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Way to Play New Tournaments Offline in EA FIFA 14

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020 Edition

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Player Career Mode Wishlist, suggestions!!!

Player Career Mode Improvements:
The Player Career Mode is one of my most played modes in the game. Like in the NBA, NFL, or other sports games, being able to create and play with your created pro is one of the main attractions in sports games, but for some reason, EA has completely ignored it in favour of the UT money making machine!
As the new decade approaches, I decided to make a list of things I think should already be in the game or could help the mode to become way more enjoyable to play.

1 - Add contract negotiations (Negotiate salary, choose from multiple team offers at once, adjust the length of your contract)
For whatever reason, EA has decided to omit this feature from the player career. In a game where you negotiate contracts of players as a manager, in a sport where those things matter, in a genre where so many other sports games allow you to do it, EA has not made this feature available in a mode where it would make the most sense for you to do it.
It would be huge for the immersion and realism of the game. How is it realistic to get transfered to a team as a 80 OVR and earn the same as a 95 OVR after some years? And have no determined length in the contract? It's a huge feature that should be in the game.

2 - Being subbed-in mid simulation.
This is also a feature available in other sports games for several years, and here is not present. You don't even need to watch the game, you could just simulate it and during the simulation, the game would just put you in and you would play from that point.

3 - Getting relegated to the bench or not even called up to play a less important game when you have something like 3 games in a week.
This would help with your player fitness and would make sense in terms of realism. Many players get to rest in lesser important games, yet the AI makes you play every single game when you become a starter and you're playing with half of the energy. It's either, you play every game or you spend weeks not playing, never a mid term.

4 - Not missing important games during international tournaments (World Cup, Euro, etc)
It's a common "bug" that during international tourneys like the EUROS or World Cup, you can't play two games in a row. For some reason the game forces you to sit out a game after you played in one.
So for example in the World Cup, I played the first and third matches of the group stage, did not play the round of 16, played the Quarter finals, and missed the semi-finals which my team ended up getting eliminated.
This needs to be fixed. The best player and top scorer of a tournament should not be left out of important games when completely healthy.

5 - Perhaps one of the most important, improving your teamates AI so they don't play like complete donkeys on higher difficulties.
Playing player career mode on Ultimate difficulty is a game of patience. You have to basically sit there and watch the other team dominate most of the possession, until you get a chance to counter attack. But make sure when you do, the offense goes through you, because if you pass to one of your teammates and wait for something to happen, within seconds the oppostion will have the ball again and you have to wait 2 more minutes to get the possession back.
Even if you play in a top level team, your teammates are still going to be afraid to tackle anyone and the other team will pass the ball like crazy. And you, the player, can't do much about it because if you play at a more offensive position, the game will take away major rating points from your performance for not being in position, even if you're helping the team recover the ball.
It's just bad AI programming.

6 - This relates a bit to number 5, which is, fix the "Out of position" in the game (mainly for CAM)
It's irritating, it's annoying and poorly executed. It damages your rating and most times for idiotic reasons.
"Out of position" because I was 3 meters away from where I should be...."Out of position" because I got tackled, Im laying on the ground and unable to move my player and the game doesn't identify this.
If I'm helping my team defend or recover the ball when they can't get possession no matter what they do because they are programmed to watch the opposition pass the ball? Well "Out of position" because f** you that's why. I get more points taken away than gained for recovering the ball.
I'm not saying eliminate this feature, because positioning is important but it needs a huge overhaul.

7 - More hairstyles and add tattos
For some reason, they actually took hairstyles out in a already limited list instead of adding more. And why can't we still have tattoos? We had it in the Journey and Volta but not in the player career mode.

8 - Receiving offers from other clubs without having to request a transfer
Every time I've wanted to move clubs, I've had to request a transfer, despite scoring 100+ goals in a season. Otherwise, I will not recieve any offers, this needs improvement.

9 - Not coming out with game breaking bugs to begin with
We all know what I'm talking about, the 0 star skills bug that should've been found when the game and the mode were tested. But was it?

10 - Sign with a shoe brand and more interactivity with off the field topics
These things always help with the immersion and add more realism to the game. Being able to be the feature athlete for a certain brand would make your career more alive and feel like you are getting somewhere.

11 - Being able to change roles or even position.
In a time where we see so many players do this in real football, this should be a feature in the game.
And if EA wants to avoid people getting to crazy with it, then make this feature but only allow role changes within your postitions. For example, if you're a defensive mid, being able to change to any other role within the midfield, like a CAM or a CM.
If you play up front, do it like Ronaldo, move from the wings to the center forward position or the other way around.
Players evolve and adapt, besides it would add a new dynamic into your career.

12 - Press conferences, flash interviews, manager and player conversations
This feature is in career mode already, how hard is it to put in the player career?
Again, it would make a lot of sense since players are almost always the first ones to be interviewed. Also, talking to your manager, requesting to sit out a game or convice him you should play a certain game, would be nice.
With this concept maybe even talk to your teammates and add some sort of morale system and gain individual chemistry with certain players or overall chemistry by doing things for the team (like in game tasks or score a certain number of goals in a period of time). The team would rely on you more and their trust in you would go up.

13 - Captain your team
This is an old request by the community and still unanswered by EA.

14 - Locker room cutscenes (When winning trophies and pre-game manager speeches, for example)
Comestic changes that would add so much life to the mode.

15 - Win Player of the Year even if you don't win the league
This was a common thing in some other FIFA games. (Tell me if it is fixed) But even if you scored a thousand goals, you won't win the ballon d'or if you haven't won the league. It's almost always a requirement for you to win it. Bug or intentional, does it even matter with EA?

16 - Add a "mycourt" (NBA 2K) type feature
Having a private area that you could customise and play with your teammates and invite them to play there like in a mini football pitch and play 3 on 3, 1 on 1, etc.
Just have a customizable place for you to train your tricks and skills without the restrictions of practices. Maybe transfer the pitches from Volta and add them to the Player Career Mode.
17 - Bitch slap the refs
We've all wanted to do it...

Now seriously, 17 - Add youth leagues
This is going into a bit of a stretch since we know EA can't add the most basic of stuff, but in my opinion, this would be a great idea.
Now that they have allowed us (FINALLY) to change our player's age at the start of the career, it would be nice to have a feature that, once you selected an age of 16 to 18, being able to play in a youth league until you get called up.
If you did not want to play in the youth league, just have a option to skip it.

18 - Choose clubs you want to play for when you want a transfer (depending on your role within the club or your level of influence)
I'm not saying being a 80 OVR and wanting to play at Barcelona in the starting XI....but being a high rated player and wanting to come back to your initial club for example would be pretty cool.
Make it like you would unlock this ability after a few seasons or after you hit 90 OVR for example. Have the option to start negotiations with the team you choose and if the team and you work it out, being able to make a deal.

19 - Check european competitions results even if playing outside of Europe
Many players start their careers outside of europe, and I also would like to do something like that. However, I'm also a guy who cares about results of other leagues and stuff like that, and it would be nice to play, lets say, in the mexican league but still check out the Champions League results.
However if you play in mexico, the competition will not be available for you to see who won it. This might not even be a problem for some of you, but again, it's one of those basic things that would just add another level of realism to the game.

20 - Update the menus!!
That's it EA, update the menus.

Any more suggestions and constructive ideas on how to improve this mode, just share it.
submitted by Ienjoybooksandwater to FifaCareers

The Overhaul: a Fan's (Limited) Perspective

I made this comment in the OT, and it intrigued me while contemplating our current situation, so I did a little digging, and this is what I've uncovered so far:


FIFA has specific rules and protocols in place regarding the termination of contract of footballers
Article 13 of the RSTP states that a contract between a professional footballer and a club may only be terminated upon its expiration or by mutual agreement. Indeed, FIFA’s own Commentary on this article states that it “aims to ensure… [the] contract will be honoured by both parties.” It is common for there to be termination provisions that allow for the club to terminate in the event of certain circumstances – for example, gross misconduct, bringing the club into disrepute, material or persistent breach of contract,
Articles 14/14B and 15 of the RSTP also allow for a contract to be terminated by asserting “just cause" or “sporting just cause" respectively. Whilst the qualification requirements for the latter can be contentious (as the athlete seeking to rely on the provision must be an “established” player), the rationale for the provision is fairly clear. Indeed, one aim of “sporting just cause” is to prevent clubs leaving players on the bench (or rot in the reserves) whilst refusing to sell them.
The “just cause” rationale will depend on the conduct in question. The original drafting of Article 14 was very broad – indeed, even FIFA’s Commentary on Article 14 was sufficiently opaque to leave it open to interpretation – and therefore often in the hands of a tribunal.
Simply put, a contract termination happens only on 2 occasions ideally, i.e end of the contract or by mutual termination. In the present case, the club has communicated to Suarez he isn't part of the plans for the next season, although fans can be rest assured that the termination will be by mutual means and not a unilateral decision, as the club has no "Just Cause" in terminating his contract, so we're at-least not liable for sanctions, under Article 17 of RSTP.
Just Causes specifically exclude the following:
  1. Poor Performances
  2. Injuries
Under "Poor Performances":
DRC Decision of 28th July 2005 No 75975, the DRC also decided that a player’s lack of performance is no just cause for a club to unilaterally terminate an employment contract.
In summary, clubs are not allowed to terminate the contracts of their players based on poor performances. As a footballer, whether you truly have a dip in form during the season and your club eventually gets relegated, or your club makes up an accusation of “poor performance” against you; the club cannot unilaterally terminate your contract as there would be no just cause.
As a club owner or Administrator, it is advisable that the club considers finding an amicable way to agree with the player for a mutual termination of his/her contract where there is poor performance. Alternatively, the Club may offer the player to other football clubs who may be interested in his/her services.
Under "Injuries":
It is also important to note that a player’s contract cannot be terminated based on the circumstance that the player was injured; most especially where such injury was sustained in the course of offering his/her services to the club. In fact, it does not matter if the injury period is lengthy per DRC in the decision of 13th May 2005 No 55230.
So, with Injuries and Poor Performances out of the way, the only Just Cause of termination of Contract can be "Absences", while it does seem straight forward, there are some important caveats to note:
he absence must be lengthy for it to be enough to constitute ‘just cause’.
DRC decision of 10th June 2004, the DRC noted that during the one month when the player stayed away from his employer club, no official matches were scheduled in the national league of his national football federation. Therefore, the absence of the player did not pose a serious problem to the club. In such a circumstance, rather than a termination, what a club should do is to fine or suspend the player. It is in circumstances where such an absence is lengthy or repeated so often that the club cannot be reasonably expected to put up with such behaviour, that the club can then go ahead to unilaterally terminate the contract (after having previously served a notice of absence on the player).
Notable Examples of this occuring are:
  • Papy Djilobodi of Sunderland, in 2018.
  • Mario Balotelli of Brescia, in 2020.
  • Arthur Melo of FC Barcelona, in 2020.
Source (Note: This is based on Nigerian FA's adoption of FIFA's Judgements, La Liga may have other rules made within the same framework tho)
all of whom were served a notice to return during their absence, and their failure to comply resulted in a unilateral termination of their contract(s).
So, all in all, Barca has no Just Cause to unilaterally terminate Suarez's contract which means, the club must negotiate for a mutual termination of his contract.
A Mutual Termination presents it's own issues, as the player is entitled to remuneration as mentioned in the contract upon the event of Termination as agreed in the contract.
This is a template of a Contract entered into between a player and the club, per the Norwegian FA. Under Clause 6. Termination of Contracts, it specifically states that there are 3 possibilities of Terminating Contracts i.e.
  1. Mutual Consent (expiry of contractual period)
  2. Club's right to Terminate (Just Causes)
  3. Player's right to Terminate
It must be noted that when a Player decides to Terminate his Contract with the club:
If The player terminates the contract where there is sporting just cause, The player may be liable to pay compensation to the club, according to NFF and FIFA rules. The player may only terminate his contract during periods defined in the NFF and FIFA regulations, and if the termination is given outside these periods, this could lead to sanctions being imposed on The player. Reference is also made to NFF and FIFA regulations regarding the player’s right to terminate the contract after a protected period of two or three years, depending on the player's age at the time the contract is signed. If The player unilaterally terminates the contract without just cause, in or after the protected period, The player will be liable to pay compensation to the club, according to NFF and FIFA regulations. If the player unilaterally terminates the contract without just cause in the protected period, sporting sanctions shall be imposed, according to NFF and FIFA regulations.
Based on this, there is no way in hell will Suarez try and terminate the contract from his side, because that obligates him to the club.
When done based on Mutual Termination:
A contract terminated by mutual consent will mean the player receives a compensation payment for early cessation of the contract.
A Player will be entitled to wages from the date of termination to the end of his contract. Contracts in football usually run to 30 June. So during January you would sign someone until 30 June 2012, or 30 June 2013, or 30 June 2014 or longer if you wanted to commit to that. So the player will have been entitled to almost 6 months wages from his previous club, assuming his previous contract ran until 30 June this year, rather than a year longer than that. He may well have taken early settlement of maybe half the amount he was owed as a lump sum. Then he can sign for another club and earn wages for the same period from a new club so he benefits in terms of the lump sum payout, and he may negotiate higher wages at his new club or lower wages.
Early settlement is usually agreed by payment of a lesser amount to the player by the club who hold his registration. The advantage for the club holding his registration is that they have less wages to pay out than they otherwise would have, which is useful if they no longer want the player, but want to free up resources to sign someone else. The advantage for the player is that they are free to sign a deal with any club who they can persuade to sign them, whilst getting a lump sum payout from their previous club. They can negotiate whatever terms they wish (subject to the limit and length of time that a club will be prepared to pay them), including higher or lower wages, image rights, goal bonuses, clean sheet bonuses, length of contract and so on.
The reason players are able to do this is because they are (normally) signed on fixed term contracts, which because of the Law of Contract and because of legal cases in history, means they are entitled to the full terms of their contract from day one, whether their employer still wants them or not. The only get out an employer has under fixed term contracts is for breach of contract by the employee, such as gross misconduct in a disciplinary procedure.
This is as opposed to most employees who are employed on open ended contracts with a specified notice period and in these cases the employee is only entitled to be paid their notice period plus any work they have completed at any given time, subject to employment legislation for redundancy rights , employment rights and so on, which provides a limited level of protection against unscrupulous employers.
Source (Note: This is based off a FAQ page, and hence might not be entirely reliable).
Based on the above, it is to be noted that a fixed sum is typically paid to the player, upon mutual termination and it is usually a little lower than the amount they are owed for the remainder of their period.
Also, this is an inference I made, and hence is subject to legal clearance but where there is a dispute between the amount agreed as remuneration for Mutual Termination, the dispute maybe settled in the CAS based on the Principle of PACTA SUNT SERVANDA, which is beautifully summarised as follows from the PoV of the Arbitartors.
Contractual freedom and compliance are, however, to be balanced by another fundamental principle that is imbued throughout the Swiss legal system – one of fairness. This includes the requirement to act in good faith in commercial dealings (something that is not an obligation in the common law system). Parity in termination of employment contracts might well be seen as an extension of the overarching principle of fairness – so the interplay between that, on one hand, and sanctity of contract, on the other, has been a delicate one for football tribunals to navigate.
So, based on the above, its fair to say that the demand of 25 million euros by Suarez, won't be accepted by the club and will most likely end up in the CAS for arbitration and awarding of compensation.
I think it’s fair to assume that situations like these, especially for players who’ve contributed more than the rest and remained nothing but professional, deserve better negotiations for exits from the club, and that the fans who did want him out, are allowed to feel disappointed over the manner of handling the situation.
Ignoring the sentiments and emotions surrounding this whole deal, a contract termination is still a very extreme measure and usually done with players who’re delinquents and toxic to the rest of the team, and if any, Suarez deserves an exit befitting of the legend he is, and not to be shoved off the backdoor.


The predominant argument for this seems to be the cap imposed by La Liga in transfer expenditure, so here is the actual decision.
La Liga recently published the figures for the salary cap for the season 2019/2020.
The Salary Cap is the maximum amount that each club can spend during the 2019/2020 season after the winter market, and includes the expenditure on Players, First Coach, Second Coach and First Team Physical Trainer (Staffing Costs eligible under Article 38 of the Budgeting Rules).
It includes Fixed and Variable Salaries, Social Security, Collective Premiums, Acquisition Costs (including Commissions for Agents) and Amortisation (purchase amount of players charged annually according to the number of years of the player’s contract).
This limit also includes expenditure on subsidiaries, youth teams and other sections (non-eligible staff, as defined in Article 38 of the Budget Rules).
The above-mentioned limit is calculated as follows:
  1. Expected income (e.g. television, marketing and match-day revenue).
  2. Average amount of transfer income over the previous three years.
And the limit set by La Liga for Barca for 2019/20 was 656.429 million euros. This amount of 656.429 is the max the club can spend on everything ranging from Player and Manager Salaries, Transfer Fees to Academy Expenditure. If exceeded, the club will face heavy sanctions.
The club has an annual Pre Tax player wage bill 278 million euros, coupled with transfer expenditure of 273 million, which forms the bulk of our 656 million budget, leaving a balance of 105 million for other expenditures of the club, including Amortization of Fees for players like Dembele and Coutinho. Although, expenses such as travel, security and non-sports staff will be deducted.
Note: La Liga's ruling clearly states Transfer Expenditure and not Net Spend, as Transfer Income is already taken into account while calculating the Limit.
One can only assume that the Salary and Transfer Cap Limit for the 2020/21 season is going to be much lower, as the club has lost revenue of 200 mil coupled with low transfer incomes.
A safe estimate as to the Limit can be arrived at:
  1. Expected Revenue for the Year: (1000 million - 200 million loss) = 800 million
  2. Average Transfer Income of 3 Previous Seasons:
2019/20: 158.9 mil
2018/19: 134.05 mil
2017/18: 232.50 mil
The average Transfer Income works out to: 175.15 million.

Now the limit, is calculated as the Simple Average of Points 1 and 2 above, which works out to 487.575 Million, which as expected is a pretty steep decline from 2019/20 season.
Of that 487.575 million, the club has already spent 43 million for transfers, leaving a balance of just 444.575, and hence we arrive at the conundrum of reducing our wage bill. Barca's wage bill of 278 million euros, coupled with further transfer expenditures planned like Lautaro for a Net Total of 70 mil, and Eric Garcia for 15 million leaves us with good wiggle room at 81.57 million. (Note: I'm not entirely sure on how to deal with player swaps i.e whether to take the Net Spend, or the Gross Value, although I'm pretty sure if Barca are suddenly looking to trade players as Barto mentioned, then it must be the Net Value that is taken).
Even if Barca managed to terminate the contracts of Luis Suarez, there is still the 25 million Termination Fee that he is owed, and going based on rumours where neither Umtiti nor Vidal have garnered any interest from other clubs, and we decide to terminate, let's assume that they demand 50% of what they're owed, which works out to 12 mil * 50% * 3 years = 18 million for Umtiti, and 9 mil * 50% * 1 year = 4.5 million, so the total Termination Fee comes to 47.5 million, while our savings in wages on 4 players comes to 57.75 million. Which means, our net Savings is a grand total of 10 million from Terminating Contracts, and a total Transfer Fee of 5 million.
Whereas with proper negotiations, the club stands to earn a transfer fee and saves wages in it's entirety. Assume we get 20 million for Suarez, 5 million for Rakitic, 10 million for Vidal and 25 million for Umtiti, that is 60 million in Transfer Income along with 57.75 million of savings in wages, arriving at a tidy sum of 117.75 million, in total savings.
Simply put, if we'd been more professional and negotiated proper exits for the departing players, we'd have gained 57.75 million on top of the remaining 81.57 million, giving a healthy balance of 139.32 million. Guess it pays to be nice.


Based on all the rumours that have been posted, the club is getting rid of 4 players from the first team in Suarez, Vidal, Raki and Umtiti, and second fiddle players such as Firpo, Todibo(?), Braithwaite, Wague and Rafinha. We're retaining Sergi, Semedo, Pique, Alba, Busi, Coutinho and Alena.
Other incoming players like Lautaro, Cancelo, Eric Garcia, Donny and a new LB all seem unlikely at the moment.
Our primary issue since Neymar left, has been no width and progression in the flanks and that doesn't seem likely to change for this season too. Our wingers are Fati, Trincao and Dembele, while it seems exciting, please do bear in mind that Fati and Trincao are still relatively unproven, and Dembele can be counted on for a total of 10 games in a season. Our fullback situation is worrying, and Semedo is in the thick of things, and the club rewards him with an extension till 2025, while Sergi is going to be moved into midfield.
With Suarez leaving in acrimonious terms and the club needing cash for Lautaro, I'm gonna assume it's an unlikely transfer as of now, so that leaves us with Griezmann as our main 9, or a transfer for Depay which would likely cost 50 million and huge wages.
Koeman looks likely to play a 4-2-3-1, which screams for proper wing-play and a proper 9, instead we're having a makeshift 9 in Griez, and inexperienced/inconsistent wingers, coupled with 2 No.10s in Coutinho and Messi who lack the workrate and pace. Coming to the pivot, the team has Puig, Pedri, Alena, Frenkie, Pjanic, Sergi, Busquets, Matheus Fernandes. 8 players, 8 for 2 positions on the pitch.
Albert Roge reported that Barca were going to use either Sergi or Semedo in a swap deal with City for Cancelo and Eric, but new reports suggest that both are staying, and hence the possibility of signing Cancelo looks unlikely. The Board may choose to pay 15 mil for Eric, but my guess is as good as yours.
While the wheels have been put in motion for the overhaul, the squad still lacks a lot of crucial profiles, namely reliable fullbacks and wingers, failing to sign those would again result in the same issues as the current season.


Actions such as forcing legends out of the club, have long term impact on the club’s image and ability to attract players. We’re slowly but surely chipping away at whatever goodwill we’ve earned and now contract negotiations with agents for signing their players is going to be that much more difficult. We’ve already burned the bridge with Mino Raiola and his clients based on how we treated Zlatan, and that shit was 10 years ago. Since then, IIRC not a single client of Raiola's has come Barca's way.
So as we’re all sitting and applauding at the supposed new found “ruthlessness” of the club, and thinking this is going to have the remaining players on their feet and prevent complacency, we now face a new issue of retaining players that we actually want to keep, because like I said, actions have fucking consequences.
While the entire fan base can be held accountable for suddenly changing their stance on Suarez, remember, the Board fucking had a clause in the contract of a 33 year old Luis Suarez that triggered an automatic extension by another year, when he plays 60% of the games in a season and considering the number of alternative No.9s we have and their seamless integration into the club, Luis Suarez would’ve played for another year, without a doubt.
Oh and finally, the Suarez situation is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve offered contracts that defy logic:
  • Jordi Alba was offered a 4 year contract on his 30th Birthday.
  • Busquets has a contract that runs till 2023 and he renewed in 2018 IIRC.
  • Dembele who’s missed 80% of all our games since signing has been earning 12 million a year Pre Tax.
  • Frenkie, who has tremendous potential but has realistically had one great season so far, is the 4th highest earner currently raking in 20.83 million a year, Pre Tax.
  • Samuel Umtiti, was offered a 6 year contract in 2018 to ward off interest from other clubs and is earning 12 million a year, Pre Tax. While this seems revisionist, please remember that he'd had just 1 good season at the club at that point.
  • Nelson fucking Semedo, is on the verge of securing an extension till 2025, and was deemed nontransferable.
And all the supposed revolution, that was going to clear out the veterans and their humongous wages, is realistically 4 people, of whom 2 have no clubs that are interested in them. We still have the same issues of lack of pace in Midfield, lack of consistent fullbacks, lack of a reliable backup for Alba, lack of reliable creative wingers, and 8 players for 2 positions.
Have Barca learnt their lesson: FUCK NO! Time we stop fooling ourselves, till we see some actual fucking results. This Sporting Department and by an extension the Board, can't GTFO quick enough, imo.
submitted by thehariharan to Barca

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