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Video Game Jump (Modular) 03: 04 4. If I Was A Pitch Man (Modular) 04: 58 5. Rocket Explode (Modular) 06: 47 6. Self-generating Sound. The 12 pad interface is super intuitive and easy to use, making it an ideal choice both for beginners as well as experts. Pompano Beach, FL Map is approximate to keep the seller's location private. Comment must not exceed 1000 characters 1, 376 249 Share More.

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Looking for _light_ easy to learn DAW and inspiration (experiments on what to do with my gear) etc

I’ve got trouble concentrating, shitload of health problems and my computer is ancient 2GHz duocore / 2GB ram Windows 7 laptop. I was wondering will any DAW/multitracker run on it? Some real easy to learn one. That’s my question number one. I’d like to expand my possibilities beyond just using simple as hell 18 year old sequencer...
Nextly, I’m a newbie when it comes to synths, I’ve had Neutron for a month and Crave for two. I was wondering if you guys could come up with some experiments for me to do? I’d like to utilize both synths and possibly some other gear? I’ve never seen Neutron and Crave doing anything together and patchbay thing is still pretty new to me. There’s a list of (most of) my gear below:
Behringer: -Crave -Neutron
Korg: -Monotron Delay -Volca Bass -Volca FM -Volca Keys -Volca Mix -Volca Sample (x2)
-Novation MiniNova
-Teenage Engineering PO20 (arcade)
-Nintendo DS (x2, with Korg DS10 ja M01 softs that can be synced to Volcas)
-Arturia KeyStep (wish this had a screen! it’s great to play but so user unfriendly to sequence and shit)
-Yamaha QY100 sequencer (I hate the interface and mostly use this as a place to upload MIDI tracks to, play them more reliably than computer does and I also like the mic preamp, I use it for live vocals)
-Mackie Mix12FX mixer (also got some Behringer mixer with not everything working)
-Yamaha MR10 analog drum machine (wish it had more features and sync let alone midi)
-Fender Stratocaster Mexico (with Seymour Duncan rails series humbuckers, hot rails being my favorite), shitty tormented HB semiacoustic bass and Ibanez nylon string acoustic
Some misc effects and crap: -PreSonus BlueTube DP preamp -Alto BK 2.0 compressor -Art ProVerb -bunch of guitar effects (korg a5 multieffect, pedals: some booster, dan electro etc overdrive, chorus, flanger, behringer tremolo and compressor, palmel timepressor, digitech digidelay, centipede analog delay etc. -a few amps like microcube and mobilecube -casio electronic organ, some nameless old ass organ (sounds a bit like accordion), slightly modded children’s electronic keyboard, stylophone, percussions etc -microphones, wires and stuff...
I use Zoom H6 to record (also got Zoom Q2n) and have iPad and iPhone also (far from newest models but run some cool stuff anyway) and 12 year old laptop I use to sequence for most of my gear through M-Audio midi interface and Miditech midithru/filtesplitter.
So are there any light or older versions of DAWs I might run and even learn with malfunctioning head of mine? And what craziness could I come up with all this gear? I love dark ambient, experimental, psychedelic, industrial, noise etc. Taken acid etc so many times that almost everything goes but would like some more or less crazy stuff. I’ve also got recordings of cars, trees, rain, washing machines and who knows what that I could possibly feed into something?
I’d also like to buy a new synth or reverb/delay, or both, got something around 150 to 300 to spend, can you recommend any devices which would compliment my existing ones? I was looking at some another semimodular Behringer, K2 or something?, as I love both Crave and Neutron....also would love if Craves went for sale, wouldn’t mind having more of ’em. ATM it feels like the best thing I have for basslines (with my own simple patch, little bassboost and little reverb applied). Friend recommended me the Behringer 303 clone but would it fit my setup? Sound clips online don’t tell me much...
Sorry for so long and stupid post, just outta ideas and knowledge. Been thinking of posting something like this for some time, dunno how readable this is. Would just like to find something interesting to do with the gear that’s just sitting around, all ready to go. I suffer from anxiety, addiction, depression, fatigue and loneliness besides ailing physical health, those also contribute to late lack of ideas. Would just like to be able to create something crazy that’d cheer me up and inspire me to compose/record something. I’ve come up with some pretty crazy and rad sounds but feel I’m not reaching the potential and I’m interested in (re)generative etc stuff, out of this world drones and basically anything cool noisey stuff.
PS. Also been thinking of maybe getting one last Volca. Is Volca Modular worth it? I’ve read it uses weird volts so I couldn’t probably connect it to Neutron or Crave? Also dislike that it hasn’t got MIDI in but luckily CV....I was wondering that it might be nice real nice time killer for trips?
PPS. I was also toying with the idea of doing something completely without a computer, could I use Alto BK 2.0 compressor for drums and/or master mix? I could also record stuff to Denon cassette deck to get some saturation. I like lo-fi and old technology.
Anyway, good weekend to everybody! And thanks in advance for possible answers! 🙂
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/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 19: THE STROKES

Sometimes you are in the mood for a fantastic gourmet meal. Appetizers. Soup. Salad. Multiple courses. Sauces. Wine pairings. Dessert. A complex, long affair where incredible thought is put into each and every small detail, to create a singular experience.
Sometimes you just want a cheeseburger.
I have to believe that the more complex you make something, and the more overproduced and over-thought it is, the less and less it appeals to the masses.
Radiohead, for example, had a bunch of great early guitar rock albums. They then followed up those straightforward albums by completely changing their sound. I am pretty sure that their latest album was made by setting guitar pedals on fire and mixing those noises in a computer with feedback and whale song and firecrackers and 6 year olds learning the violin and you can guess the result.
They still had a number one album.
Shit. They are a terrible example. I should never write these things when I am hungry.
Look, my point is, there is something to be said for a truly amazing cheeseburger.
Our band this week keeps it ultra-simple. They have perfected post-punk garage rock. If you are looking for soaring glissandos and orchestral numbers that have multiple guest singers, this is not the band for you.
They are quick, they are dirty, and they are low-down. They are the spiritual heirs to The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, and The New York Dolls.
You guessed it, today’s artist is none other than THE STROKES
About Them
If you have ever been to Italy, you know that pizza there is gourmet. You can have it multiple ways, with multiple doughs, and the fresh toppings are amazing. It is the OG of the pizza world, and no one does it like them.
If you have been to Chicago and had real Chicago Deep Dish, you know it is a religious experience. Almost lasagna like, the multiple seasonings and essences create a smorgasbord of savory and gooey goodness that will harden your arteries after the first bite. It is the most complex pizza to make and when it is done well, it is fantastic.
And then there is New York pizza. It is cheese and sauce and pepperoni on baked dough. It is by far the easiest one to make. It is simple. It is quick. It is greasy. And yet, New York Pizza is probably the hardest one to get right, because of its simplicity. There is nowhere for anything bad to hide. Anyone can do a mediocre simple pizza (looking at you, Little Caesar’s ) but it takes amazing talent to take something so simple and make it so good.
The Strokes are great at making New York pizza. Well, metaphorically that is. I mean, they may suck at cooking any kind of food. But these five guys from New York are amazing at making simple, driving garage rock.
This band has been together since 1998. They feature lifelong Mets fan Julian Casablancas on vocals, Nick Valensi on guitar, keys and backing vocals, Albert Hammond Jr. on guitar, keys and backing vocals, Nikolai Fraiture on bass, and Fabrizio Moretti on drums. Much like our epochal monarchs, the vocalist is the driving force in songwriting. Casablancas met all members back in his youth, and the five proved to be quite the talented live act. With a tight 14 song set, they made rounds on the small bar loop across Manhattan, and even got to a popular club called the Mercury Lounge. Their playing was impressive enough for the Lounge’s Booking agent to quit his job completely and become the band’s manager.
They found the time to record some demos, which culminated in the release of The Modern Age EP back in 2001. This thing was lightning in a bottle, and the labels knew it. And so, it sparked one of the most competitive bidding wars for a rock band in recent years. In the end, they signed with RCA and got to work on their debut album.
And God, is it amazing.
Is This It was a renaissance of sorts. In a time where the radio was (and still is) largely oversaturated by post production monsters of shitty pop, the Strokes are a breath of fresh air. They take their influences and wear them proudly on their sleeves, and shine new light on what made rock so much fun in the first place. This album was recorded on no more than 11 audio tracks: there are no gimmicks, no tricks, and no horses beaten to death.
The drums are energetic, punchy, and groovin’. The bass is driving, and harkens back to the urging simplicity of Punk Rock. The guitars dance from ear to ear with these wonderfully catchy, clean repeating lines that’ll be stuck in your head for days. And of course, Casablancas’ confident vocal delivery, recorded with compression & distortion, is as distinct and powerful today as it was back then. Interestingly, the album’s racy cover art garnered some complaints from their label, which led to delays and an alternate cover in the U.S. All the same, critics absolutely adored the record. The band set out on their first world tour, and hit the studio as soon as they got back.
As it turns out, Is This It was just the first slice (or the first 11 of them… learn some self restraint already, jeez). In 2003, The Strokes released their sophomore album, Room On Fire. If you liked their debut, you’re in for a treat. Most of the tracks on this record would be right at home on the first album - not that that’s inherently bad, since these ones are just as jammin’. Tracks like 12:51 and Reptilia scratch that itch for pure, catchy guitar rock so, SO well. Also, fun fact: the original producer for the record was going to be Nigel Goderich, but he was fired by the band when they found the efforts - and I quote - “Soulless”. This was notable since Goderich is famed for producing almost every Radiohead album. In the end, The Strokes just went with the same guy they had before.
But, when it came time for their third album, change was in the air. They once again tried for their first producer, but guitarist Hammond Jr. decided to introduce the band to a new producer half way through. As a result, there are some ever so subtle production changes, among other developments to their sound. First Impressions of Earth (2006) is a step away from their first two albums - They tried some weird stuff, they tried some new stuff, and they even threw in some old stuff for good measure. Overall, the album definitely has some stand out tracks, but was slightly less well received by critics. Following ANOTHER world wide tour, plus some more tours of the US, the boys were tired. A hiatus ensued.
And 5 years later, it was time to get Angular. Angles released in 2011, and if First Impressions was them testing the water, Angles was more like fully dunking in their head. They continued to experiment with the production, and even tried including more keyboard parts. They added backing vocals for the first time, and played around with overdubbing in general. Look, most of these changes sound like nothing today, but this is The Strokes here - this is like convincing your Italian grandfather to try chicken on pizza. All in all, some critics liked their experimentation, while others found the album a bit fractured and inconsistent.
Luckily, the wait for the next album was not quite so arduous. People didn’t even know this one was coming - the band pulled a complete media black out, and did not advertise at ALL. If we continue the water analogy, Comedown Machine (2013) is like saying “fuck it” and diving straight in to the pool. This thing sounds more like a new wave, 80’s revival record. The synth is more present than ever, and the vocals are a fair bit cleaner. Critics kind of just shrugged - some applauded the changes, while others questioned if this was even meant to be a Strokes album in the first place.
They then waited 7 years to release another record. Look, at least it wasn’t 13 years (COUGH Tool COUGH).
Okay, it wasn't really THAT bad, since the band released a 3 song EP back in 2016. Future Present Past was consistent with the style of their recent albums, and it even had some of that classic compressed-to-shit vocal sound. The songs left many hungry for more.
They took 4 years, set out some time to work on an album, and found a new creative partner in the form of Rick Rubin. This dude, if you don’t know him already, is a total master of the music world, and I think the only thing longer than his discography is his beard. The New Abnormal, which was released in April of this hell year, is his most recent production credit.
This album is their most different yet. As far as that water analogy, you’re now fully submerged, sitting on the bottom of the pool, making out with a fish. The band uses more 80’s sounds than ever before, heavily featuring the synth in places and leaning further into the New-Wave style in general. This time, critics were down for it, and hailed it as the best, most successful development of their sound to date.
And that completes their discography. It's an interesting one, and even if you’re not one for synthy-electronica pop, their first few albums are absolutely worth your time and attention. These guys are an inspiration. Much like Josh and the Boys, they pioneered their own sound and are one of the true greats of modern rock. They’ve influenced countless young musicians, including one notable arctic simian - Alex Turner (who really just wanted to be one of the Strokes).
Look, if you don't go listen to them right now, I will be angry, and I will revoke your pizza license.
Don't try me.
Links to QOTSA
The Strokes, influential garage rock bois that they are, have musical connections in almost every direction. And as we know, when we mention musical connections, all roads lead to Homme.
Julian Casablancas has worked directly on a QotSA album, lending his voice to everyone’s favourite audible grime bath, Sick, Sick, Sick. His distorted delivery was never more at home, since we all know just how slick, energetic, and infectious this song is. Josh and Casablancas have also worked together on a cover of Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Mercy Me, which released as a B-Side to The Strokes single You Only Live Once. Casablancas shares vocals with Eddie Vedder on this recording, and Josh provides the backbeat with his drumming talents.
Oh, and before I forget, Josh and Julian have also crossed paths on a charity album by the name of “Live from Nowhere Near You, Volume Two”.
Finally, there’s one last connection worth mentioning. Homme, wonderchild that he is, has a production credit on a side project related to the Strokes. Josh lent his hand to Nick Valensi’s band, a group by the name of CRX. Their debut, New Skin, was released in 2016. This record is definitely worth listening to if you’re a fan of the Strokes, and dont mind those 80’s influences. It even has some album art by Boneface, whom we all know and love, so it’s gotta be worth your time.
Their Music
Hard to Explain -- A throwback video launches a throwback band
Last Nite -- A video homage to appearing on the late show. Pretty sure they stole the set to the dating game. NOTE: Julian Y E E T S his mic stand at 1:03. THIS BECOMES IMPORTANT LATER.
Someday -- Guest starring Slash. We also get to play Family Feud. I watched this video twice and developed a hacking cough from all the smoking.
12:51 -- If you never saw the original Tron movie, just watch this 2:32 epic for a taste.
The End Has No End -- Late Night TV and Mila Kunis? Sign me up!
Juicebox -- A killer bass line anchors this tune ‘Juicy-Juice’ by ‘Stroke’.
Heart in a Cage -- a tribute to the indifference of NYC
You Only Live Once -- We have a concept video. We all wear white and the room fills with oil. WTF, you wore grey? Get your ass back behind the drum kit. Fuck. Maybe no one will notice.
Under Cover of Darkness -- A direct sequel to You Only Live Once, where everyone miraculously survived being imprisoned in a tank of oil only to have to go to an opera house. NOTE: Julian Y E E T S his mic stand AGAIN, this time at 2:07, when he sings the line “Everyone’s been singing the same song for ten years.” THIS VIDEO CAME OUT TEN YEARS AFTER LAST NITE. Coincidence?!?!?!
Taken for a Fool -- This is what a video looks like when you are on drugs, if it was shot by someone who is also on drugs. If you get the spins, steer clear.
One Way Trigger -- I can’t explain this video to you. You must experience it. You will not look at Captain America the same way again.
All the Time -- This video was made up of left over bits from other videos.
At the Door -- Heavy Metal meets Watership Down in this 80s-inspired video
Bad Decisions -- Man, do the boys ever love starting their videos with someone watching an old CRT TV. Oh, and the clones are a commentary on modern music. Sounds important.
Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus -- There is no official video. This is a fan made one set in Miami Vice and the 1980s. This song will make you want to break in someone’s house, toast all their bread, and put it back in the bag.
Ode to the Mets -- An endless pull back, through fandom and memory.
Show Them Some Love
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