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DRIVER GENIUS Professional 11 serial key license Crack Pro this website. Driver Genius Patch is an extraordinarily useful bundle for the encouragement of the motorists released on your laptop computer. As the title suggests, this is the twentieth version of Driver Genius, by Avanquest Software. This tool finally worked great. Driver Genius Pro Crack + Serial Key Free Download Driver Genius Pro Crack Overview! Step 5: When the Windows was activated successfully, click on Close.

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Just follow the instraction shown at the last of this article to get Driver Genius Pro 12 serial key Free Download. Get 60.00% commission on every sale you refer! This edition contains many new and advanced features for update all the drivers. Android phone to export apps, photos, music. This may probably significantly help save you your own time for Driver installation during the device that is a procedure that is operational, and yourself will not concern you with where you ought to find a Driver. Driver.Genius.Professional. Crack Serial[A4] 18 https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=1035.

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Avanquest Software is a leading developer and publisher of cutting edge software available in more than 100 countries. Driver Genius Crack Professional With License Key Driver Genius Crack Pro 18 finds the latest and accurate drivers for your computer. It is intended for temporary and free use cases. It's very simple: just type the brand name and the type of product in the search bar and you can instantly view the manual of. DRIVER GENIUS Professional 11 serial key license Crack Pro Edition 2020 full version keygen code. Supports all windows operating systems.

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New optimization settings in the System Booster module to improve operating system efficiency. DriverEasy is a free app tool for Your Windows PC by DriverEasy which can keep your existing drivers up to date. Here's a chance to grab a genuine license code for Driver Genius 10 Professional. It's never fun searching high and low for an old driver CD when you reinstall your operating system. Automatically check for driver updates, make your drivers are always up to date. Driver Genius 10 Professional Edition is not the latest version on its.

Celebration Day is Almost Here Be Sure to Vote on Tuesday – Your Way of Life and Country Depend on It

A Message to Trump Supporters by Americo D. Kay, President, Corruption Rules
(NOTE: Please excuse the lack of editing in this column. My so-called editor is one of the cowards referred to below).
The upcoming Presidential election is Tuesday, and I hope you are as excited as I am. With your help, Donald Trump, our illustrious leader and crime boss, will be re-elected President of the United States for a well-deserved second term. Not just re-elected, but re-elected by a landslide.
As the Executive Director of Corruption Rules, the world’s first pro-corruption institute and advocacy group, I can’t tell you how important this is for the fate of our country, our democracy, our prestige and our personal and political interests. Nor can I stress enough the need for you, your friends and family to get out and vote.
Due to the obvious corruption by the Democrats involved with this election, it’s essential that we win by a landslide or the election will no doubt be stolen from us. I realize the President now has the Supreme Court and plenty of other judges in his pocket and they will do his bidding, but we can’t take any chances. It’s also essential to elect not just the President, but Republicans as well, whose support and protection of the President is critical to getting things done, by whatever means necessary, legal or otherwise. After all, if we are going to run this country successfully as a crime syndicate, which we wholeheartedly support, we need our extended crime family with us as well.
If you are hearing or bothered by all that negative stuff stating the Trump doesn’t deserve to win or doesn’t stand a chance, or only idiots or amoral people support him, I hope you are smart and capable enough to tune all that stuff out. If not, then I hope you realize it’s all due to fake polls, fake news, fake pandemics, real conspiracies by those out to get Trump, and in some unfortunate cases, cowardice by some former Trump supporters. Remember that hardly anyone thought Trump stood any chance of losing before the pandemic, something anyone with a brain realizes was due to the conspiracy by the Democrats and Chinese to remove Trump from office and turn this country over to the Chinese.
Let’s not forget this was of course arranged by Hunter Biden and his Chinese connections, where the payoff to the “big guy” mentioned in the exposed emails refers to providing the Biden family with the virus to spread throughout the country. Are we going to let them win? Fortunately, enough of us know better and the evil crooks and crime lords will pay the price after November 3.
Regardless of what you hear, you need to treat this election as if your life depends on it. Because it does. In case I have to remind you, do you really want a country where:
  1. There will be pressure on politicians and all people to be honest, accountable, ethical and moral, act within the law, and be expected to put the country’s or others’ interests ahead of our own
  2. All our great accomplishments made to promote and extend the pandemic, destroy our economy, the suburbs, and the rest of the country, promote divisiveness and violence in communities, trash everyone and everything who disagrees with us or tries to expose or punish us, build a bigger swamp and walls, kill accessible healthcare, increase poverty, and make our country great again, and again if needed, will be reversed
  3. We will be destroyed by Democrats and left wingers vs. continued good kind of destruction under Republicans and right wingers
  4. You can trust that our President, government, politicians and political parties are telling the truth, acting legally, and acting in our country’s best interests most or at least some of the time vs. knowing for sure they are lying, being corrupt and looking out for themselves which is really the most honest way to go
  5. Policies that directly involve killing hundreds of thousands, hurting millions, and destroying our economy, way of life, and country won’t be tolerated or even considered, for any reason
  6. We are more united than divided, and try to work together to solve problems
  7. Most people in power and the media act like responsible adults
  8. People of all persuasions will be encouraged to vote, vs. having their vote suppressed
  9. Ongoing protesting will go on by people against blacks and minorities being shot, harassed, and killed by cops and others due to the color of their skin
  10. We are asked to make ridiculous sacrifices and enact laws and regulations to protect our environment
  11. We are asked to make ridiculous sacrifices like wearing masks and social distancing to prevent pandemics from killing and hurting so many people, especially our elderly, our poor, and those with medical conditions
  12. We are asked continually to waste time and money caring about and helping others, especially those in need
  13. Everything is run by the Chinese, vs. our acknowledged friends, the Russians
  14. We don’t have to worry about politicians actively spreading viruses for their own political or personal benefit that kill, hurt and destroy so many
  15. Presidents and other officials and candidates don’t spend time murdering and harming their own supporters and others for their own benefit, and such actions won’t be considered a positive by most of the country
  16. It’s not acceptable to keep blaming others for our mistakes, and criticizing others for being worse than we are or doing the same things we are accused of as a defense of our bad behavior
  17. We stop relying on the experts like master criminals and con men when it comes to reducing crime and corruption, and bringing law and order to the country
  18. Politicians claiming accomplishments or plans actually have to produce them rather than just claiming you have them with no substantiation
  19. Politicians aren’t allowed to make money illicitly and illegally off the government or continually use the government to pay for campaign and personal expenses. Government will stop being a branch of politicians’ business empires.
  20. People work towards being the country we could and should be vs. the great country we are and many want to continue being
  21. The fake media continues to believe they are watchdogs and tries to crack down on what they perceive as corruption and bad behavior
  22. We are run by a political party out to help people vs. one that’s a competent criminal enterprise whose goal is destroying anything good about this country and making our country great
  23. You are only able to call yourself religious and a true believer in God if you follow the 10 commandments, avoid the 7 deadly sins, avoid scamming people to get into heaven, avoid molesting and covering up the molesting of children, don’t engage in actions that seem to define you as the antichrist, and don’t continually support anyone those who claim they are religious but fail having those attributes. Oh, and don’t use the church or bible only as props when needed and don’t proclaim yourselves as God’s chosen one when not a single thing about you would convince anyone you are genuinely religious and deserve that honor
  24. Politicians have to listen to scientists, experts and other competent people vs. incompetent or corrupt political or governmental officials
  25. People and the media will keep reminding us that the pandemic fallout was our fault and it is far from ending despite what the facts show or are distorted to show
  26. Politicians and government officials will be much more limited as to how much corruption and questionable behavior is tolerable and will be held responsible for their corruption and incompetence. They will be thrown out of office, put in prison, or ostracized rather than being supported, admired and envied by much of the population
  27. Supporters of corrupt and criminal politicians will be considered accomplices and complicit in the deaths and harm brought to victims
  28. Candidates are not allowed or encouraged to incite violence against opponents by supporters
  29. For you reformers, corrupt politicians will no longer be as honest and blatant about how corrupt they are as they are now, they will go back to trying to hide it
  30. People won’t buy the argument that the best people to fix things and make our country great again are the people who broke and destroyed them
  31. We are no longer a laughingstock to the rest of the world or are embarrassed when we say we live in this country
  32. Women continue to have abortion rights
  33. You can only evaluate right and wrong by what’s actually right and wrong, not based on who you support, your ideology, or what is in your political, personal, or business interests
  34. Judges will be forced to make decisions by actual legal considerations, not ideology or paying back those that appointed them
  35. We are all put to sleep by the sleepiest, most boring President ever vs. someone who is usually wide awake and works extra hard to keep us thoroughly entertained all the time while trashing and destroying whatever he thinks is necessary to succeed
  36. We’ll be required engage in ridiculous constraints on our personal liberties and freedoms to save lives and help others
  37. We aren’t allowed to molest, harass, denigrate women or pay or treat them unfairly without consequences
  38. Most people need no longer appear stupid or corrupt for supporting the most corrupt President and political party in history
  39. You can’t get away with claiming anybody or any news disagreeing with you or you don’t like is fake news or just people out to get you and destroy your way of life
  40. It won’t be necessary to consider anyone with different political opinions as dumb or immoral
  41. People refusing to wear masks and follow protocols will be treated like drunk drivers and others who deliberately do things that do or could kill or harm others
  42. The cost of deaths and human suffering will be given high priority when making all political and government decisions
  43. Immigrant parents won’t be separated from their children for ridiculous reasons
  44. Parents won’t have to explain to their kids that childish, horrible, atrocious behavior is the key to being successful in life including being elected President
  45. Mental incapacity in any form will be a disqualification for being a politician or government employee, especially when straightjackets would seem to be in order
  46. The only wall people will spend time and money on is Pink Floyd’s the Wall album and all you’ll be hearing is “tear down the wall.”
  47. Politicians and others will be prohibited from destroying people and agencies who could potentially expose their criminal or unethical acts
  48. We will be ruled entirely by Democrats and their socialist and communist buddies
  49. People won’t have to become enablers to corruption and crime or give up our souls or consciences to succeed in politics. (In the name of honesty, we admit this may be impossible and falls more into the category of “potential or unlikely”).
Are you frightened enough? While this list may be a bit long, especially for those with difficulty reading or comprehending, there are at least a couple of hundred more things that could be listed.
You may look at this list and think that it’s ridiculous that these things could ever happen in our wonderful country. But being an eternal pessimist, I have to be concerned that anything is possible and remind you it’s up to you to prevent it.
Is this the country any sane person would or should want? Whether you think it’s possible or not, this potential scenario should frighten the crap out of you and remind you of what could happen with our wonderful way of life and our ability to make our country great again without your vote and continued support through election day and beyond if needed. It’s the same type of scenario as when Superman went bad and the whole world went to shit. We’ve seen the Lex Luther becoming President scenario many thought was impossible actually happen, so who’s to say this couldn’t happen as well?
As for those Republican and other supporter cowards publicly saying Trump is evil and has gone too far and to vote against him, just ignore them. They are disloyal hypocrites who supported him early on but turned their back on him when things got too tough or they didn’t get things they wanted.
We at the Institute are sympathetic to those feeling embarrassed about publicly supporting the President due to the lies of our opponents and fake media, and understand your decision to lay low. It’s those hypocritical, scumbaggy, cowardly Trump supporters that actively speak out against him to protect their own credibility, self-respect, or political and professional lives for whom we have no sympathy. It’s not that we lack confidence that most are doing what they think is in their best interest (something we normally wholeheartedly support) and they will still vote from Trump when no one is looking, but the last thing we need is to give people any reason to believe or start to think about the Trumps being the last family you would ever want near the White House, or any other house that doesn’t include bars and barbed wire surrounding it.
Our many in-house polling experts remind us that the problem with polls is that they don’t adequately measure those that can’t be found or that won’t or can’t answer them, in addition to deliberately biased sampling. Most of these so-called “hidden voters” are Trump supporters who will be voting for him, who aren’t polled due to the many uneducated Trump supporters having difficulty properly understanding the questions, or are, unfortunately, too embarrassed, paranoid or smart to go on record supporting him.
Remember the polls right up to the 2016 election that had Hillary winning by a landslide. These hidden voters are what make President Trump a shoe-in for a decisive victory on November 3.
For those tired of hearing how dumb or corrupt you must be to support President Trump, there is no greater sign of stupidity or immorality than supporting any of the things I just warned about, and doing nothing to stop it. You are smart enough to know that in that type country, we will never get anything good accomplished and won’t be able to make America great again, great in the way it should be. We are counting on all of you to be smart and loyal enough to realize this and help prevent it by voting.
If it will help, keep repeating after me: we are not dumb and amoral for supporting President Trump, no matter what everyone says or thinks. Ask yourself who are the smart ones? Those standing against or complaining about corruption and everything Trump and the Republicans stand for or those who support their own personal or political interests and take advantage of the system for their own benefit -- ignoring any laws, decency, morals or ethics that get in their way and not worrying about how many they kill, hurt, make suffer in the process? Or those supporting candidates who do whatever it takes to win, vs. those who play by the rules and lose.
We are smart enough to recognize that Trump is a genius who recognizes what this country really is, and what enough people really need and want, to get elected and re-elected. He is a genius who recognizes that politics is just a game, like poker, and he is smart enough to play and win that game, just as he has done with his non-political life. How is anyone who became a successful billionaire businessman by conning people, paying hardly any taxes, owing hundreds of millions of dollars, running several businesses into the ground, staying out of prison, and acting like a mentally challenged 5 year old pervert with no redeeming qualities, not considered a genius for knowing what it takes to succeed in this country professionally and politically, including being elected President.
Trump recognizes that his type of behavior has been responsible and laid the foundation for so much greatness that has occurred since the inception of this country. In fact, we are all geniuses for recognizing and appreciating Trump, whose genius not only merits our support, but our undying admiration and envy, especially for his ability, and the ability of his supporters, to carry it out without any indication of conscience or remorse, and total disregard for anyone or anything getting in his way, such as laws or dead bodies.
Be sure to get out to vote for the one clear choice on Tuesday. The choice between someone who has done very little during his 47 years, and mostly very bad things, vs. someone with a record of accomplishment unseen in the annals of American or even world political history, just in 2020 alone. Re-elect the only candidate that you can trust, and who always promotes what’s in the best interests of this country and you -- the only candidate committed and qualified to make America great again. If you are stupid enough to believe that stuff about Trump and the Republicans destroying this country and killing people, at least be smart enough to realize who would be more qualified and capable to fix any problems. Be smart enough to follow the leads of the Trump crime family and their supporters and realize how easy it is to throw your soul, conscience and any remorse out the window if necessary, if you even bothers with any of that crap to begin with.
Remember, whether talking about ending the pandemic or the chance for Democratic rule over the next four years, we are, to steal a slogan (see how honest we really are), all in this together. We are all geniuses together and we will ride that to victory, on Tuesday and well beyond.
Happy voting!!
Your Friend and Patriot
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submitted by corruptionrules to Corruption

I (M) am married with multiple kids and in love with a stunningly beautiful coworker (F) who is nearly half my age, and she has no idea (or at least I hope she doesn't).

I don't believe in love at first sight.

I have never believed in love at first sight. Despite my own feelings at the moment, I still don't. My rational brain views "love" as a complex series of neurological impulses driven by hormonal reactions to stimuli. Even so, during my lifetime, prior to now, I have felt this love feeling on two other instances. In those cases, I didn't even understand what I was feeling, and in the second instance, I would not have even been aware until, after several conversations, a female friend who I trust deeply asked me, "Do you not know that you are in love?". In both of those instances, the relationships ended somewhat abruptly and not in a positive way. I take full responsibility for those outcomes. I just couldn't handle the intense emotions.

The infatuation started with a photograph

I started a new job recently in an industry that tends to attract females. During my first week, while glancing through the company's monthly newsletter, I laid eyes on one of the most stunningly beautiful women I have ever seen. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I assumed she must be one of the next up and coming super-models. Normally, I never read the articles in company newsletters because they are always so incredibly lame. However, in this instance, I excitedly read the piece because I was so interested in this woman, who I'll call Mila.
Mila has a beautful body. She's very athletic and obviously works hard to stay in peak physical shape. Her hair is long and flowing. She obviously spends a lot of money on it, which, considering our industry, isn't just for vanity's sake. She has olive skin that is flawless. She never struggled with acne, or, at least it never became severe enough to leave even the slightest blemish. However, her most beautiful feature is her eyes. They are an almost crystal blue, and the contrast with her dark hair and skin is so striking. The closest example I can give is the award-winning National Geographic photo of the Afghani woman, but even this photo of this beautiful woman doesn't do justice to Mila.

I can't believe she isn't a professional model. She's a scientist!

I was rather shocked to find out that a woman as beautiful as Mila is not a professional model. Rather she is an employee of my company and is located at the same physical location as me. Even more surprising to me was that Mila does not work in an administrative suppport staff role. Instead, she is one of our talented scientists. Even reading my own words here, I know how sexist or misognystic they sound. I have seen many attractive women over the years in scientific roles, but never one this attractive. Candidly, I can't think of an instance where I've ever worked with any woman this attractive, period. There was a part of me that wondered if the company was trying to pull a fast one by using some sort of viral marketing scheme, wherein they hired an attractive model to pose as one of our scientific staff. Doing so would be an evil genius move, since women are our target demographic.

Perhaps once I meet her, the infatuation will fade.

A few days later, I see Mila in the cafeteria, and I feel the butterflies that I haven't felt since I was in junior high school. I knew that Mila went through our hair and makeup personnel for the company newsletter photoshoot, so I told myself, "She probably won't be nearly as attractive in person." She was even more attractive! Sometimes, hair and makeup artists take things too far, because they want a bold look. In Mila's case, she looked beautiful in the professional photograph for the newsletter, but I found her daily look to be even more attractive.
I know that women flirt with me for all sorts of reasons, but I don't think my looks are the main driver of this behavior. When I was younger, I was very athletic and always in good shape. Even though I'm not nearly as active as I used to be, I still find time to exercise regularly, and I'm somewhat careful about my diet. I wish that I looked better, but compared to many of my peers, I'm in much better shape than them, and most people estimate that I'm 5 to 10 years younger than my true chronological age. Despite my physical appearance, I know that women flirt with me primarily because of my stature in the company. I'm a senior executive, which is a relatively well-paid position with a lot of influence.

She's even more attractive in person than I imagined.

Over the next several weeks, I'd see Mila in the cafeteria, and I'd do my best not to stare at her. Literally, just looking at her would give me an endorphin rush of almost the same intensity as taking a shot of nitrous oxide. It was so enjoyable. On several occasions, I would notice her staring at me, too. I told myself, "There is no way she's staring at you, or if she is, it's not because she finds you attractive. You're far too old to even think about a woman that age."
Mila is still very young in her career, so there are quite a few layers in between her and me at the company. All of the people in her reporting line are female. Many of these people do have valid business reasons for getting to know me because my function provides support to them. They cannot go to market without my function's support. Some of those people set up time on my calendar to stop by to meet me formally. Others would simply take an opportunity to introduce themselves when they saw me in the hallways or cafeteria.
Mila would see these interactions, and if I've learned anything over the years, it's that women are much better at picking up on subtle cues of attraction than men. Mila could see the people in more senior positions in her reporting line flirting with me. After several weeks of this, I saw Mila sitting with some of the more senior members of her division. I decided I'd use the opportunity to actually meet her. I'd avoided this moment partly because I didn't want to kill the fantasy. I reasoned that she was probably just a physically attractive young woman, but that once I met her, the attraction would fade instantly for any number of silly reasons, such as immaturity, a weird voice, political views, or some other trivial reason.

Mila and I talk for the first time, and she takes my breath away.

I walked over and said hello to my counterparts and then introduced myself to Mila. She shook my hand with a firmness and intensity that I did not expect. She made eye contact in a way that most young people, especially women, never do. She spoke in a very confident manner that is so unusual for people her age. I was smitten all over again.
A few days later, Mila poked her head in my office and asked if she could talk to me about a request she'd submitted to my team that had not been fulfilled. We promise a 2-week turnaround time, and we'd missed the deadline. Of course I was happy to talk with her.
Normally, requests for such matters would be handled by my staff members several layers below me. What should have been a two minute conversation turned into an hour-plus long discussion, where I learned all kinds of interesting things about Mila, such as where she grew up, went to college, why she chose a scientific major, etc. I also learned that she spoke multiple languages and had trained in dance and voice for many years. Despite my material success, I couldn't help but feel simultaneously awed and somewhat inferior to this amazing young woman. Had my administrative assistant not politely interrupted me to tell me that I had an important meeting to attend to, we would have kept talking.
I wasn't too surprised to learn that Mila trained in dance for many years because she has wonderful posture and carries herself with a grace and poise that I've only seen routinely with models, dancers and martial artists. I also learned that she is very active on Instagram. Honestly, I wish that I hadn't learned this fact, or at the very least, that I had not cyberstalked her Instagram account. She looks amazing in clothes, but on her Instagram account, she has many pictures of her in bikinis or other clothing that is very revealing. Looking at these pictures was almost torture for me.

I can't stop thinking about her.

I was curious if I had a biased view of Mila for some reason, so I made the mistake of sending a few of her photos to some of my closest friends for their opinion. They all responded immediately about how beautiful she is and instead of talking me off the ledge, they encouraged me to do not pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Over the past several weeks, I cannot get Mila out of my head. I even find bullshit excuses to walk over to her division and talk with the more senior people there in hopes of just catching a glimpse of Mila. Whenever she sees me, she always smiles and comes over to say hello, so long as she sees an appropriate opportunity (i.e. not interrupting a conversation).

Just one more drink.

Last week, we had a going away happy hour for departing colleague. Because I am so new at the company, I don't really know anyone very well. I arrived at the bar early planning to have just one drink and then head out. Over the years, for these kinds of events, I've learned to keep my drink limit to a maximum of 2 drinks for all sorts of reasons. After finishing what was supposed to be my first and only drink, Mila shows up with two of her colleagues. They immediately come over to talk to me. Because I'm the most senior person at the event, I'm paying for everyone's drinks, so them coming over to talk to me isn't too unusual.

The warning signs are all too clear.

I'm doing my damnedest to avoid showing too much interest in Mila, but I'm not doing a very good job. Fortunately, after about an hour, because everyone else is drinking so much more than me, I have a much better handle on the situation than everyone else. I was able to redirect people so that at some point, just Mila and I are talking. I notice that we are standing extremely close to each other. Although the bar is kind of crowded, there is no legitimate reason for us to be standing so close.
When I realize what I've done, I tell Mila that I need to head out. She coaxes me to have one more drink, which I do against my better judgment. About that time, some of her friends (all female), who are similar in age, arrive at the bar and come over to us. One of them makes a comment along the lines of "So, you must be the new VP that Mila wants to get to know better!" I could see the cringe on Mila's face, which was actually very cute to me.
At that point, I knew that I needed to leave. I told them that I have an early morning meeting (not true), and that I would buy them all one more round and then head out. Since then, I've done my best to avoid Mila. I can tell that her feelings are somewhat hurt because she knows something has changed, but she probably doesn't understand why. I've gone through several scenarios in my head about how to broach the subject, but all of them seem presumptuous. As much as this avoidance strategy hurts a little right now, I know that it will save us both a lot of hurt down the road.

We don't really know each other. We're both chasing a fantasy.

I am married with two children who aren't much younger than Mila. Although I love my wife, I haven't been physically attracted to her for a long time. Pursuing anything with Mila is wrong for so many reasons.
First, we are at very different points in our life. I am a whole lifetime ahead of her. By the time she was born, I had already finished my undergraduate studies and was nearly finished with grad school. Whenever I think about key points in my life, I realize that Mila wasn't even alive for half of them. Furthermore, I continually think about silly things, such as 1) how she was still underage by the time I'd purchased my fourth home, 2) I'm closer to her parent's age than her age, or 3) she was barely in high school when I first joined Reddit (not on this throwaway account).
Second, she doesn't know the real me. She sees a successful executive who drives a nice car and is well respected. She has no idea that I continually battle to stay ahead of crippling depression, induced primarily by being unemployed for the past three years because, until now, I couldn't find a suitable job after being laid off from my previous one.
Third, although I assume she knows I'm married because I wear a wedding ring, she probably has no idea that I have two children who are almost as old as her.
Fourth, the surest way for me to get fired and give up literally millions in compensation over the next decade is to have a relationship with a subordinate, even if they aren't in my direct reporting line.
TL;DR: I am in love with a stunningly attractive, much younger woman that I work with, and who I can never have. I obsess over her. I just want my obsession to stop for us to both be professional colleagues.

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