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FULL Comprehensive Space Rig Kitchen with Eight NEW Biome-Specific Collectable Resources! With Descriptions, Crafting Recipes, and Reference Pictures!

NOTE: To view the full list items/menu along with descriptions and reference pictures, click the link below:

DRG Space Rig Kitchen Google Sheet

TL;DR: I think that DRG would greatly benefit from a system that allows you to better prepare for difficult missions outside of changing your loadout, similar to other mission-based games. To fill this gap, I have created a whole new resource system of items that can be collected and used by the company sanctioned chef to create hearty meals and drinks to apply meaningful buffs to your team during missions.

~~~Background and Explanation~~~

Hey there fellow miners! My name is Luna, and I have just under 200 hours in DRG. I have quickly fallen in love with this game and the community, and love how passionate everyone is about the game. This has encouraged me to think about things that would improve the game and add to its already immense depth. I got to thinking about how DRG is weak in one simple mechanic that other games, such as Monster Hunter, utilize heavily, and that is pre-mission preparation. In Monster Hunter, a big part of the game is preparing for difficult missions; this includes tweaking your gear, equipping certain items, and consuming specific buffs at the canteen. While the first two aren't as applicable to DRG, the latter mechanic would work great in this game, for both a gameplay and lore.
This is my suggestion: Next to the Abyss Bar, there should be a management-sanctioned kitchen called the Miner's Canteen, where you can purchase freshly-cooked meals from a "Bosco" chef using credits and cooking materials that you gather during missions. These materials are biome specific and fairly rare, making them very valuable and keeping dwarves from eating so much food that it negatively impacts their performance. Management doesn't want sluggish dwarves in the mines—they're a liability after all!

~~~New Creature~~~

Firstly, In order to get edible meat into the game that you can collect rather than killing an innocent creature, I have created a new creature, called the Catora, that falls within the DRG lore. This creature is currently extinct, but its preserved remains can be found in multiple regions among Hoxxes.
Name Looks Description
Catora Similar in looks and size to a deer, except with spiral horns. Reference Image 1, Reference Image 2 Catoras are an ancient creature on Hoxxes who have been extinct for thousands of years. Although they have long since died out,their remains can still be preserved and found by unsuspecting miners. Their tasty, aged meat provides a great source of protien for dwarves at practically no cost to management.

~~~Cooking Materials~~~

There are 8 different food materials in total. Each spawn in two different regions of Hoxxes, with the two exceptions being Catora meat, which spawns in three locations and Contaminated Mushrooms, which spawns in one. Here is the full list of them, along with descriptions and reference images.
If you have not yet done so, please view the Google Sheets of this, because the tables will look much nicer there.
Name Biome(s) Description Reference Image(s) # Collected Per Spawn
Catora Meat Glacial Strata, Fungus Bogs, Salt Pits Catoras can be found preserved in a plethora of ways on Hoxxes. In the Glacial Strata, some of them were frozen alive and can be faintly seen in ice walls,allowing the miners to dig them out for precious meat. In the Fungus Bogs, Catoras can be preserved in large amber formations on/underneath wooden formations (added in update 27), to which employees can mine out the meat. In the Salt Pits, special salt formations can be found, and through unique properties, house preserved meat. Dwarves can recognize these salt formations because they are shaped suspiciously similar to a Catora. 1, 2, (No reference image for Salt Pit Catoras) 2-3
Spicy Peppers Magma Core, Sandblasted Corridors A small pepper plant that grows bright red peppers. Be careful however, because while they may look delicious, they pack quite the punch. 1 2-3
Lunar Berries Crystalline Cavers, Dense Biozone These yellow, luminescent berries are about the size of a large strawberry, and they grow on small plants that only grow one berry per plant. They are known for their delicious, sweet flavor and unusual properties when prepared in different ways. (Note: they look like a cross between the FL studio logo and a yellow bell pepper, glowing slightly. see reference images 1 and 2.) (Note 2: the plants themselves look similar to sweet gem berries from SDV, ref img 3) 1, 2, 3 1
Spotted Mushrooms Dense Biozone, Fungus Bogs Although the company has lost a few dwarves due to eating unsafe plantlife, it has been found that red mushrooms with white spots are completely non-toxic and are very delicious to dwarves. 1 2-4
Toxic Ragweed Radioactive Zone, Sandblasted Corridors Toxic Ragweed is a brownish green ivy-like plant that can be found climbing up walls and can reach around 2 meters high. While they have an extremely bitter taste, they also posses strange medicinal properties. 1, 2, 3 (color) 1-3
Phoenix Poppies Glacial Strata, Magma Core Pheonix Poppies are flowers with a unique red-orange gradient that only grow in very hot and humid environments. They are very floral and have a deep,earthy flavor. (Note: in the Glacial Strata, they only spawn in/next to steam pits. also they are orange in the middle and red around the edges in a gradient) 1, 2 2-3
Uma Berries Crystalline Caverns, Salt Pits Uma (pronounced oo-muh) berries have a deep blue color and grow in bunches on bushes. They are mildly sweet with a sour kick, which dwarves struggle to handle. Management regularly overhears it's employees exclaiming, "The sourness makes my beard curl up!" 1 3-4
Contaminated Mushroom Radioactive Zone Due to exposure to extreme amounts of radiation, mushrooms that were once edible have been biologically and chemically changed. They glow a bright green and are covered in sickly warts. Management prohibits their consumption for liability issues, however dwarves still consume them for their strong, but unstable effects. 1, 2 (warts) 1-3
Spawn Locations by Region:
Crystalline Caverns Dense Biozone Fungus Bogs Glacial Strata Magma Core Radioactive Zone Salt Pits Sandblasted Corridors
Lunar Berries Spotted Mushrooms Catora Meat Catora Meat Spicy Peppers Toxic Ragweed Catora Meat Spicy Peppers
Uma Berries Lunar Berries Spotted Mushrooms Pheonix Poppies Pheonix Poppies Contaminated Mushroom Uma Berries Toxic Ragweed
Note: I decided to not make every region have an abundant and scarce material, for balancing reasons, and because I don't want players to feel like they have to grind only one region if they want one specific material.

~~~Miner's Canteen Menu~~~

The way that the material system is set up allows for a very easy expansion of the menu—if you can make many more menu items and balance them by making them cost more money and resources the better the buff is. That being said, I have created a great menu that offers a myriad of different types of buffs that will suit different modes, maps, modifiers, and even playstyles.
Again, if you have not yet done so, please view the Google Sheets of this, because the tables will look much nicer there.
Note: The last menu item, formula 92, is a special item that I will talk about after the next table.
Name Cost Resources Buffs Description
Miner's Plate $4,000 Catora Meat (x3), Spotted Mushrooms (x2), Pheonix Poppies (x1), Pheonix Poppies (x1) +15% incoming damage reduction, +10% damage increase A hearty and delicious plate that is sure to make all dwarves feel well nourished for their expedition.
Hearty Stew $3,000 Catora Meat (x3), Spotted Mushrooms (x2), Spicy Peppers (x1) +10% movement speed, +25% reload speed Warm and delicious, this stew is sure to put a little extra spring in your step.
Fruit Medley $2,000 Lunar Berries (x1), Uma Berries (x3) 75% reduction to slowdown effects This tasty treat brings sweet and sour together to help keep dwarves impervious to the elements.
Uma Tea $1,500 Pheonix Poppies (x1), Uma Berries (x3) Ores and minerals lightly sparkle in very dark areas Uma Tea brings about a pucker in the mouths of dwarves, and the lingering flavor keeps them alert.
Hot Tea $2,000 Pheonix Poppies (x2), Spicy Peppers (x2) 25% reduction to explosive damage The power of Spicy Peppers keeps your moth on fire, reducing your awareness of surrounding heat.
Bitter Tea $2,000 Pheonix Poppies (x2), Toxic Ragweed (x2) Health regeneration goes up to 30% instead of 15% when below hazard 5 Although disgusting, the medicinal properties of Toxic Ragweed keep you feeling revitalized long into the depths of Hoxxes
Ancient Herbal Tea $4,000 Pheonix Poppies (x2), Lunar Berry (x1), Uma Berries (x1), Toxic Ragweed (x1) +1 health point for each enemy you kill This special concoction has been passed down from dwarves for countless generations. It grants powerful and mysterious healing powers that are not understood by even the elder dwarves.
Sweet and Spicy Meat $3,500 Catora Meat (x2), Lunar Berries (x1), Spicy Peppers (x1) +20% critical point damage A special combination of flavors has brought some flare to Catora meat, putting a little more "oomph"into your shot. Note from management: this will not stack with the critical weakness modifier.
Earthy Bitters $2,500 Toxic Ragweed (x2), Spotted Mushrooms (x2) 66% reduction in incoming damage over time effects This meal keeps the body functioning at high capacity, however is tastes strongly of rotten soil.
Savory Ragweed $3,000 Toxic Ragweed (x2), Lunar Berries (x1) +100% healing received from all sources The magical effects of the lunar berry turns the bitter Toxic Ragweed into a savory meal.
Meaty Delight $3,000 Catora Meat (x2), Spotted Mushrooms (x2), Uma Berries (x3) Grants short speed boost after reloading or vaulting The pungent flavor of this treat increases dwarves' focus, allowing them to move faster after performing certain actions
"Ring of Fire" Catora $3,000 Catora Meat (x2), Spicy Peppers (x2), Pheonix Poppies (x2) Burning Affect is applied when you break an enemy's armor This meal was specifically engineered for the most daring of dwarves, with meat so spicy that it is guaranteed to singe your beard.
Formula 92 $5,000 Contaminated Mushroom (x2) Effect is randomly selected from a list after consumption. They are all major buffs accompanied by major debuffs. See "Formula 92" table below. Formula 92 is a slugdy cocktail that is conjured up by the chef for some extra cash under the table. It is not company sanctioned and is definitely not legal. Effects on dwarves are severe and undocumented, so drink at your own risk.
Number of Times that Each Resource is Used:
Resource # Of Unique Dishes Total # Over Full Menu
Catora Meat 5 12
Spicy Peppers 5 7
Lunar Berries 4 4
Spotted Mushrooms 4 8
Toxic Ragweed 4 7
Phoenix Poppies 6 10
Uma Berries 4 10
Contaminated Mushroom 1 2

~~~Bootleg Drink: Formula 92~~~

As I mentioned in the item's description, Formula 92 is a bootleg drink that is illegally sold by the chef. It is glowing bright green and sludge-like in consistency. It is created with Corrupted Mushrooms, an item that can only be found in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. These are previously edible mushrooms that have been biologically and chemically changed by the extreme amounts of radiation that they are subject to. Management prohibits them from being consumes, as it only serves as a liability to the company. However, everybody has a price, and for more credits than anything else in the Miner's Canteen, the chef will cook you up one nasty concoction that is sure to have some weird effects.
The effect that the drink has on a dwarf is random—but there is a list of known outcomes that regularly occur. You do not know which one will happen to you until you consume the drink, where the miner will be notified in some fashion of what effect they got, along with the name and description of it.

Implementation Ideas:

Here are some of my personal ideas on how to make this drink really seem special and bootleg, because it definitely is both of those things.
  1. Since these drinks are bootleg and not Deep Rock approved, there should be a "secret" way to order Formula 92 that is off the menu, but still somewhat easily seen so that new miners know that it exists. Maybe have it written on a sign in/near the kitchen to ask about the "under the table special", which would then prompt the miners to buy the drink.
  2. Since the dwarf won't know what effect he will receive when he consumes Formula 92, they have to be made aware in some fashion. The rough idea that I came up with would be to have this series of events occur: after consuming Formula 92, the dwarf passes out. They then wake up in the medic bay, with a screen above/in front of them (at a 45 degree angle so you can read it when you spawn), that states their effect name and what it does to them. There should maybe be a flashing red light on it to cause make the woozy dwarves look at it. Again, this is a rough idea, but I think it would be a cool "solution" to the issue of notifying the miner of their new effect.
Anyways, here is the list of effects that could happen when a dwarf consumes Formula 92. This is a short list for now, but it can definitely be expanded upon in the future.

Formula 92 Possible Effects:

Name Effect Description
Rubber Feet Falling damage reduced by 100%, but when you hit the ground, you will bounce at 50% the height of where you fell from That drink did something very strange with how your feet react to hitting the ground. Try not to get sick...
Self Destructing Shields Your shield explodes when broken, dealing 400 AOE damage to enemies, but also 20 damage to yourself The self destruct function on your shield is now activated, dealing massive damage both yourself and enemies when it breaks.
Heavy Hands Petting Loot Bugs heals 20 hp, but the loot bug has a 10% chance to explode dealing 100 damage to your health You have seemed to now contract the power of life and death. Too bad you can't control it.
Sickly Dwarf You will apply a toxic debuff to all enemies within a 5m, however receiving damage will reduce your movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds Your skin begins to crawl and your bones feel weak. You notice a light fizzle coming from your pores. Something doesn't seem right...
Cardio Maniac Movement speed increased by 50%, but all healing received is reduced by 50% as well After drinking that concoction, you begin to feel jittery. Your legs start to twitch, and you are suddenly overcome with the strong urge to run...

~~~Odds n' Ends~~~

Before I conclude this post, there are some additional things that I would like to explain:
  • In order to promote camaraderie among miners, purchasing one menu item will order a "round" of that item for the whole crew, just like how beers work.
  • Miner's Canteen menu items do not stack. If you consume an item, it will override the previous one.
  • Miner's Canteen menu items, however, do stack with drinks from the Abyss Bar. So if you want to down a Daily Special and a food item before a mission, you most certainly can!

Now this is a BIG thing that I want to address:

  • The rarity of the material spawns can be tweaked up to Ghost Ship's discretion, however I will offer my two cents. In my opinion, spawn rarity should be tweaked in such a way that consuming a menu item is somewhat rare. It should not be before every mission, it should instead be saved for the really, really hard missions, like the EDD's. If a dwarf can afford one every 4 missions, then that means that 4 player lobbies will have them every game. Therefore, I think that spawn rates should be tweaked to where every dwarf can afford one every 8 or so matches on average, meaning that 4 player lobbies still cant have them every match, but leaving them common enough for solo, duo, and trio players to enjoy them too.

~~~In conclusion~~~

This is an idea that I've been thinking about for a while, and after the Abyss Bar overhaul, I felt motivated enough to realize my thoughts into a concrete post. Feel free to share this on discord, steam, or with your friends who play DRG. I just think that this is a really good idea, and I want the devs to see this and consider adding it at some point.
You can contact me at any time with any questions, suggestions, or inquiries on discord at L`una#5268 or through direct message here on Reddit.
Feel free to comment buffs/effects that you would add, along with their prices, recipes, and descriptions. I want this thread to become full of thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms. Hope you guys are enjoying Deep Rock Galactic as much as I am, and as always...

Rock and stone!

submitted by OMGitsLunaa to DeepRockGalactic

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