's able to be 2 signal strength values (1 for LTE, one for 1x)
  • Currently, the CDMA RSSI in CellularInfo is broken (it’s always stuck on -50 dBm). It’s also usually inaccurate in the built-in Field Test app. I think this is just an issue with either outdated headers or the Field Test app, but a helpful place to look could be the status bar signal bars and how they work. When an iPhone is simultaneously connected to LTE and CDMA1x, the signal bars will always show the 1x RSSI signal strength, even if LTE is shown in the status bar (this is why sometimes you get 0 bars while still connected to LTE - because the phone has no CDMA connection, therefore the bars won’t show a signal, but the phone is still connected to LTE). Not too sure how much information you could get from the bars, but it could be helpful.

I looked through the CellularInfo source code, and I believe the headers that would be used are:
  • kCTCellMonitorBandClass for CDMA Band Class
  • kCTCellMonitorBandInfo for LTE Band
  • kCTCellMonitorRSRP for LTE signal strength (RSRP)
  • 3G/1x signal strength: check CellularInfo source code (not sure about header and equation is used to calculate RSSI)
  • kCTCellMonitorRadioAccessTechnologyCDMA1x indicates that phone is connected to 2G (CDMA1x)
  • kCTCellMonitorRadioAccessTechnologyCDMAEVDO or kCTCellMonitorRadioAccessTechnologyeHRPD indicates that phone is connected to 3G (CDMA3G)
  • kCTCellMonitorRadioAccessTechnologyLTE indicates that phone is connected to LTE
I don't really know much about tweak development, so I'm not too sure how these would be implemented, but CellularInfo should show how to use these headers.

If you need any more information about cellular related terms/information, I'd be happy to provide more info.
submitted by vanko987 to TweakBounty

Beginner's guide to OFDMA

please help me to get some basics right on OFDMA (not OFDM). Very curious to learn this technology because its being used in LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G). I have some basics on TDMA/CDMA technologies. I tried reading some books, but its full of math equations and stuff. Can any one provide links to some sort of presentation/video/lecture on OFDMA ? Thanks.
submitted by bigbangbingo to ECE

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