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The ultimate home video surveillance config on the cheap.

I built a CCTV network that is comprised of 15 4k cameras, all recording 24x7. Over 20,000 still images per day are analyzed for humans or vehicles via artificial intelligence. When detected, I get a push notification with a snapshot of the object of interest and the camera starts recording at full-resolution for a while. If you're on my property, you're now being recorded by between two and five cameras at a time. All in, this project cost me about $2,600 with no monthly fees.
I've spent the past month putting this system together. I want to document it somewhere and /homedefense seems like a good fit.


I live in a semi-rural area on about three acres of land surrounded by woods. My house is fairly large, plus I have an outbuilding that functions as my home office and workshop. Being so isolated and unable to keep an eye on the entire property, I've longed been concerned about being a target.
Last year we got symmetrical gigabit fiber to the home in my area. In preparation for it, I built out a robust home network. I have a 48-port PoE Ubiquiti switch in a full rack in my basement. In my outbuilding, I also have a 16-port PoE Ubiquiti switch in a small wall rack. They're interconnected via two runs of direct-burial, multimode fiber I buried 4' deep in 3/4" PVC conduit. Between the house and outbuilding, I have eight Unfi wifi access points installed. In my main rack I also have a Synology NAS, Intel NUC that's a Docker host, and a Ubiquiti Security Gateway Pro.
On my Intel NUC, I run about a dozen Docker containers. Most notably is: Home Assistant, Mosquito MQTT broker, Grafana, InfluxDB, and Plex.

The Config

Firstly, DarkBunnySC has an excellent video that was my jumping off point. I recommend that you watch his video first before reading the rest of this post, since it will help with context.


I am using fifteen of these Annke 4k turrent IP cameras. The top-rated review is super helpful. These are rebranded Hikvision DS-2CD2383G0-I cameras for half the cost. The initial config is a bit tedious though:
  1. Connect my notebook to my security camera VLAN.
  2. Plug the camera into the switch and it powers on via PoE.
  3. "Activate" the camera with SADPTool.exe (a Annke tool that uses some sort of layer-3 protocol to discover the camera and set it's initial password, which is why my PC and the camera has to be on same layer-2 network (VLAN) for the initial setup.).
  4. Note the IP address listed in SADPTool and login with "admin" and the password via the web interface.
  5. Upload the new Hikvision firmware
  6. When it reboots, the camera has a static IP of So I have to manually set my PC to (or whatever) and log back in to the camera and change it to DHCP. It reboots again.
  7. Tweak the video feed settings.
The picture quality is absolutely amazing. They'll push 4k video at 15 fps on the main stream. Excellent resolution and (more importantly) dynamic range. The night-vision IR emitter is also really good.
Using the full resolution, quality and framerate on the main stream and similar settings on the 640x480 substream, results in a sustained rate of about 19 mb/s. This is why wired cameras are way better than wi-fi based ones. I mean, the camera needs a wire for power anyway, right? Why not just use one wire for both data and power?

Misc tips:

  • The drill template is helpful but don't peel off the adhesive backing, just hold it up to the wall.
  • DO NOT USE A CORDLESS SCREW GUN (DRILL). The screws are both cheaply made and go in slightly askew into the camera base. You will strip the heads super fast. I had to use left-handed drill bits to extract broken screws more than once before I stopped trying. Make sure you drill an appropriately-sized pilot hole first and then use a plain 'ole screwdriver.
  • Loosen the tiny set screw a bit on the turret to make it a lot easier to rotate into the correct position.
  • Read the directions on how to assemble the waterproof cable sleeve. I also wrapped each connector with self-adhesive silicone tape for extra protection.
  • I used UV-resistant Cat6 on runs where the cable would be exposed outdoors and standard Cat6 when I was mounting the camera directly over the hole in the exterior wall.
  • I have quite a bit of experience doing low-voltage cabling, but if you've never fished cable, watch some YouTube videos on how to do it. 80% of it is having the right tools. Fiberglass poles (Wire Noodler) are a god send.
  • Crimp an RJ45 connector on the camera end and punch down the other end into a patch panel. Use pass-through RJ45 connectors and crimp tool--they're about 100x easier to use than traditional plugs. And use a real punchdown tool/cutter on the patch panel. Again, YouTube is a great place to get some basics down.
  • When putting cable through an exterior wall, make sure you use drip loops on the outside and service loops on the inside.
  • If you have to fish cable through walls, also pull a length of pull line through the path. Leave the pull line in the wall so you don't have to refish the path in the future if you want to run another cable. You'll thank your past self. Next time you pull a cable, you just tie the cable + a new pull line and pull them both through the pathway with the old pull line. You then leave the new pull line in the wall again. There's probably a Youtube video out there if I succeeded in confusing my description.
  • A trick that I haven't seen elsewhere: I use 3M packing tape to attach cables to pull lines, fish tapes, and fish poles. It's strong, slippery, thin, and cheap.


  • Cameras should be installed between 8' and 10' off the ground in most cases to better capture faces. Most of mine are 9'-ish, mainly dictated by where I needed the cable to enter the building (into the attic most of the time).
  • Exceptions: My front door camera is located about a foot above the doorbell and I have another camera pointed at that door camera (180 degrees from the other direction) that is about 14' high in my porch gable.
  • Some of my cameras are intentionally very conspicuous (like the front door) as a deterrent. I often overlap coverage with another camera that is more hidden in case someone tampers with the visible camera. This is especially true for cameras covering exterior entrances and first floor windows. This double coverage also allows me to capture faces both coming and going.
  • I have a couple of standalone IR emitters that are equipped with a photocell to automatically turn on in low light. They're $15-30 on Amazon and work really well for extending the camera ranges at night.


NVR (BlueIris)

I really wanted to stick with open source software on this project. Not because of cost but because of flexibility. I tried both Shinobi and ZoneMinder and, unfortunately, neither of them hold a candle to BlueIris. BlueIris just works and works well.
Another issue: I couldn't easily containerize BlueIris and run it under Docker on my Intel NUC. So I ended up buying another NUC (#NUC8v7PNK) with the fastest processor I could find. I then put 32 GB of RAM in it and Windows Server 2019 on a 1TB SSD and installed BlueIris. With 15 cameras and direct-to-disk recording, my CPU utilization is typically 20-30%. Not bad considering it's constantly downloading 260 mb/s worth of video feeds.
DarkBunnySC goes into a lot of detail on how to configure Blue Iris in the above-mentioned video so I won't be redundant. I'm using the same config: record all substreams 24x7 and have them trigger motion alerts, record full-resolution video on manual triggers from the artificial intelligence application.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Object Classification

The problem is that getting notified every time there's movement on a camera would be rage-inducing. So I need a way to filter out leaves blowing, rain, etc. and only alert me when an actual person or vehicle is detected.
DarkBunnySC got this working using two pieces of software:
  1. DeepStack -- This the system that does the actual analysis of the images. It's completely self-contained (no cloud component), open source, free, and super simple to use. Using a RESTful API, it takes an input of a JPEG and outputs a list of objects it sees in the image. I run this in a Docker container on my original NUC. It takes about 350 ms to analyze a 4k resolution image in "HIGH" mode.
  2. AI bridge -- A tiny Windows-based application that functions as "glue" between BlueIris and DeepStack. BlueIris is configured to create a bunch of still images from video when motion is detected, this application grabs these stills and feeds them into DeepStack, and processes the results. Simple in theory, but was pretty terrible for me.

Where things start to diverge...

The problem with DarkBunnySC's solution in my situation became apparent on very windy days we've had recently. This caused a lot of motion events to occur constantly. This absolutely smoked my BlueIris server because it couldn't keep up with extracting multiple JPEGs per second from 15 4k video feeds.
So I configured BlueIris to stop creating JPEGs on motion events and set it to publish to a MQTT topic instead. And then I wrote a Python application to listen for MQTT events and grab still images directly from each camera. Problem solved. I've also expanded my Python app to include additional functionality not available in the AI bridge tool:
  1. Save image data offsite in Amazon S3 for archival purposes and/or someone destroys my home gear.
  2. On each motion event grab five still images, a half a second apart, analyze each for a person or vehicle. Send a push notification to my phone (via Pushover) containing the best matching image.
  3. I'm performing the object recognition on the full 4k resolution images, rather than the 640x480 snapshots BlueIris was creating from the low resolution camera substream. I should be able to correctly identify objects much further away from the camera.
  4. Grab events off the MQTT wire and log them in InfluxDB. Use Grafana to browse real-time and historical charts of what objects are detected on what cameras and when, the confidence levels of various detected objects, etc.
  5. I'm beginning to experiment with the facial recognition part of Deep Stack. The goal would be to ignore alerts when recognized faces are found, automatically unlock my smart door locks, etc.


submitted by big_like_a_pickle to homedefense

Version 1.1.0

Major Features

  • Added logistic requests to spidertron.
  • Train stop allows to set limit of incoming trains.


  • The continue button now respects the last type of game played (single player, MP host, MP client).
  • Added support to use blueprints, deconstruction planners, upgrade planners, and modded selection tools from the map view.
  • Hovering the alert notification will show arrows on the edge of the pointing to alert locations.
  • Rich text icon selector.
  • Newly unlocked recipes are highlighted until hovered.
  • Spidertron remotes now allow to add queue commands and a command to follow any entity.
  • Added vertical/horizontal blueprint flipping.
  • Transport belt drag building is locked into a line, can be turned off by an interface setting.
  • Ghosts can be fast replaced and rotated.
  • Ghost build can be used to fast replace non-ghost entities, which results in an upgrade order with (optionally) a direction change order.

Minor Features

  • When editing blueprint: Added a way to specify relative grid position for blueprint that is snapping to absolute grid. Blueprint preview rendering box is updated based on selected grid size and position.
  • Inventory transfer works on empty equipment grid slot the same as on empty inventory slot (moves all).
  • Equipment can be placed by moving.
  • Cursor replenishes when placing into the equipment grid the same way as when building in world.
  • Spidertron item shows its color.
  • Added a way to reset spidertron remote.
  • Spider tries to move legs away when they are blocking robots construction.
  • Power poles/underground belts built by dragging logic works also with ghost building.
  • Power pole ghosts show connections.
  • Power pole connections are saved in the blueprint. They still auto connect to other poles outside the blueprint.
  • Entities marked for deconstruction show the target upgrade.
  • Added tags, worker robots, rail signal states and recipes toggles into the settings to what show on the map.
  • Added support to use the add-stop and add-temporary-stop controls for the train you're driving in the map view.
  • Added hotkey (F10) to switch between viewed player in replay.
  • Added support to reset mod settings in the "failed to load mods" startup GUI.
  • Expanded undo to work with fast replace and upgrade planner.
  • Added SteelSeries GameSense support. more


  • Added unique technology icon for Advanced material processing 2 (Electric furnace).
  • Changed postprocessing effect in zoomed-to-world view.
  • Added detailed night lighting of entities.


  • Multithreaded belt update logic.
  • Overall small entity update time reduction + statistics of how much update time is taken by individual entities.


  • Productivity module 1 decreases speed of the machine by 5% instead of 15%.
  • Productivity module 2 decreases speed of the machine by 10% instead of 15%.


  • the Close GUI key-binding (default value is "E") was renamed to Confirm Gui. It works the same as before for many cases (just closing the GUI), but in a lot of other cases, it works as confirm, which generally means the same as clicking the "green button".
  • Renamed clean-cursor to clear-cursor on all the relevant places (locale, key-binding name)
  • Equipment placing now uses the build key-binding instead of the cursor transfer. The default same key-binding is the same.
  • Changed maximum temperature of all fluids apart water and steam to be the same as the default.
  • Poles built by dragging are now actually build on the maximum connection distance from the last built pole instead of the previous logic that was working weird in a lot of corner cases.
  • Underground belt build by dragging now accept the existing piece you start building on as part of the dragging logic.
  • Removed 'mineable wreckage' entity. more
  • Removed the (+/-) buttons for logistic requests, instead they expand dynamically when something is put in the last line.
  • Wave defense can now only be won by launching a rocket.
  • Invalid names of icons in preview icons of blueprint tools now load as unknowns instead of canceling the import string process for that item. more
  • Fluids in train circuit logic treat summed < 1 fluid values as 1 instead of 0.
  • Clicking non-empty quickbar slot with something in cursor sets the quickbar slot to the cursor value rather than selecting the quickbar value.
  • Invalid rail signals output no values into circuit network.
  • Added a confirmation message when loading saves with removed mods or changed mod settings.
  • The cut tool now properly includes trains. It showed trains in the selection preview, but ignored them.
  • Added alternate control locales for keyboard and mouse scroll control binds. more
  • Disabled loading of saves before 0.18.0 version (You can use 1.0 to load older saves and re-save them).
  • Adjusted the artillery turret collision box so it is possible to squeak through.
  • Removed the 'Rocket silos stats' GUI.
  • Arithmetic combinator 'Each' signal can now be used in either left or right parameter.


  • Added unique icons for technology effects.
  • Added list of affected entities to the technology effect tooltips.
  • Menu background now features various factory simulations instead of a static picture.
  • When entering vehicle, the vehicle window is shown next to the character gun window, instead of replacing it.
  • Moved the charactevehicle gun window to the left of the quickbar.
  • Removed the "Character" tab from the character window.
  • Changed the flat character screen option to be defaulted to true.
  • Added held stack item slot for inserter window.
  • Improved the tips and tricks window: it contains index, search and allows interactive text tags to be used.
  • Added search to loading/saving, settings, shortcuts selection, multiplayer host settings windows and rename stop.
  • Moved the ammo/used-up/health indicator of items down, so it is not obstructed by the number.
  • Added underline for hyperlinks.
  • Personal request button have custom text + red diode when it is out of network or when the personal requests are turned off.
  • Logistic/Trash request buttons show only one number when the trash and request count is the same.
  • Train elapsed time condition has confirmation button and only updates the time when confirmed.
  • Fixed styles for: browse games GUI, host game settings, opened character and select upgrade slot.
  • Tabbing into a textfield selects the text.
  • Removed tiles stay in the list of components in the blueprint setup GUI with 0, the same way as entities, so they can be easily enabled.
  • Added minimum/maximum temperature and heat capacity info to the fluid tooltip.
  • Added usage instruction to capsules/fish.
  • Fixed fish tooltip so it shows consumption/healing instead of shooting/damage.


  • Added blueprint building sound.
  • Added undo sound.
  • Added sound for rail planner activation.
  • Added sound for copy/paste.
  • Added sound for opening items and armor.
  • Added sound for selection start and selection finish. Related to blueprint tools.
  • Added sound for pipe to ground as per the pipe.
  • Added sound effects and a specific music track to the main menu.
  • Assembling Machine 2 and 3 made less noisy
  • Robot repair reworked to sound more high tech
  • Removed dead space at the end of some sounds which may have stopped sounds playing
  • Ghost rail building now has the ghost building sound
  • Lowered volume on game won and lost sounds
  • Assembling Machine 2 and 3 made less noisy.
  • Robot repair reworked to sound more high tech.
  • Removed dead space at the end of some sounds which may have stopped sounds playing.
  • Ghost rail building now has the ghost building sound.
  • Lowered volume on game won and lost sounds.


  • Fixed that copying the spider in the map editor while it had equipment crashed the game. more
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use different weapons in the spider. more
  • Fixed a crash when reading/writing blueprint icons through the Lua API in some cases. more
  • Fixed a crash when importing blueprint books in some cases. more
  • Fixed that the spidertron would still be marked as moving when it wasn't resulting in the 'enable logistics while moving' option not working. more
  • Fixed splitter behaviour when putting to it directly and it has the priority output blocked. more
  • Fixed that spidertron descriptions didn't show the custom name. more
  • Fixed building curved rails with damaged rails could duplicate rails. more
  • Fixed logistic request slot highlighting when they're changed through circuit connections. more
  • Fixed a game freeze when empty unit groups are told to build bases. more
  • Fixed LuaTrain::path_end_stop would return nil when train had path extended due to waypoint.
  • Fixed the spidertron preview box.
  • Fixed that the blueprint book preview disappeared after editing it.
  • Fixed that spidertron and its remote weren't swappable.
  • Fixed that players could be stuck in walls when building them.
  • Removed the possibility to specify alpha when changing player color by command.
  • Fixed LuaInventory::find_empty_stack would return only filtered stacks when filter is provided. more
  • Fixed that blueprint library slots padding was too big.
  • Fixed that some items didn't render properly in the world. Specifically blueprint like items, spidertrons and spider remotes. more
  • Fixed a crash when a modded fast train goes through junction occupied by another train. more
  • Fixed replay desync when existing save is given to a server which promotes or demotes a player based on its own admin list. more
  • Fixed train GUI instructions for translations that are long. more
  • Fixed interaction with the delete button in the blueprint setup. more
  • Fixed that map preview in the train window wasn't squashing its size when needed. more
  • Fixed that force-building blueprint from the blueprint library on top of an existing electric pole triggered wire removal instead of blueprint building. more
  • Fixed that the map editor spawn-items GUI didn't work with chat rich text. more
  • Fixed that deconstruction planners and upgrade planners wouldn't show the logistic overlay when used from the blueprint library. more
  • Fixed that rebinding rotate to middle mouse button caused conflicts when trying to rotate while modifiers were pressed. more
  • Fixed on_gui_switch_state_changed was not fired for custom switch elements in some cases. more
  • Fixed that entities were selected under the GUI on the right side.
  • Fixed that the key to activate tooltips didn't work outside game, or when the game was stopped.
  • Fixed Team production script error when building before any round starts. more
  • Fixed Wave defense error message would error due to trying to concatenate a nil variable. more
  • Fixed that it was possible to stay invulnerable after the crash site cutscene. more
  • Fixed train mini-tutorial script errors due to missing entity prototypes. more
  • Fixed tightspot script error when trying to restore invalid entities. more
  • Fixed that bonus research production could add progress even if no research could be done. more
  • Fixed that game.server_save() was able to write to locations outside the saves folder. more
  • Fixed that technology tooltip in the lab GUI wouldn't update when research changed. more
  • Fixed a bad message when using the permissions command. more
  • Fixed a crash when remote calls fail. more
  • Fixed that biters would sometimes not be able to attack entities blocking their way. more
  • Fixed that writing .energy for entities with heat energy sources didn't work correctly. more
  • Fixed that non-blueprint items in blueprint books didn't draw their name. more
  • Fixed that the cut-paste tool allowed alt-cutting which didn't deconstruct what was selected. more
  • Fixed that setting rolling-stock inventory size to 0 while having an equipment great meant the GUI couldn't be opened. more
  • Fixed that trying to save temporary LuaItemStacks from some events resulted in the save failing to load. more
  • Fixed that blueprint component icons weren't kept in a stable order. more
  • Fixed that the finished game sound could play multiple times. more
  • Fixed that building blueprints by dragging in the map view didn't work correctly. more
  • Fixed that building train ghosts manually didn't work in most cases. more
  • Fixed that moving blueprint sin the blueprint library didn't make sounds.
  • Fixed that opening/closing sound were not working properly in latency in some cases.
  • Fixed that LuaEntity::can_insert() didn't work right for module inventories. more
  • Fixed that on_player_built_tile had the wrong 'tile' when using hazard concrete in some cases. more
  • Fixed that some of the checkboxes weren't highlighted as they should when hovering reset in the map generator GUI. more
  • Fixed performance issue related to rendering long train paths. more
  • Fixed missing tooltip on the editing button in upgrade planner, deconstruction planner and blueprint book. more
  • Fixed Shallow water 2 to be layered above sand tiles and therefore missing transitions with sand tiles. more
  • Fixed stone path and concrete were missing transitions to out-of-map tiles. more
  • Fixed the upgrade planner to upgrade the corresponding underground belt for all combinations of real/ghost connections.
  • Fixed that biters could get stuck trying to pathfind toward spidertron, causing performance issues. (https://forums.factorio.com/88744 https://forums.factorio.com/89327)
  • Fixed lights near right or bottom edge of the screen would render twice sometimes. more
  • Fixed that setting style properties on LuaGuiElements didn't work correctly for some widget types. more
  • Fixed that rails didn't have the building smoke.
  • Fixed that modded locomotives with void energy sources and equipment grids wouldn't show the grid in the GUI. more
  • Fixed that modded productivity bonuses in tooltips didn't always show everything. more
  • Fixed that unit groups could get stuck in the gathering phase. more
  • Fixed that negative damage stickers didn't work. more
  • Fixed that selection tool type items marked as mod-openable didn't work correctly in the quickbar. more
  • Fixed that train would not repath when possible due to being in chain signal section. more
  • Fixed GeneratorPrototype::scale_fluid_usage would cause non-linear scaling of fluid consumption based on energy demand. more
  • Fixed crash when storage tank was defined with too small fluid flow sprite with low priority and ended up streamed. more
  • Fixed rotating assembling machines with heat and fluid connections. more
  • Fixed that it was possible to hold ghost building + blueprint from the library at the same time. more
  • Fixed crash related to being possible to insert blueprint for re-assignment into the blueprint library. more
  • Fixed that previous technology key-binding focused search in the blueprint library. more
  • Fixed that ghosts created by destroying entities weren't upgradeable. more
  • Fixed that kick & ban commands broke replays. more
  • Fixed that spidertron would stretch its leg way too much in some special situations. more
  • Fixed offshore pump underwater layer being drawn over landfill tiles sometimes. more
  • Fixed decimal textfield would not take decimal point as input when selection would make it valid input. more
  • Fixed that train could get stuck within chain signal section when exit signal is requested to close by circuit network and train is forced to repath. more
  • Fixed that train would not immediately reserve signals in chain signal section after repath when there are no signals within braking distance.
  • Fixed that wrong slider position when requesting items in some cases. more
  • Fixed that rocket silo without fixed_recipe didn't save its recipe in the blueprint. more
  • Fixed that the total-raw list in the recipe tooltip for some translations. more
  • Fixed glitching sound loops: steam turbine and electric furnace. more
  • Fixed changing dawn property of a surface would create visual glitch in day-night cycle. more
  • Fixed misleading tooltip for disabled shortcut bar items. more
  • Fixed startup music volume balance. more
  • Fixed that sounds outside of radar coverage would still play. more
  • Fixed personal laser defense with minimum range would stop working when enemies would get within minimum range. more
  • Fixed that automatic rail signal direction selection works also when ghost-force building over trees/rocks in the way. more
  • Fixed that the replay controls weren't accessible when the current player opened the technology screen. more
  • Fixed the hand behaviour for some cases of fast entity transfer. more
  • Fixed sizing of the right panel when show_side_menu is disabled. more
  • Fixed that blueprint book tooltip based on chat icon had overflowing contents. more
  • Fixed that the entity hover interval wasn't applied when switching from entity to entity. more
  • Fixed that belts didn't show the proper curved preview when fast replacing. more
  • Fixed that the entity tooltip was being shown in some cases where it was not supposed to. more
  • Fixed that the station name icons were clipped in some cases. more
  • Fixed that the minimap focus wasn't updating when switching player in the replay. more
  • Fixed that it wasn't possible to start scenario with replay enabled. more
  • Fixed losing chain signals in the advanced rail mini-tutorial. more
  • Fixed train buttons being cut off in advanced rail mini-tutorial in some locales. more
  • Fixed a crash related to building laser turrets through robots. more
  • Fixed Bulgarian language name. more
  • Fixed text box font not refreshing after being changed. more
  • Clarified tooltip text for locked levels in new game GUI. more
  • Fixed server crashing when quitting while it's saving for desync report. more
  • Fixed that rolling stock rotation was not set correctly when using the pipette tool. more
  • Fixed that if else chain noise expressions would sometimes produce corrupt results. more
  • Fixed a crash when using identical literal expression in spot noise expressions. more
  • Fixed that steam engine would show as producing 960kW in electric network GUI. more
  • Fixed that rail ghost building didn't play the ghost building sound.
  • Fixed a crash when a startup error tried to use rich-text. more
  • Fixed a crash when related to editing edited scenarios while in vehicles. more
  • Fixed that it was possible to specify a rail signal pair that does not collide with each other. more
  • Fixed that collision box could be removed from the rail signal resulting in a signal that could be placed not on a tile center. more
  • Fixed that it was possible to specify a transport belt connectable entity that would not collide with other belt connectable entities. more
  • Fixed barrel recipe generation not taking into account fluid icon_size if fluid icons were defined. more
  • Fixed that clients wouldn't be able to join a multiplayer game if the banlist was too large. more
  • Fixed that selecting folders in the save-game-gui would still allow saving as the save file name. more
  • Fixed a crash when opening the blueprint library through lua. more
  • Fixed the program exit status code when a dedicated server fails. more
  • Fixed that blueprints with rolling stocks could get invalidated when syncing shelves. more
  • Fixed that the technology screen would show a "Resume" button for technology levels that haven't yet been researched at all. more
  • Fixed that cars with minimap_representation set would still render the default triangle. more
  • Fixed building assembling machine ghosts with unresearched recipes left them with no fluid connection previews. more
  • Fixed that biters who couldn't reach their spawner would remain on the map, potentially preventing other biters from spawning. more
  • Fixed script data leak in wave defense scenario. more
  • Fixed that background sound didn't fade out when stopping replay. more
  • Fixed that the deconstruction planner ignored tile mode & filters when cancelling deconstruction.
  • Fixed signature error when updating non-steam version on OSX. more
  • Fixed fast-replacing entity connected to a ghost entity by circuit network. more
  • Fixed that on some maps, biter attacks could decrease almost to nothing. more
  • Fixed inserter with fluid energy source could consume too much fluid when no fluid usage was given and scaling was disabled. more
  • Fixed that building rolling stock could place multiple of them when there are close adjacent rails. more
  • Fixed that LuaPlayer::can_place_entity would not calculate player reach the same way as manual building. more
  • Fixed that steam engine in multiple connected electric networks would overproduce and waste energy. more
  • Fixed problems related to opening blueprint while other blueprint is in the process of being configured. more
  • Fixed cutscene starting at {0,0} instead of player position when no start_position was given. more
  • Fixed electric network GUI production bar related to tertiary energy sources. more
  • Fixed a crash in the pathfinder that could happen when the bounding box didn't contain the tile center. more
  • Fixed tooltips not showing electric energy source information for electric-energy-interface entities. more
  • Fixed that undoing a deconstruction order of entities with item requests didn't recover these requests unless the entity was actually removed. more
  • Fixed that spidertron remote usage on map was bound to open item control rather than the build item control it is bound to in normal view. more
  • Fixed that flamethrower turrets could fail to shoot at a target. more
  • Fixed problem with rich text in blueprint library. more
  • Fixed tiles would be rendered with 1px gap between them at some positions, zoom levels and screen resolutions. more
  • Fixed heat pipe related drawing only working for boiler type entities. more
  • Fixed that running /server-save wouldn't save anything if the server was started with --start-server-load-scenario. more
  • Fixed activation working sound playing even when the entity was already active when being encountered. more
  • Fixed a pathfinding-related crash. more
  • Fixed crash when organizing sprites into atlases when using "not-compressed" sprite flag. more
  • Fixed pipe-to-ground working sound would ignore flow rate. more
  • Fixed crash when calling take_screenshot with very small resolution values. more
  • Fixed that setting fluid wagon fluid through the Lua API didn't update the train inactivity value. more
  • Fixed various issues related to entities leaving gaps when building too fast.
  • Fixed a crash when setting specific fluids in the infinity pipe GUI. more
  • Fixed that the admin GUI didn't live-update the whitelisted field. more
  • Fixed crash related to migrating circuit network entities while loading the blueprint library. more
  • Fixed that artillery would keep shooting at something when it moved out of range. more
  • Fixed softlock in tutorial if the player took the iron plates too quickly. more
  • Fixed missing blueprint components scroll bar when there is a lot of components. more


  • New item flag "spawnable", every item has to have that flag to be creatable through the shortcuts directly. more
  • Renamed create-blueprint-item shortcut action to spawn-item and item_to_create to item_to_spawn.
  • Increased the total number of collision masks from 14 to 55. See the lua-api collision mask concepts page for which layers the game doesn't actively use.
  • Changed collision mask 'layer-11' to 'rail-layer'.
  • Changed collision mask 'layer-12' to 'transport-belt-layer'.
  • Changed loader to only connect to the front belt, not from side. This is to fix internal problems related to modded loaders with custom sizes and side loading of it.
  • Implemented NoiseExpressions::fromPropertyTree for the "offset-points" noise expression function.
  • Removed rocket silo rocket prototype property "result_items" because it did nothing.
  • Added draw_as_light and draw_as_glow property to sprite definitions. draw_as_shadow, draw_as_light and draw_as_glow are mutually exclusive and draw_as_shadow takes precedence.
  • Unified laser and beam related ammo categories to just "laser" and "beam".
  • Renamed technology "laser-turret-speed"->"laser-shooting-speed", it now affects both robots and laser turrets.
  • Renamed technology "turrets"->"gun-turret", "laser-turrets"->"laser-turret", "combat-robotics"->"defender", "combat-robotics-2"->"distractor", "combat-robotics-3"->"destroyer" "tanks"->"tank", "stone-walls"->"stone-wall", "gates"->"gate"
  • Internal spidertron specification in a way to make torso and leg scaling much easier.
  • Renamed "source_effects" property of line trigger item to "range_effects", due to ambiguity with source_effects on action delivery. more
  • Added the "linked-container" entity type.
  • Removed 'small-plane', 'computer', 'railgun-dart' and 'railgun' items.
  • Removed 'bait-chest', 'crash-site-assembling-machine-1-broken', 'crash-site-assembling-machine-1-repaired', 'crash-site-assembling-machine-2-broken', 'crash-site-assembling-machine-2-repaired', 'crash-site-electric-pole', 'crash-site-generator', 'crash-site-lab-broken' and 'crash-site-lab-repaired' entities.
  • Removed the "auto-character-logistic-trash-slots" modifier and forceDataValues. The auto trash are now always enabled when any trash slots present.
  • Added direction to SimpleEntityWithOwner and SimpleEntityWithForce.
  • Constrained collision_box and collision_mask of transport belt connectable prototypes so it is not possible to build the entities in overlapping positions. more
  • Added optional draw_fluid_icon_override boolean to pipe to ground prototypes. Causes fluid icon to be drawn, ignoring the usual pair requirement.
  • Removed fluid turret prototype property 'indicator_light'.
  • Added fluid turret prototype properties 'enough_fuel_indicator_light' and 'not_enough_fuel_indicator_light'.
  • Added locomotive and car prototype properties 'front_light_pictures' and 'darkness_to_render_light_animation'.
  • Renamed logistic-container prototype property 'logistic_slots_count' to 'max_logistic_slots'.
  • The data stage files are no longer divided into demo and non-demo. This means the files with the demo- prefix were either merged into files without the prefix and/or the prefix was removed from the file name.


  • Renamed the clean_cursor method to clear_cursor.
  • Renamed on_put_item to on_pre_build, as it is much more precise name for that event. It fires when anything is used for building: item, blueprint, blueprint record or ghost cursor.
  • Changed 'control_behavior.parameters.parameters' to just 'control_behavior.parameters' for LuaDeciderCombinatorControlBehavior, LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior, and LuaArithmeticCombinatorControlBehavior.
  • Changed LuaItemStack::active_index to return nil if the blueprint book inventory has zero slots. more
  • Changed LuaItemStack::count to return 0 instead of failing when the stack is empty.
  • Changed LuaControl for players in cutscenes so the character is still usable.
  • Changed on_player_cancelled_crafting 'cancel_count' to report the exact number of crafts cancelled.
  • Decoupled deactivation by script and deactivation by circuit network.
  • mod-gui.lua no longer defines 'mod_gui' as a global variable, it is now only available when required: local mod_gui = require("mod-gui")
  • Made LuaEntity::speed read work with spider-vehicle.
  • Made LuaEntityPrototype::guns read work for spider-vehicle.
  • Removed LuaEntityPrototype::production read.
  • Removed LuaBootstrap::is_game_in_debug_mode read.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::max_energy_production read.
  • Added LuaEntity::trains_limit read/write.
  • Added LuaEntity::trains_count read.
  • Added LuaTrainStopControlBehavior::trains_count_signal, trains_limit_signal, set_trains_limit and read_trains_count read/write.
  • Added LuaEntity::tree_gray_stage_index, read/write.
  • Added LuaEntity::tree_gray_stage_index_max read.
  • Added LuaEntity::can_wires_reach().
  • Added LuaEntity::crafting_queue_progress read.
  • Added on_spider_command_completed event.
  • Added LuaEntity::get_connected_rolling_stock().
  • Added 'create_at_cursor' to LuaPlayer::create_local_flying_text().
  • Added LuaGameScript::map_gen_presets read.
  • Added LuaStyle::extra_margin_when_activated and extra_padding_when_activated write, which also accept arrays of values.
  • Added LuaStyle::size write.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::name write support.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::tags read/write.
  • Added LuaTile::to_be_deconstructed().
  • Added LuaGuiElement::bring_to_front().
  • Added 'has-rocket-launch-products' filter to ItemPrototypeFilters.
  • Added support to save/load LuaProfilers. They simply reset the time when saved/loaded.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::guns for artillery turrets and wagons.
  • Added LuaEntity::combat_robot_owner read/write.
  • Added LuaPlayer::clear_recipe_notifications and LuaPlayer::add_recipe_notification
  • Added LuaGuiElement::add "index" property, allowing insertion to anywhere in the parent element.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::get_index_in_parent().
  • Added support to connect/disconnect power switches through LuaEntity::connect_neighboudisconnect_neighbour.
  • Added LuaForce::get_linked_inventory().
  • Added LuaEntity::link_id read/write.
  • Added LuaGui 'relative' (player.gui.relative). For showing a CustomGuiElement relative to some base game C++ GUI.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::anchor read/write.
  • Added 'alt_mode' to on_player_toggled_alt_mode event.
  • Added 'cursor_position' to the custom input events.
  • Added 'queued_count' to on_pre_player_crafted_item.
  • Added LuaPlayer::cutscene_character read.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.
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