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How-To: Rocksmith 2014 on Linux with Steam/Proton and low latency audio

How-To: Rocksmith 2014 on Linux with Steam/Proton and low latency audio
I was finally able to get ultra low latency audio for Rocksmith 2014 Remastered running on Steam for Linux with Proton. Using vanilla RS just like that in Proton is not fun at all due to insanely high latency. So I though I might share a small how-to. It's a bit messy so please forgive me :) If you have tips or things to add, just comment below.
Important: All this only works if you have an audio interface that is listed here:
Additionally you also have to research if your device is supported on ALSA/ASIO under Linux though I can say that a Scarlett 2i2 and an iRig 2 HD do work. The Realtone cable does not work with the setup below. You could eventually make it work but you would have to find out by how far my instructions apply in that setup.
My setup:
  • Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS fully up to date (as of November 2020) with kernel 5.8 or higher
  • Steam for Linux with Beta participation and Proton 5.13-2 assigned to Rocksmith 2014
  • iRig 2 HD USB guitar interface on a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
  • Studio speaker connected to the headphone out of the iRig
Before we start: You will need to know how to edit and manipulate system files in a linux system and you will make changes to the boot manager of your distro. Log files and debug output are your friends. Things can go really wrong if you are not careful so don't say I didn't warn you :D

Base Setup

Software we will need during this section:
A few tools have special instructions or software dependencies you have to meet in order for everything to work properly. Double check the installation procedures on the github pages so you don't end up with incomplete installations or worse.
1. Software installation
Install KXStudio repositories via deb file from this link:
or do it the manual way (debian/ubuntu):
Install applications via terminal
sudo apt install rtirq grub-customizer jackd qjackctl wineasio
If you have unmet dependencies then please solve them before continuing

2. Preparing the kernel for realtime irq processing
Add the "threadirqs" option to the grub boot manager kernel parameters. Ubuntu has the Grub Optimizer tool to configure the linux boot loader or you can do it the old way via nano.
The changes take effect after a reboot. As an example, here is the parameter line on my system:
quiet splash mitigations=off threadirqs
Add your user account to the groups "audio", "tty" and "rtkit".
2. Installing and setting up Jack2 audio server
Open QjackCtl from the start menu and click on Setup. On the first tab click on the interface dropdown and select the guitar interface you have connected to your USB and set the following:
  • Realtime: checked
  • Sample Rate: 48000
  • Frames: 512 ( we will set this lower once everything works)
  • Periods: 3
Hint: Do not use different devices for input and output. Your guitar interface should act as input and as output. Otherwise you will get lots of buffer underruns (xruns) as well as super bad distortion and stuttering in Rocksmith. Depending on your settings, you could even freeze your system if you have very low Frames values configured.
Go to Advanced. On the "Input Device" on the right side you set the guitar interface again. Tick the H/W Monitor box. Finally go to Misc and tick the boxes accoring to the screen below.

Save the config by clicking OK and then hit Start on the control panel of QJackCtl. Open the Messages window to see the log file. Watch out for xRuns, problems with realtime mode or other error messages. Depending on what you see, you'll have some googling ahead of you. But if everything looks ok and the service keeps running we have this part done.


3. Installing wineASIO and SteamPlay integration with RS_ASIO
Copy the file wineasio.dll.so from /uslib/i386-linux-gnu/wine to the wine directory of the Proton version you use for Rocksmith. Unless you have custom game libraries, Proton is located here: /home/yourusername/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 5.13/dist/lib/wine/.
Hint: You might have to do this again if the Proton version ever gets updated by Steam. That is why it is smart to fix the Proton version in the SteamPlay option of Rocksmith.
Register wineasio with the Proton instance of Rocksmith via terminal. 221680 is the steam id of RS2014 Remastered:
WINEPREFIX=/home/yourusername/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/221680/pfx regsvr32 wineasio.dll
Configure wineasio in Proton:
WINEPREFIX=/home/yourusername/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/221680/pfx winecfg
In the wine configuration window go to the libraries tab and add the wineasio.dll as a new override. Edit it as native, builtin.
Configure wineasio via registry:
WINEPREFIX=/home/yourusername/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/221680/pfx regedit
(You could also do the registry editing directly with a text editor since the registry is represented in the pfx directory as a number of files. )
Go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\WineASIO and configure the values as follows:
  • Autostart server : 1
  • Connect to hardware : 1
  • Fixed buffer size : 1
  • Number inputs: 2
  • Number outputs: 2
Download, install and configure rs_asio according to the instructions on the github page
Here is my rs_asio.ini file as a template:
[Config] EnableWasapiOutputs=0 EnableWasapiInputs=0 EnableAsio=1 [Asio] ; available buffer size modes: ; driver - respect buffer size setting set in the driver ; host - use a buffer size as close as possible as that requested by the host application ; custom - use the buffer size specified in CustomBufferSize field BufferSizeMode=driver CustomBufferSize= [Asio.Output] Driver=WineASIO BaseChannel=0 EnableSoftwareEndpointVolumeControl=0 EnableSoftwareMasterVolumeControl=0 SoftwareMasterVolumePercent=100 [Asio.Input.0] Driver=WineASIO Channel=1 EnableSoftwareEndpointVolumeControl=0 EnableSoftwareMasterVolumeControl=0 SoftwareMasterVolumePercent=100 
Now you can test everything for the first time. If something is not working you have to go through the previous steps again or check out the instructions/issues on the github pages.
If you want easy handling during testing set Rocksmith to windowed mode at 1024x768 via Rocksmith.ini, which can be found in /home/yourusername/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/

  • Start the jack2 server via QJackCtl and open the message window to see what happens.
  • Now start Rocksmith.
  • If you don't get an error in RS about no audio device we are almost there.
  • In the messages window of QjackCtl you should see hints that RS tried to connect
  • Click on Connect in the QjackCtl panel, you should see the Rocksmith inputs and outputs there
  • Hint: Whenever you leave the RS window, its sound will get muted and will come back when you focus the window again.
Now you have to find out how to connect your guitar interface with RS in/outputs, which depends on your hardware, but this how it looks like on my system with the iRig 2 HD:
First, disconnect all existing connections and start from scratch! system:capture_1 connects to Rocksmith2014:in_1 system:capture_1 connects to Rocksmith2014:in_2 Rocksmith2014:out_1 connects to system:playback_1 Rocksmith2014:out_2 connects to system:playback_2 
If you hear stuttering, heavy distortion or clicking noises in the loading screen/music of Rocksmith, then you have to increase the Frames in the QJackCtl Setup, as shown further up. If you hear clear audio then that is perfect and we can continue to the game.
There you should now hear audio from the game as well as the guitar when you strum it while you are in the main screen of RS. Play around a bit to test. We are still at 512 Frames so expect some latency. If there is still no crazy distortion or stuttering we can now start to tweak the jack server.
What I usually do is just alt-f4 out of the game and change the Frames value in QJackCtl setup before starting the game again. If you have it at 512, lower it to 256 and try again. No stuttering? Same process and lower Frames to 128, and so on. Don't change the Periods value because 3 is recommended for USB interfaces.
I am running it at 128 Frames at the moment, which means 8ms audio system latency. In the real world, you would end up with well under 20ms latency, which is a very good value at which you usually stop noticing the latency between your strumming and when the sound comes out of a speaker.

Adding Convenience

As it is configured now. You will have to launch QjackCtrl and start the server manually each time before you launch Rocksmith. You also have to do the connection setup each time again. To automate this will require a few more steps, and the whole process is still a bit finnicky. It might work for you right away or you have to google around quite a bit to find your solution. So here are my steps for an automated start and stop of all services as soon as I lauch Rocksmith from Steam:
Add QjackCtl to your list of startup applications so it runs whenever you login. Since the server only starts when RS is launched, this should not affect your system in any way.
As root user you have to add these two lines to the /etc/environment file
This allows the jack server to be launched once a client tries to connect to it, in this case via wineasio
Get jack-matchmaker from the github page https://github.com/SpotlightKid/jack-matchmaker and install it according to the instructions. Here is my auto connect file (jack-autoconnect.txt) as a reference:
# Left channel # 'out_1', 'out_l', 'output_1' or 'output_l' .*:out(put)?_(1|l)$ system:playback_1 # Right channel # 'out_2', 'out_r', 'output_2' or 'output_r' .*:out(put)?_(2|r)$ system:playback_2 # Capture channel mapping .*:capture_(1|r)$ Rocksmith2014:in_1 .*:capture_(1|r)$ Rocksmith2014:in_2 
You can test this out by running jack-matchmaker from terminal before you launch RS like this:
jack-matchmaker -p /home/yourusername/Documents/jack/jack-autoconnect.txt
(change that line depending on where and how you named your connection file)

Get steamtinkerlaunch from the github page and install/configure it according to the instructions https://github.com/frostworx/steamtinkerlaunch .
Note: Watch out that you meet the software dependencies before you start using stl. Also, if you are on Ubuntu, please read this regarding the "yad" tool: https://github.com/frostworx/steamtinkerlaunch/issues/98
With stl you can define applications to run before a game starts and after a game has been closed. So in our case, we would use the custom command feature of stl and launch jack-matchmaker like this:
Custom Command : jack-matchmaker
Arguments: -p /home/yourusername/Documents/jack/jack-autoconnect.txt
and we would kill jack-matchmaker again after RS has been closed with a small excecutable script that would look like this this and put it into the stop script slot of the stl config:
#!/bin/bash pkill jack-matchmaker 
The reason for this is that matchmaker somehow does not release the connection properly once RS is closed so the jack server keeps on running. So we have to kill it so jack can terminate gracefully and is ready for the next connection.

That's it. If you have additions to this how-to or if you found a mistake, let me know.
Happy low latency shredding!

Edit 21/11/20: some clarification how to configure stl and about the realtone cable
submitted by Juppstein to rocksmith

Internet connectivity problems - network protocols missing

Hi all, I wonder if anybody could help me.
I've been having recurring problems with a computer I built recently (in an attempt to learn more about computers, which has backfired as I can hardly use my computer now, there are so frequent issues). The latest problem is that it has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet entirely. If anybody has any advice for this latest problem, or (even better) advice on stopping all of these kinds of problems, I would very much like to hear them if possible.
Problem No internet connection is ever achieved. Each time I start up, either the internet shows as connected to my router, but no internet connection, or the it shows as no wifi adapter present. The error, when Network Troubleshooting is run, is either "one or more network protocols are missing on this computer: windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing" or "Intel dual band wireless-AC 7260 adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related issues" and "network cable not properly plugged in" and "the default gateway is not available".
Troubleshooting steps so far * Re-installed wifi drivers from disc. * System restore, to yesterday and the first restore point made. Doesn't fix anything. * Reset winsock using command "netsh Winsock reset". * Follow steps about regedit here (TCP/IP install did not work: "blocked by group policy") http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insideforum/insider_wintp-insider_web/windows-socket-registry-entries-missing-according/5f54e033-9d49-4de0-bf23-576653641b20?auth=1. * Reset IP with " netsh int ip reset". Didn't fix anything, now says "wifi doesn't have a valid IP configuration" in addition to the other problems.
System specs A computer that I built myself, with a Gigabyte GC-WB867D wifi/bluetooth adapter. Windows 10 Pro version 1151 build 10586.36.
Other problems I've had at least one problem every time I turn the computer on. They seem to be unrelated, but this problem makes me think that it might be Windows 10. I've copied in my error log for all problems. Does anyone have any recommendations to stop this kind of thing happening?
2/1 0xc000021a (twice) critical_process_died Sometimes won't boot to BIOS Blank screen for short time after windows login, started when windows updated HD graphics driver
3/1 Critical_store_exception (after sayin g windows wasn't activated & refusing the key) then booted to BIOS without recognising sdd crash, sdd not recognised when rebooting Won't boot to BIOS, fixed by unplugging disc drive sata data cable.
4/1 black screen (apart from cursor) after start from sleep: ctl-alt-del showed login. Every time it sleeps.
8/1 error messages: "C: windows/system32/config/system profile/desktop is unavailable. Make sure that the drive is connected." And "werfault.exe - application error. The instruction at 0x00000000076B6E3F5 referenced memory at 0x0000000035235214. The memory could not be read." And a Google drive error. Start menu didn't work. Running Firefox through Run dialogue gave the second error again.
10/1 same memory instruction errors as before (except start menu worked this time)
11/1 roll back to previous video driver.
12/1 after waking up from sleep, PC froze then died, bsod message: unexpected_store_exception After reboot, no storage recognised. Next reboot fine except except "error -5 from inflate: (null)" and "error decompressing _ssl.pyd" (probably steam errors as steam logged itself out) After waking from sleep, no network options were available - WiFi disconnected. Gave up.
13/1 No network options available again. Restart (&windows update) fixed but will not connect to any WiFi. Problem in troubleshooting: "one or more network protocols are missing on this computer: windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing". After doing a system restore to yesterday, new troubleshooting problems: " Intel dual band wireless-AC 7260 adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related issues" and "network cable not properly plugged in" and "the default gateway is not available". Tried command "netsh winsock reset", doesn't work. Follow steps about regedit here (TCP/IP install did not work: "blocked by group policy") http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insideforum/insider_wintp-insider_web/windows-socket-registry-entries-missing-according/5f54e033-9d49-4de0-bf23-576653641b20?auth=1. Reset IP with " netsh int ip reset". Didn't work.
Error on startup: " error -3 from inflate: incorrect data check" & "error decompressing resources/images\sharedfolder-winseven.ico".
submitted by simonserenity to techsupport

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