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NBA Street Showdown (PSP) - Gaming the Pandemic: Day 80

A portable version of the best hoops games ever? Where do I sign? Continuing my efforts to play one title from my 553 game backlog for every day that the UK is in lockdown...

NBA Street Showdown for the PSP

Despite this being Day 80, due to a couple of multi-game entries, this is actually the 100th game I've played from my backlog while furloughed from work. Previous days' games can be found HERE
It’s amazing to think that, given the company's reputation with gamers today, EA was once the home of the E.A. Sports ‘Big’ series of games.
'Big', for those out of the loop, was basically a sub-label of E.A. Sports that focused less on trying to accurately recreate a given sport and more on taking the aspects of each activity that made it entertaining and exaggerating them in the name of OTT style and fun.
A lot of these games had official licenses and, unrecognisably from the EA we know today, were possessed of an almost reverential respect for each sport’s history; these games, from the most soulless corporation in gaming, had real heart.
Over the 8 years it was going, Big released 21 games with installments based on Basketball, Football (Soccer), American Football, Wrestling, Motocross, Rallying, Skidooing, and, most famously of all, Skiing/Snowboarding (with the SSX series).
I’ve played 14 of them, and they are all various kinds of amazing fun.
Five of the games comprised the ‘NBA Street’ series. Volumes one, two, and three were put out on sixth generation consoles, Homecourt was the fifth in the franchise and was an early generation seven release. Fun fact: It was the first game of that generation to be native 1080p resolution.
But back when ‘NBA Street Vol.3’ was being released onto home consoles, ‘NBA Street Showdown’ was released for the PSP.
I picked it up cheap from eBay last year in the name of completionism and it turns out the box and manual of my copy are both in Chinese!
Luckily, the game itself is identical to the US version.

As per the ‘Big’ branding music is an important part of the package, and starting up this game sees you immediately smacked in the face with some of the most obnoxious hip hop known to man - and this is coming from someone who’s a big fan of the genre.
De La Soul’s classic ‘Me, Myself, and I’ is the soundtrack’s only real saving grace, although the Beastie Boys’ ‘Open Letter to the Five Boroughs’ has always been a tune with its heart in the right place, even if the delivery is far from the trio’s best.
Everything else is pretty horrific to start with, but many have been further butchered in the name of keeping a ‘E’ rating - and are only made even worse as a result.
This is all a bit of a shame really as some of the other soundtracks in the ‘Big’ umbrella are outstanding; ‘Fifa Street 2’, in particular, has possibly the best licensed playlist ever to appear on a video game.
Further audio crimes are committed by legendary DJ Bobbito Garcia, although in fairness it isn’t his fault. His entertaining, enthusiastic commentary from the console releases has also been butchered so that it repeats itself enough to be annoying after just a couple of games.
Which just leaves the sound effects to save the day, a task they entirely fail at. The basic sounds are all good and there’s some nice ambient stuff in there, but important audio cues such as the shot clock running down and the ‘Gamebreaker’ charge being full are lost to everything else going on, and are entirely inaudible without headphones.
I guess it’s pretty weird to start the conversation about a game with the audio, but that happened. Let's move on. At least in the case of ‘NBA Street Showdown’ it gets most of the bad stuff out of the way early doors, and I mention here that the loading times are insufferable we can move on to happier themes.
There are a few different modes in the game, ranging from a quick pick-up game to a full campaign with a couple of mini games to fill the gap between.
I’ve spent all my time so far with the Campaign, called ‘King of the Courts’, in which you face off in games with occasionally mixed up rules to ‘own’ various parks across America.
You play this version of the game with a baller you create yourself and start with a very limited set of stats that are increased as you go; it’s always been my favourite mode in this series.
When you hit the court it becomes clear that the limitations of the hardware mean that, despite sharing it’s visual style with Vol.3, the gameplay is very much based on Vol.2 - and this is by no means a bad thing. I think deep down I would have preferred if they’d gone for the less realistic graphical style of Vol.2 as well, but I think I’ll leave that particular nit unpicked.
Volume two was a simpler game, and as well as suiting the PSP’s single-analogue controls, it also suits the nature of portable gaming. I know there are people out there who play RPGs that are dozens of hours long on their GBAs, PSPs, and Vitas, but those people are mental. Handheld gaming is best suited to quick blasts of play and simple interfaces, and this game nails both those things.
It’s as satisfying as ever to posterize the defence with outrageous tricks and gravity defying dunks, but this series has always been king making a huge swat feel as satisfying as the showpiece offensive plays and that's still the case.
Kick-passes remain standard, off the board passes are as cool as ever and bouncing the ball off a defenders head is still a joy.
Team-mate AI isn’t quite on par with the console games, but it’s decent enough and they’re still good and keen to fly up for an alley-oop without any prompting.
Whether it’s just been too long since I played this series I’m not sure, but I found it harder than I remember to win in the early games. Since everything about the game is so familiar the challenge is very welcome, but my memory of the franchise is one of a more gradual difficulty curve.
Nevertheless, as a handheld version of the ‘Big’ brand of basketball this is an excellent effort, I would say it’s the best handheld basketball game I’ve ever played, but as it’s the only handheld basketball game I’ve ever played the point seems a bit moot.
For me this was like seeing an old forgotten favourite, just on a smaller screen.

NBA Street Showdown - It’s basically Street Vol 2.5, and if you know that going in you’ll have a ball (after you’ve turned the music off).
submitted by -JaguarWong- to consoles

2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Group C Preview [Honduras, Jamaica, El Salvador, Curaçao]

HONDURAS , via fanolato2


  • Nickname(s): Los Catrachos, La H, La Bicolor
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Appearances: 14
  • Best Finish: Second place (1991)
  • FIFA Ranking: 61 (5th in CONCACAF)


The current ‘successful’ era of Honduras football can be pinpointed to the 2007 Gold Cup. Reinaldo Rueda’s first tournament in charge saw him beat Mexico in the group stage, with THAT famous kiss. While Honduras did not win, there was hope again after a disastrous 2006 World cup qualifying campaign, where Honduras didn’t even make the final Hexagonal. Honduras then qualified, with Rueda in charge, to South Africa 2010 (Thank you Bornstein) for the first time since 1982, and then with another Colombian in Luis Suarez, they made it back again in 2014 to Brazil. Both performances at the actual World Cup left a lot to be desired. While losing to France is expected, the final group stage match in 2014 vs Switzerland left a sour taste.
For 2018, after a disastrous Hernan Medford UNCAF tournament stint, Honduras turned to Costa Rica’s 2014 miracle worker, Jose Luis Pinto. Pinto then had disappointing showings in the 2015 Gold Cup and qualified to the Hexagonal under a lot of criticism of the team’s play, particularly the defending of crosses. Once in the Hex, despite USA’s destruction of Honduras in San Jose, and despite one defensive mistake after another in late game situations dealing with crosses, Honduras still found themselves in the playoff vs Australia for the 2018 World Cup final spot, by making a spirited comeback vs Mexico in the final hexagonal game, who up to then had not lost in qualifying. The playoff just set the pain back a month though, as Honduras played two very sad games vs Australia, both at home and away, meaning that Honduras would not be the first Central American team to qualify to three World Cups in a row.
Now Honduras looks to another foreigner, Fabian Coito, the Uruguayan who has been a long standing disciple of Oscar Tabarez and manager of the Uruguayan U-20s. With only one friendly under his belt, there is a lot to learn on how his teams will approach this Gold Cup.

Manager and Squad

Manager: Fabián Coito (Uruguay)



 R. Castillo M. Chirinos A. López A. Elis L. Garrido B. Acosta E. Izaguirre M. Figueroa (C) H. Figueroa B. Beckeles L. López 

Players to Watch

Alberth Elis (RW)
The Houston Dynamo winger and forward,has been rumoured with moves to Europe the past couple of years. He is pacy but strong, and is a physical mismatch for many fullbacks. His decision making can be an issue. Very unselfish in the box, often to a fault, he will have to become a more decisive finisher for Honduras to make a leap in this Gold Cup. He will be looking for that move to Europe, and there is no better place than at an international tournament.
Michaell Chirinos (LW)
The small and skillful winger currently playing in Liga MX for Lobos BUAP (Now Bravos de Ciudad Juarez), on Loan from Olimpia. He has 6 goals and 4 assists for a team that is more likely fighting against relegation than for a trophy. The good production and his incisiveness will provide a different kind of weapon than Elis on the opposite wing. As Chirinos is better at keeping the ball close to his feet, and at combining with teammates, Honduras will look to trust often in counters but also when the smaller sides of this tournament attempt to stifle Honduras’ attack with numbers behind the ball.
Henry Figueroa (CB)
The center back, who was heavily criticized during the 2018 WC qualifying campaign, will need to step into leadership for Honduras during this Gold Cup. Maynor Figueroa his likely partner at the back is showing his age, and the Motagua youth product will have to take it upon himself to ensure that defense is quick when balls are played behind them, and strong when defending crosses. Currently a starter at Alajuelense of the Costa Rican league, Henry isn’t great on the ball like Maynor is and has been, but he is a good reader of the game, and is absolutely fearless going into tackles. He can exposed against the most skillful players on 1v1 situations, but he has great recovery speed. He will want to maybe make a jump to MLS or Europe, and this could be the platform that propels him that way.

Points of Discussion

  • Can Coito improve defensive performances?

    In the 2018 qualifiers, Honduras let in late goals at Panama (90th minute by Roman Torres), vs USA (85th Minute Bobby Wood), at Costa Rica (90th + 5 minute by Kendall Waston). All those goals came from crosses that were not dealt with or lack of concentration. It turned out to be the achilles heel of the national team. Can Coito ensure better solidity? He might have to make some changes, which leads to…
  • How long can Maynor Figueroa and Emilio Izaguirre start in defense?

    Figueroa, the former Wigan Athletic and Hull City defender now at MLS, is both the captain of the team and was one of the most scrutinized players for not qualifying. His decline in athleticism has exposed his bad positioning issues, and rivals have taken advantage of this. But as the captain and leader of the national team, it will be a tough decision to bench him. Similar with Izaguirre who is one of the emotional leaders of the team, and has so much European experience with Celtic. But at the Glasgow side, Izaguirre has not been chosen often since he returned from his short time in the Saudi league. Leading to the question on whether he is being chosen on what he can do or what he has done for the national team.
  • Can Honduras finally win a major trophy?

    Honduras has only once won the CONCACAF Championship/Gold Cup, and it was at home in a tournament that doubled as World Cup qualifying. Since 1981, Honduras has not lifted any actual hardware. There have been feel good stories, like in 1991 losing out in the final of the first Gold Cup to the USA in penalties, or the 2001 Copa America third place in what was Honduras’ first and only participation in that tournament. Honduras is thirsty for a trophy, and with key absences in the Mexican side, plus a renewed spirit from the new manager, Honduras might have a reason to hope this summer.

JAMAICA , via kauliflower_


  • Nickname(s): Reggae Boyz
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Appearances: 11
  • Best Finish: Runner Ups (2015, 2017)
  • FIFA Ranking: 53 (5th in CONCACAF)


Jamaican Football has not been this exciting since the late 90s when current head coach, then top striker, Theodore "Tappa" Whitmore and Co. lead the nation to a first World Cup appearance at France 98'. After various false revivals this crop of Jamaican footballers is arguably the best in two decades. After being outplayed in two Gold Cup finals in a row the Reggae Boyz will be looking to make it third time the charm with another deep run expected by a team full or experience, talent and youth.
Beating the USA in a recent friendly on the eve of the tournament (albeit a weaker USA starting 11) will surely give a mental boost to the players and management in their hopes to repeat the exploits of 2015 and 2017. Many key players have been retained in all positions from the previous Gold Cup campaign with a few fresh faces, some long overdue.

Manager and Squad

Manager: Theodore Whitmore (Jamaica)



 D. Mattocks B. Brown P. Vassell L. Bailey M. Hector K. Lambert K. Lawrence S. Francis D. Lowe A. Powell A. Blake (C) 

Players to Watch

Andre Blake (GK)
Goalkeeper for the current MLS Eastern Conference leaders Philadelphia Union has been a key players for club and country for the past seasons. After suffering a heartbreaking injury in last tournament's final (NSFW?), he will be hoping to lead the team to another final as captain and custodian.
Peter-Lee Vassell (AM)
Recently drafted by Los Angeles FC in the MLS Draft, Vassel is a creative midfielder not often seen among Jamaican youths. Although struggling for game time at high fliers LA FC, when he puts on the national jersey he shows the potential, vision and creativity that convinced LA FC to acquire the service of the young midfielder. He can use this tournament to convince Bob Bradley he deserves a starting spot at Los Angeles.
Leon Bailey (RW)
The Bayer Leverkusen winger has finally committed to the Reggae Boyz after stand-offs with the Jamaican Football Federation and his management (His Step-father) and himself (situation is too long to explain in this post). His pace and skills on the wing and his eye for goal may be what gives Jamaica an edge in this year's Gold Cup. If he's on his game, he could be a top 5 player in CONCACAF.

Points of Discussion

  • Third time's the charm?

    With the USA seemingly still suffering from demons of that warm night in Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico with a solid but not spectacular team, and Canada and Costa Rice with slightly aging squads, all things are aligning for a first nation to win the Gold Cup since Canada in 2000. Jamaica have their fates in their own hands and should not fear any of the teams in CONCACAF.
  • Leon Bailey

    Leon Patrick Bailey. Where to start. Born in Jamaica, he was taken to Europe by his step-father along with his step-brother with the intent to find European clubs for his then minor children. After arriving in Europe and shocking scouts of various teams (KRC Genk of Belgium a front runner) he and his family had to return to Jamaica but that did not stop the Baileys and after a couple 'not so legal' encounters, a verbal agreement with Ajax FC and a police raid, Leon Bailey eventually signed for AS Trencin as a youth player, eventually moving to KRC Genk as his first professional contract. Bailey won the Belgian Young Player of the Year in his first season at Genk and attracted many clubs, halfway into his second season in Belgium, Bayer Leverkusen came and he signed in Janaury 2017. His time in Germany has had many ups and downs but he has shown his skills and aggressive dribbling in a very up and down Leverkusen team. After failing to be eligible for England and seemingly burying the hatchet after 2 or so years of conflict with the JFF, Bailey is donning the Black, Green and Gold. However, all this turmoil the worst thing that could happen is him not showing up in this tournament, after all this is his performance at the senior international level.

EL SALVADOR via Currul


  • Nickname(s): La Selecta, Los Cuscatlecos, La Azul y Blanco
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Appearances: 11 Times
  • Best Finish: Quarter-finals (2002, 2003, 2011, 2013, 2017)
  • FIFA Ranking: 71 (9th in CONCACAF)


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it was the first country from that region to qualify to a World Cup (Mexico 1970). Twelve years later ‘La Selecta’ would qualify for their second (and last to date) World Cup in Spain 1982 where they scored their first goal in a World Cup ik the first game where they lost to Hungary in a historical game that ended 10-1. The Salvadorian National Team has won the gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean games in two occasions (1954 and 2002). El Salvador had some troubles qualifying to the 2019 edition of the World Cup after a shocking lost against Bermuda but they earned their ticket in their last game of the Concacaf Nations League after beating Jamaica 2-0 at the Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador.
Soccer is the most popular sport in the country even though the country have not qualified to the World Cup in 37 years. The Cuscatlecos enter this Gold Cup in great form and in a winning streak of 5 games in a row after beating Haiti twice (1-0), Guatemala (3-1), Jamaica (2-0) and Peru (2-0).

Manager and Squad

Manager: Carlos de los Cobos (Mexico)



 N. Bonilla J. Alas M. Monterrosa D. Cerén Ó. Cerén N. Orellana J. Jiménez R. Domínguez I. Mancía B. Tamacas H. Hernández (C) 

Players to Watch

Óscar Cerén (RM)
The younger of the Ceren brothers, probably the player with most protection in the country at the moment. He was an important part for Alianza in order to reach 6 finals in a row. Rumors had linked him to MLS before so we’ll see if the Gold Cup is the tournament that makes him migrate to another league.
Narciso Orellana (DM)
The best midfielder in the country at the moment, key player in Alianza too, has the quality to migrate to another league and Alianza had received offer from Europe for him but the money wasn’t right for them. The 24 year old will be essential for the midfield in El Salvador for years to come. Because his dimunitive 5'7" (170 cm) stature, he retains the ball easily and his aggressive style of play is something to look out for.
Nelson Bonilla (ST)
Currently the most successful Salvadorian playing in a foreign league after scoring 25 goals in 32 games in 2018 for the Sukhothai in Thailand, Bangkok United paid more than 1 million dollars to sign him. Wirh 14 goals in 40 games, a lot of the hope for goals in El Salvador is on Bonilla’s back.

Points of Discussion

  • Momentum!

    For the first time in a long time Salvadorians are expecting and with hope that the team will perform good in the tournament after showing a good style and game the friendlies played, who knows maybe this year will be the first time that ‘La Selecta’ reaches more than Quarter Finals in the Gold Cup.
  • Lack of goals in the past

    El Salvador has struggled finding a reliable goal scorer for the team after the match fixing ban in 2012 that took out of professional soccer 11 players from the national team and gave temporal bans to a couple more including Rodolfo Zelaya who at that moment was the starting forward and the player with most talent in the team. Can Bonilla, Rugamas or Portillo finally fill the shoes of the great Raul Diaz Arce, Ronald Cerritos and Rudis Corrales who were the last great goal scorers in La Selecta.
  • Can de los Cobos make the match fixing ghost go away?

    Even though is being 7 years after the ban most of the fans have not forgotten about it, Carlos de los Cobos was the coach when the Match Fixing happened and no one really know how much he knew about everything or even if he knew anything a all, that was one of the most painful memories in recent time for Salvadorian fans as the team were in a good route to qualify to the 2010 World Cup but made some questionable mistakes in key games that later on were found as fixed. We’ll see if this generation is the one that finally is going to throw away that bad memory for Salvadorian fans.

CURAÇAO , via ArawakFC


  • Nickname(s): n/a
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Appearances: 2
  • Best Finish: Group Stage (2017)
  • FIFA Ranking: 82 (15th in CONCACAF)


Curaçao used to play as the Netherlands Antilles up until 2010. The only notable achievements being two 3rd place finishes in 1963 and ’69 in the old CONCACAF championship(1963-1989), which was the predecessor to the Gold Cup.
In 2010 that all changed as they gained their constituent country status. The “Curaçao Football Federation” was established in 2011, making it the youngest football federation in the world. In June 2015, Patrick Kluivert, who’s mother is from Curaçao, was brought in to coach the team and he started to raise the bar for the then mostly amateur team. With Kluivert’s pedigree, it was now possible to recruit professional players, playing in the Eredivisie, lower levels of the Dutch footballing pyramid and across other European leagues. The most notable players recruited at that time were Eloy Room(GK) and Leandro Bacuna(MF). In just one year, Kluivert managed to equal the amount of wins(6) the team managed from 2011-2014.
With much of the groundwork laid out by Kluivert, his successor, assistant coach Remco Becentini led the team to their first ever title in 2017, beating Jamaica to take the Caribbean Cup. The key player though in the final wasn’t any of the players born in the Netherlands, but it was Willemstad born and raised Elson Hooi, who netted a brace to secure Curaçao’s first triumph in its history as an autonomous nation. To give everyone an idea of the scale of the achievement, Curaçao went from being 183rd (lower than Aruba) in the FIFA rankings to 68th in a period of just 3 years.
The Gold Cup in 2017 wasn’t a success, having lost all 3 of their group stage matches to Jamaica, Mexico and El Salvador. However, the experience playing at such a tournament for the first time would prove to be invaluable for a team aspiring to become the smallest nation to reach the FIFA world cup.
Recently, the team participated in the CONCACAF nations league qualifiers which also doubled as qualifiers for the Gold Cup. Curaçao showed that they now belong in the upper tiers of CONCACAF, having seemingly outgrown most of the other Caribbean island nations.

Manager and Squad

Manager: Remko Bicentini (Netherlands)



 J. Arias E. Hooi R. Bonevacia G. Nepomuceno L. Bacuna M. Maria J. Carolina D. Lachman C. Martina (C) J. Gaari E. Room 

Players to Watch

Cuco Martina (RB/CB)
One of the most experienced players in the squad, having played in the Premier League and Eredivisie, he will be critical for organizing the team in defense and for overall motivation and moral. Together with Room, they have the Captain duties within the squad. While normally a right back, Becentini has used him in central defense as well.
Leandro Bacuna (CM)
Another experienced player in the Championship and Premier League, his presence and quality on the ball, but also his physicality will be needed in midfield. His skill and ability on the ball is miles ahead of most teams in the Caribbean region. His verstatility will also be of use, capable of playing quite literally anywhere in midfield and fullback if absolutely needed
Elson Hooi (LW)
Small, quick and versatile at 5'6" (67 cm). Was a key player for them in the Caribbean cup. If Hooi starts firing again, he is an incredible joy to watch and dangerous in attack.
And when I say quick, I mean QUICKKKK, can be a bit selfish with the ball at times but can skin defenders. Think of him as a shorter, less bulky Adama Traore

Points of Discussion

  • "Total Football" principles introduced by Patrick Kluivert

    Curaçao plays a possession game, building out from the back with ever present “triangles”. They need to take care of their defense, because it is not the most sound with only Martina having top level experience. Which is why Cuco Martina is selected to play center back at times. What they need to avoid at all cost, is an injury to goalkeeper and captain Eloy Room. The keeper position is the one with the least depth and if Room is out, they are left with one EFL League Two keeper and an amateur keeper from Curaçao’s own Vesta.
  • To close....

    Curaçao went from a mostly amateur side, to almost a full professional side in under a decade. They did this by hiring Kluivert and supporting him in trying to get Dutch born players with roots in Curaçao to choose to play for the national team. Players like Kuwas (who elected to not play this Gold Cup), Bacuna and Room all played for the Dutch youth sides. Looking at the future, there are also plenty of Curaçao born and Dutch born players of Curaçaoan descent currently playing for various youth sides in Europe. With proper coaching and infrastructure and the willingness to improve, I can’t bet against this side advancing passed the group stage of the Gold Cup and I can’t help but imagine if they can make the World Cup given that CONCACAF have two extra spots this time around from 2026 onward.
Tune in tomorrow when sardar_star will be posting Group D!

Don't forget to participate in the Predictions Game in the comments below!


GROUP A: Mexico, Canada, Martinique, Cuba

GROUP B: Costa Rica, Haiti, Nicaragua, Bermuda

submitted by BuzzBuzz01 to soccer

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