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Printed with durable, fade-resistant inks. Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson reports. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. The Greatest MCs of All TimeArchived July 27, 2020, at the Wayback Machine. All files are between 192kbps and 320kbps.

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Biggie smalls 10 crack commandments games. The 20 Best Biggie Smalls Songs Ever continued. At a young age he gets into the drug game, resulting in a lot happening to him. Download Mx Player For Windows 10 Aobrihea Shure Unidyne 55s Serial Number. Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Shutterstock 1. Juicy.

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Big Poppa - Biggie Smalls Free Apple iPhone 5 Ringtone i thought about this. Biggie - Things Done Changed Biggie - Gimmie The Loot Biggie - Unbelievable Biggie - I got A Story To Tell Biggie - Who Shot Ya Biggie - Juicy Biggie ft. Total - One More Chance Biggie ft. 112 - Sky Is The Limit Biggie, 2pac, Big Daddy Kane, Big Scoop, Syhiem- LIVE Biggie - The Wickedest (Freestyle) Biggie - 10 Crack Commandments Biggie - Warning Biggie - Party & Bull***t Wiz Khalifa feat. Top 10 Biggie Smalls tracks? . Mokriya Craigslist Full Apk Cracked 89584491e5 abrosoft fantamorph 4 serial keygen torrentmuro cortina revit 2020 crackphoenix 2020 download cracked minecraftdriver update crack keygen download sitesony vegas pro 11 crack 32 bitsmass effect 2 keygen free downloaddescargar numark cue 4.1 full versionfree download maya 3d animation software full versioncentury crack mountain project utahgmod 13. The 10 Duel Commandments pays homage to Biggie Smalls' The Ten Crack Commandments.

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10 Things You Never Knew About The Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Users are expected to behave maturely and respectfully.

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For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest". Watch full episodes of your favorite HISTORY series, and dive into thousands of historical articles and videos. Biggie Smalls Ten Crack Commandments A3 Print my explanation. Biggie Smalls, or Biggie, was an American rapper. El Hitta keeps that shit coming and its only getting better and better, "Burnem Up" is this man in rare form.

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Wu Tang Clan 4) Me Against the World – 2Pac 5) Xxplosive – Dr Dre 6) Til I Colapse Remix – Eminem, 2Pac, 50 Cent and Nate Dogg 7) Thug Mansion – 2Pac 8) 10 Crack Commandments – Biggie Smalls 9) Lose Yourself – Eminem 10) The Good Die Young – 2Pac. POD Farm 2 Platinum delivers an expansive. Wipin' the floor as this Bad Boy wavin' the four-four Mess with a West guy, now the beast from East Side? Use biggie-smalls and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. 10 crack commandments biggie smalls bass boosted sail.

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Feb 12, 2020 - Explore uniworn's board "Epic Movies & Games Soundtrack Remixes" on Pinterest. Kool G Rap has been in the game for a long a** time. Years After The Crack Commandments Part 1 Who Is Larry Chambers Now June 27th, 2020. The 10 Crack Commandments Was Written by a Drug Dealer The 10 Crack Commandments, one of Biggie's most popular songs, was inspired by a crack dealer's version of the rules in the July issue of The Source. OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: "Ten Fish Commandments" Remix by Freestylefisherman Original Track: Biggie Smalls "Ten Crack Commandments" Thank you all for.

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BL3, The Good and Bad, Why it is important, and the future of Borderlands [SPOILERS INCLUDED]

First off, let me state that this is purely opinion, many may differ, and thats okay. Second, I still want to try to offer critical thinking, as to offer a nice healthy debate about certain aspects. And third, I am in no way a professional game designer, writer, etc., I am merely a consumer. This very, very, long wall of text will contain SPOILERS FOR BORDERLANDS 3, TPS, AND 2! To begin, lets talk about the good aspects of the game.
THE GOOD: GUNPLAY/MECHANICS:Obviously, the improved gunplay and mechanics were awesome. Holy hell was I blown away from how clean everything seemed. The ability to slide, leap over railings, and climb over obstacles was a huge improvement to Borderlands and I find myself missing it whenever I play 2 or TPS. Guns work phenomenally (most of the time, minor bugs are expected), and theres a wide variety to choose from. The HUD is a teensy cluttered, but still displays all my important info without getting in the way and still looks good. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: While TPS had oxygen kits which were cool, the overall gameplay was similar to BL2, so BL3 is a definite improvement.
GRAPHICS: The graphics are nothing to scoff at either. When I heard Borderlands was going to be in 4K, I scoffed because the graphics have a cartoonish, comic style to them. But I was blown away when I first started and saw the graphics and how they had majorly improved, especially the lighting and particle effects. The game looks absolutely gorgeous at times when you look at landscapes and areas from high above. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: What can I say? BL3 just simply looks better!
SOUNDS/MUSIC: The sounds and music are also amazing, great songs to back up your fighting really help get the player into the mood, and 3 does this perfectly. BGM is important, and I never felt like 3’s music took away from whatever area I was either fighting in, or simply looking around. The sounds are also great, from vehicles to guns to monsters, I love them all. I especially loved how some guns, Tediore guns specifically, made slightly different sounds as the ammo got lower. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 had some phenomenal music choices, and the BGM was very well made (I love the BGM in Thousand Cuts). TPS had some awesome BGM as well, but I don’t remember anything too memorable apart from the credits of The Claptastic Voyage DLC.
DESIGN: Design choices for areas and enemies are amazing. I have bias for Promethea because I love that dark synth aesthetic, but it looked great, and really connected with the feeling Atlas has. Eden-6 also had a very, very nice design that fit Jakob’s theme as well, and Nekrotefyo has a very Eldritch design to it that I liked. Enemies for their respective areas never seemed to clash against their background and helped to support the aesthetic of their respective planets as well. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Felt a lil weird because Pandora in BL2 has very, very diverse and had an area similar to Eden-6. However, it was nice seeing those areas being expanded upon and given new life, and a definite improvement to TPS, which wasn’t too impressive in terms of area design since most of everything looked the same.
VAULT HUNTERS: The Vault Hunters were created and executed fantastically. I’m a Zane main, and loved his character, but others like FL4K, Moze, and Amara also shine with very round, charismatic, and downright lovable personalities that put them apart from other characters, but also the other Vault Hunters. Each one has a nice design and plenty of cosmetic items to choose from as well (I have two Zanes, a Dante Zane and a Big Boss Zane). COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: One thing I loved about TPS was how vocal and interactive the Vault Hunters were, it breathed new life into the player characters where as BL2 didnt see the Vault Hunters talk as much or have much of a say to key characters.
EXTRAS: Crew Challenges. I loved these. Exploring the map finally gave a reward beyond guns or a hidden vault symbol. We get siren lore, important background information on Typhon, and claptrap/car parts to find, and even then you’re rewarded with more than XP, as Typhon Dead Drops can offer very lucrative guns, as I’ve gotten a few legendaries that way. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Obviously, this wasn’t in previous Borderlands games, so its nice to have.
As a small addition, I love the relationship between Jakobs and Hammerlock. Its very healthy, doesnt seemed force and doesn’t revolve around them being gay. They feel perfect for each other and bounce off each other well. Their interactions and personalities reminded me of my own parents.
Unfortunately, however, thats all the good I remember. There may be more, so feel free to bring it up!
STORY: One thats sticks out to me is the story. I would like to state that I simply do NOT understand why so many people defend the story by saying “nobody cares! Its a looter shooter!” But I can 100% guarantee that if BL2 only had Handsome Jack and some loose, disjointed story like BL3, it would not have been as popular. BL3 feels disjointed, and I really felt like there were times where I could do something better. This becomes worse once you beat the game. A fully powered up Troy and Tyreen are, apparently, nothing when compared to the power of gun, so really it makes no sense as to why we didnt try to kill them sooner because we obviously could have handled it. A lot of interactions and character choices don’t make a whole lot of sense. One really bad aspect, is that the villains never seemed to be a threat. They never directly attack us like they did Lilith, and due to our lack of existence in cutscenes, the twins never acknowledge us apart from being rude in our ears. They feel very weak and I kept questioning why I never went and attacked them directly before they got too strong. Also, a very disappointing final boss and rushed ending to top it off. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 has a very straightforward, but strong story. You’re a Vault Hunter, Handsome Jack wants you dead simply because you are a Vault Hunter, so you team up with a small army to help fight against Hyperion but also unlock the secrets of the vault. You meet many interesting characters along the way as well, but I honestly think the story flow made sense and gave valid reason as to certain plot points/missions. Even TPS, which most people have voiced their dislike of, has a very strong story and gives valid reasoning as to why we do certain things. We were hired by Jack to help find a Vault, but quickly get caught up in a fight between Hyperion and Zarpedon. Even if we weren’t planning on helping Helios get under Hyperion’s control, we are forced to help because the moon was under threat of being destroyed, and killing us with it and giving us a valid reason to fight. While TPS was short, I loved every minute of the story watching Jack’s descent from Hero to Villain. Awesome final boss for both games as well (Though the Warrior was straight up the best), and a great ending with a great cliffhanger.
WRITING: I want to keep this separate from the story so I can also cover a few extra things. One biggie was a lack of dialogue when talking to key characters. I loved how, in TPS, characters would react differently according to what character you were playing as. It made playing a new character feel truly new in experience. But a lot of dialogue falls flat when the player says something and the NPC just says, “I see” Many of the jokes feel like they fall flat as well, with many being toilet humor but poorly attempted. Borderlands thrives on dark jokes, but also irony. It doesnt help when a lot of jokes are repeated and become generally unfunny. (Vercuvian Ham, Digby Vermouth, Claptrap Sucks, BLOOOD-FEEEUUUD) Another issue is treatment of “serious” moments. Maya and Typhons death feel meaningless and unearned, and then become irrelevant as another poor joke is told and everybody moves on. Borderlands is completely capable of serious moments, which is why its a wonder that BL3 didnt pull them off. Many events also feel rushed as well. As a sidenote, a lot of the bosses dont feel important or even strong. The human ones exist with the sole purpose of “being annoying so you want to kill them” and the non humans just have obnoxious immune phases to prolong the battle. IMO, Pain and Terror was really the best fight. Theres also a weird focus on sirens that sort of just shoehorns Tannis into being one for whatever reason. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 is ripe with good jokes, but thats common knowledge by now. One good joke I loved is in TPS, after Jack recruits Pickle, Jack says “This is the 10-year old boy I hired to help us”. The way he says it is funny to me because hes not saying it as a joke, its funny because he’s completely serious. In the same missions, Tina compares Pickle to a child and says shes a Lady with lots of menopause. Its a gold joke with solid delivery. When it comes to serious moments, BL2 has its Control Core Angel moment with Roland’s death AND Bloodwing’s death. These are great moments that really cement Jack’s character, but even when Jack follows up Bloodwing’s death with a joke, its funny due to it being aligned with Jack’s character and being in poor taste, rather than another character making some one-off side joke. TPS even had this, with Felicity being put into the Constructor against her will and wishes. Its a moment that isnt just sad, but simply shows that Jack would have saved her if he had more time. As for bosses, BL2 had a LOT of them in just the base game. TPS might not have had a lot, but there WERE interesting side bosses. But BL3, doesnt have many bosses that are just side bosses, but rather “hunts” or slightly stronger named enemies that can be found on the kill list.
CHARACTERS: I know a lot of people complain about Ava, but its worse than that. All of the returning characters are hollow shells of their former selves with their worst traits turned up to 100%. Vaughn became an obnoxious dude-bro who only knows how to yell or talk about his abs. Lilith became downright stupid and effectively retconned the events of the Commander Lilith DLC since she not seems to be unable to command, but even make general decisions. Maya loses all her badass Vault Hunter skills and can only phaselock enemies for you to shoot at until she forgets how to and puts Troy in a chokehold. Rhys loses his character development and becomes a geeky loser again, he just owns a company now. I even want to defend Moxxi, who was revealed to be an excellent mechanic and fighter (where Ellie and Scooter got their skills), as well as be good at financial businesses like the underdome just became a walking sex joke again which makes her presence on Sanctuary III weird if thats all she can do. Theres also a heavy lack of the B-team, which we’ve heard a lot of but is a big deal considering how much they were marketed and cared about. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: BL2 introduces a lot of new characters but also has our cast of BL1 return. They feel fully fleshed out as well, and are given a new life that makes them feel alive. The TPS did this as well, giving us a huge insight into Jack’s character, as well as seeing what Lilith and Roland were doing between 1 and 2. Moxxi also makes a return and thats where we learn about her skills, honestly, The Boson had more character than Lilith did in BL3.
AVA: yes, I’m making an entire section about her because what was Gearbox thinking? Ava is most definitely a self-insert character designed to replace Tina, and completely fails at doing so. Shes a normal teen, and while that may seem okay, it completely goes against everything Borderlands. Nobody is “normal”, everybody is weird in their own way. But Ava is a normal, bratty teen with poor writing as to ensure shes the hero. She is a number one cause of Maya’s death, as Maya could have easily fought had Ava NOT been there. Hell, Maya may have even gone into the vault with us. Then, she tells Lilith off and NOBODY even tries to stop Ava or tell her that she’s completely wrong. She even tells Lilith that Maya said “Run towards the fire” when Maya said moments ago to not always do that. We then get the option to comfort Ava like she even needs it. At the end, shes given Siren powers to save the day and even control of the raiders and Sanctuary. Wow.
ENDGAME/MAYHEM MODE: I wont argue that there isnt anything to do for endgame, but I will argue its rather lackluster. Due to there not being a lot of dedicated Loot drops for bosses, theres no real reason to go out of your way to farm them when you could just farm a circle of slaughter, Graveward, or Katagawa Jr. However, thats a small complaint. My main one is “Mayhem Mode”. After playing for a while I simply cannot find it fun. The mayhem consists of nerfs to the player and buffs to enemies, the only real “mayhem” is that bullet reflection modifier you can occasionally get. It also just decides to constantly spawn badasses and anointed enemies as if that is fun when they all have rockets and 100% accuracy. It simply isnt interesting imo. I also want to argue a lack of bosses. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: 2 had a TON of bosses, and I mean a lot for a base game. Each one had dedicated loot, but some even shared loot as well. Even if OP mode for 2, I didnt constantly feel bombarded by badasses with 100% accuracy rockets. TPS had a weak endgame, so at least 3 did better.
GEARBOX AND THEIR “BALANCE”: I understand that Borderlands needs some balance, especially Zane needing a buff, but a certain aspect of Boderlands I liked was that if you grinded for specific legendaries that your skills had synergy with you could melt enemies. However, Gearbox seems to dislike OP builds and guns that outperform others which seems dumb when the point of a legendary is that it outperforms other guns. Im not saying OP Grenade Moze shouldve stayed, but Gearbox has shown that they want to lower damages on legendaries that “outperform” other guns. It might sound pointless, but I loved grinding for hours in BL2 to have the perfect build that would destroy bosses and mobs alike. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES; Salvador was braindead gameplay I’ll admit, but still had potential to be fun if you loved melting stuff. Even TPS had its OP moments as long as you put in the right skills and got the perfect legendaries.
VILLAIN MOTIVATIONS/GENERAL CHARACTERS: The twins were... disappointing. I know that they were designed to be annoying but that just feels like a lazy excuses for these guys. They never felt like a threat to the player, and the one chance they get for development between Tyreen and Troy is comply shirked because it goes nowhere. Their motivations are very, very loose. They want to become a star? How does that make sense? They were raised by an overprotective and endearing father who told them stories of the galaxy, but how did they decide that they wanted to become stars and the best way to do that was becoming genocidal cult leaders and awakening an ancient evil? You would expect sheltered kids to be more psychotic and committing evil because they genuinely enjoy it or for the sake of doing so now that theyre free, not wanting to be a star and thinking unleashing the destroyer would do that for them. COMPARED TO PREVIOUS GAMES: Handsome Jack is talked about enough, we KNOW what makes him such a damn great villain. Zarpedon is TPS even has a great motivation. She knew what Jack would do, she knew what Elpis really was. She knew destroying it would save people, but to do so she had to kill others. Thats what made her so great.
SMALL COMPLAINTS: There seems to be a weird theme of “family” that is constantly pushed. From Ava and Maya, Rhys and Katagawa, and obviously the Twins and Typhon. But it feels as id it never goes anywhere, its just... there. Also, a lack of character CQ’s. I loved those and thought they were so cool, Borderlands 2 AND TPS had a bunch of them, but 3.... not so much which was disappointing. It mightve been a glitch but the second Traunt fight didnt even give me a CG or character intro, I just dropped in and the fight immediately started.
WHY IS THIS ALL IMPORTANT: I feel as if this is important because a lot of us had very high expectations for this game. Seven years and our payoff should NOT have been this mess. I feel disappointed because it feels like a major amount of time was spent on mechanics and the engine rather than a decent story, writing, or anything else. I, personally, have very high expectations of 3. I expected many bosses and raid bosses on launch, with multiple planets. I expected strong, threatening villains. And honestly, I dont think I expected too much. To me, it feels like Gearbox knew Borderlands 3 would bring in money and didnt actually care too much about the series itself. This brings me to the future THE FUTURE OF BORDERLANDS: If writing like this continues, I cant expect great DLC. The game will quickly lose replay ability as well. If a Borderlands 4 is announced within a few years after our final DLC, it will confirm that Gearbox is just milking Borderlands for money, which I hope is not the case. Simply put, we deserve better as consumers and loyal players and fans of Borderlands. We don’t deserve to be given a poor story and mistreatment of beloved characters. What do I expect to come from this for those who read this far? I don’t know, but I hope we can perhaps make a push for a change for the better for Borderland’s future.
submitted by CL4P_Channel to Borderlands

Duwin OK with Even Hunter

Even though I’m not a dad, I consider myself a dad-Legend-player.I got to Legend-rank during WotOG with Flamewanker-Mage and once I got that achievement, I basically never really tried again, too much of a grind for me – so I thought. Last season I went to rank 5 as usual and intended to stay there – but then I found Reset_liker’s Even-Hunter-build I had all the cards for and went on a serious hot-streak up the ladder. With 2 Flares and tons of burn, the list is incredibly favoured against any kind of Mage – and between r5 and r1 you basically face a Mage every other game. Long story short, once I reached r2 I went for it and few hours later I hit Wild-Legend for the first time and finished 75th on the EU-leaderboard.
This season, I took Duwin’s list, changed 2 cards and went for it again. Currently I am at L33 on EU.

The basic gameplan:
This is a Face/Burn-deck. You want to get on the board early and – apart from few value trades – point everything you can to the opponent’s dome, while frantically spamming your hero-power as often as possible.

The deck:
2x Cat Trick: Probably the best secret in the Hunter’s arsenal, especially against Mage. If I have beast-synergy in hand, I tend to coin it out in most caster-matchups. 4+ to the dome from turn 2 on is just great.
2x Crackling Razormaw: Speaking of beast-synergy. Ok 2-drop into an empty board, insane 2-drop if you control a beast. Cat in a hat with windfury turn 2? Yes please.
2x Mad Scientist: Not much to say here, has always been great (broken?), will always be great. Contests the board, gets in some face-damage, synergises with your secret-comp. Missing the beast-tag, though.
2x Phase Stalker: I seriously don’t know, what they were doing here. This is basically Mad Scientist on steroids. Ok 2-drop if you are desperate, but ideally you hold it until you can get at least one hero-power out with it. Absolute must-remove for your opponent, otherwise you snowball like crazy. Every 1-mana-hero-power generates 4 mana worth of stuff for you and thins your deck as long as it is in play. And to top it all off, it comes with a beast-tag. Jesus.
2x Quick Shot: In an ideal world, this goes face and draws you a card. Against slow decks, this should usually be the case, the exception being if you have a secret in play and the same one in hand, you drew your second Quick Shot or there is something on the board, that needs immediate removal (like a Zilliax). Against board-centric aggro-decks, this more often than not is a board-control-tool.
2x Venomstrike Trap: Make your board hard to remove, comes with a beast-tag, helps you contest the board and occasionally removes something big. Great synergy with Wandering Monster.
2x Wandering Monster: Insane Secret in the aggro-matchup, especially if your opponent plays a lot of little weenies, like Odd Paladin or to some extend Even Shaman. Great synergy with Venomstrike Trap and Explosive Trap, too. Kind of a dead card in the control-matchup though.
1x Dragonbane: Big Bertha. Against an empty board, this is just reach. Against minions, pray to RNGsus it hits the right target, whatever that is in the moment. Has to be removed immediately by your opponent and gets even nuttier if combined with Garrison Commander for a whopping 14 damage for 8 mana.
2x Frenzied Felwing: Most of the time, this is a 3/3 for 0 mana. Great to hit face, with 3 health great to contest the board. Has a demon-tag though, so Warlocks might remove it for 0 mana and generate 5 health doing so. Feelsbadman.
1-2x Hyena Alpha: 7/7 over 3 bodies with beast synergy for 4 mana, what’s not to like? Pretty shitty if played without a secret in play though, so plan accordingly. I’d say 2 of these bad boys are core, but I’ve seen and played lists with only 1.
2x Lifedrinker: Reach, sustain, a 3/3 body and a beast-tag. Yes!
1x Genn Greymane: Don’t draw him. Just don’t.

1-2x Headhunter’s Hatchet: More beast-synergy. A 2/2-weapon for 2 is fine, especially if you are desperately trying to control the board. A 2/3-weapon for 2 is of course even better. Great tool to repeatedly hit your opponent in the face, too! Some lists play only one, some cut it entirely and put in Glaivezooka. I like my double Hatchet.
1-2x Fresh Scent: In theory this is a great card. 4 more face damage, makes your minions harder to remove, helps you make value trades, absolutely WRECKS face if combined with Windfury from Razormaw. In practice it can feel insanely clunky if you don’t get a beast to stick. I ran one.
1x Rat Trap: The 6/6 beast can be absolutely devastating if triggered in the wrong moment and there are a lot of decks (especially Mages) that tend to sling cards like crazy. The downside is, that it is pretty easy to play around if your deck does not rely on playing tons of cards per turn and so it might sit there for a while. Triggers your Hyena though, so there’s an upside.

If you only take the core-cards you are at 21-22 cards, depending on the number of Hyenas you put in. That leaves you at 8 potential tech-slots, even though I would strongly advise you to visit the core-ish-section first. Since it really depends on your meta(-pocket) how many copies of a card you should tech in, I’ll just name the options. The deck is pretty flexible, but keep in mind that your matchups will differ vastly, depending on what you teched (as tech-cards should work). Flare for example is only good against Mages - Hunters are non-existent and the only secret being run in Paladin gets triggered if you play Flare. But in the Mage-matchup it REALLY crushes (if you play around Counterspell)!
Flare: Gets rid of Ice Blocks, Flame Wards or the whole pink Christmas-tree if you played around Counterspell. AMAZING in the Mage-matchup. I ran one.
Explosive Trap: Kills token-boards, synergises with your other secrets, can be the nail in the coffin for a mage behind an Ice Block, if he is stupid enough to run his giants in your face during one of his 3 turns. Primarily an aggro-tech. I ran one.
Garrison Commander: Use your hero-power twice as much per turn. Extra-reach, good against Mages and Warlocks. Nuts in combination with Dragonbane, although it comes down kinda late. I ran 2 for quite a while, switched 1 for Rexxar once I hit legend and faced more Paladins and Shamans.
Deathstalker Rexxar: A board-clear against token decks and a 1-card-lategame-strategy. The thing is, there are not many fatigue-style-control-decks around, so it’s basically a board-clear with added sustain that gets rid of your win-condition in hopes of finding another one… I’m not entirely sold.
Freezing Trap: One more for the secret pool, your big-boy-removal. Sadly, most decks play small stuff or stuff with powerful battlecries that they would love to get back in hand. Not a fan in the current meta.
Glaivezooka: Alternative to Hatchet, slightly more aggressive (more immediate damage if there is anything on your side of the board), slightly less restrictive (doesn’t have to be a beast) but at the price of a possible additional charge. I liked Hatchet better.
Steamwheedle Sniper: A serious consideration if you face a lot of aggro, since it contests the board with its body and your hero-power. I did not face a lot of aggro where 2 damage would have mattered though. So… I wanted my hero-power to go face anyway and why play a mediocre 2 drop then? Pass.
Golakka Crawler: If your meta is infested with Rogues and Warriors, this is your guy.
Acidic Swamp Ooze: Lots of weapon-classes pestering you? Tech this.
Kindly Grandmother: Hard to remove beast. Obvious beast-synergy. Played 2 last season, didn’t really like them, but tend to connect with face a lot (who removes a 1/1 if it brings a 3/2 on the board?). If you run it, make sure you run 2 Fresh Scents to accompany it. Keep in mind, that Defile is a card and can ruin you day quickly if you have sth. with 2 health on the board - or they have it in hand.
SpellbreakeShieldbreaker: How could I forget Silence? You generally want to silence taunts, so these 2 serve the same purpose. Good Warlock tech.
Snake Trap: Anti-aggro tech, even more synergy with Wandering Monster and Venomstrike Trap. They attack your face and suddenly you have a board. Come with 3 beast-tags.

The matchups:
I’ll provide the stats I tracked, they are not complete though, since I played some on mobile.
Overall: 88 matches (100%) – 61 wins, 27 losses (69%)
vs Mage: strongly favoured - 24 matches (27%), 23 wins, 1 loss (96%)
There are 3 types of Mages around, Aluneth Secret, Reno Quest and Tempo Quest. You are favoured against very single one of them.
Against Aluneth-Mage, it’s a race and you are generally faster and can play around their secrets better than they can around yours. Make sure to try and defuse their traps on your conditions or not at all. Keep Counterspell in mind when playing Flare and avoid damage to your face as good as possible. This feels like the hardest of the 3 matchups because they can burn you down if they draw well.
Against both Quest Mages you try to burn them down asap. Build resilient boards, don’t overcommit and press the button as often as possible. Against Tempo Quest-Mage, Rat Trap is fantastic. Reno on 6 and Flamewanker + Sorcerer’s Apprentice early are their Aces, Reno happens, or it doesn’t and FW+S should be cleaned up as good and as fast as possible. Don’t waste your Flare.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Flare, Cat Trick, Felwing
vs Warlock: favoured – 22 matches (25%), 14 wins, 8 losses (64%)
I faced 3 types of Warlocks, although I know there are a lot more: Darkest Hour, Quest/Mecha’thun and Cube. Although they are vastly different decks, they look pretty similar in their early turns: Insane cycle at the cost of health and some weak minions to contest the board or pose as fodder for Plague of Flames. Just. Go. Face. Get on the board, hit ‘em as hard and fast as possible, only trade if leaving something up seems devastating to your board. They’ll clear you anyway. Keep your reach in hand, hero-power often, always think “what do I do, if there is a 6/18 taunt over 4 bodies in my way” from turn 4 onwards. They have their stupid high-roll or they don’t. If the Lock throws lots of 1/1 imps at you, consider clearing them as good as possible, they might turn into biggies way to early. It’s a shitshow of a matchup, but it’s very winnable.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, consider Razormaw
vs Shaman: unfavoured – 11 matches (12%), 5 wins, 6 losses (45%)
Our worst matchup (at least of the ones you face regularly). I think I won some, that I shouldn’t have, so expect a worse outcome. It’s almost certainly Even Shaman, with few Shudderwocks and maybe the occasional Burn Shaman sprinkled in.
They develop as fast or faster than you do, have lots of removal (even some that develop) and most of their stuff is WAY beefier that yours (Totem Golem on t1/t2 is your nemesis). To rub it in, some run a Secret Eater (not for you, but for the plethora of Aluneth Mages around. Still hits home). Hard times ahead. Fight for the board, take value trades, use reach as removal if necessary. The good news is: They don’t run any heal, so you might be able to burn them down. Rexxar can be pretty clutch in this matchup, he is probably still to slow to keep in the mulligan. Speaking of which:
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, Explosive Trap, consider Quick Shot
vs Warrior: even – 10 matches (11%), 6 wins, 4 losses (60%)
Again, I think I won some I shouldn’t have, a sample of 10 is not really good to make assumptions. First of all you don’t really know, what you will face, since everything from hyper-aggro (Pirate) to midrange (Galakrond) to control-snooze-fest (Odd) could come your way.
If it’s Odd, you might also just concede, their life-gain and removal is just insane and you are wasting so.much.time. You could win 5 games in the meantime. Don’t do this to yourself. Although I won one. Miraculously and through exact lethal topdeck. Odd Warriors are seriously rare though, might have faced 2 total.
The other archetypes are board-centric and aggressive (we hate that). Fight for the board, take value trades, remove key-minions like Ship’s Cannon and Southsea Captain, even use your reach for it if necessary. Galakrond feels harder to win against than Pirate.
Rexxar is great in every Warrior MU, still too slow for the Mulligan, since you shouldn’t expect Odd Warrior.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, Explosive Trap, Quick Shot
vs Paladin: even / unfavoured – 7 matches (8%), 4 wins, 3 losses
Here it depends on what you are facing, since both Odd and Mech Handbuff are equally popular.
Odd can go either way, depending on who draws what. Explosive Trap and Rexxar at the right time can work wonders. Getting on the board early and fighting off all the weenies is crucial, Wandering Monster can be your best friend. If they land a Quartermaster on more than 2 dudes it gets really tough, a well timed quest or secret can also ruin your day. Keep the board empty and your hand size small (as you should anyway) and remove key threats immediately and you could/should be fine. Another MU for a clutch Rexxar.
Mech Handbuff Paladin is a different story, I think I didn’t win a single game against it. They draw, they buff, they build a huge minion with taunt and lifesteal and they whack you, don’t feel bad about it.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, Explosive Trap, Quick Shot, consider Wandering Monster
vs Rogue: favoured – 6 matches (7%), 4 wins, 2 losses
Same as Paladin, you can expect aggression. But in the case of Rogue, they aren’t nearly as board centric but try to burn you down. You simply burn faster and they don’t run heal. Could be Odd, Aggro or Kingsbane.
Basically play a standard aggro-matchup, with a slight tendency to prioritise face damage over trading.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, consider Quick Shot, Wandering Monster
vs Druid: even / unfavoured – 5 matches (6%), 3 wins, 2 losses
Druid is another case where you don’t know what to expect. Could be hyper-aggro (Embiggen Aggro), midrange (Embiggen), combo control (Togwaggle) or control (Jade).
Against everything that ramps, cheats huge taunts and generates tons of armor: Good luck, you’ll need it. Direct everything face, don’t play into Spreading Plague, use your secrets to your advantage, burn them down. Probably lose in the end because Vargoth generated 24 armor. Knock your head against the table repeatedly. You know the drill.
Against the rest: Play a classic aggro-matchup, have a chance if they draw normal, loose hard if they draw the nuts. I’m talking about double Embiggen into Bloodsail Corsair + 2x Parachute Brigand + 5/5 Patches. Bottom right. Synergistic secrets are your friend, especially if Explosive Trap is involved. Use smart trades, use reach as removal.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Hatchet, Explosive Trap
vs Priest: no clue – 3 matches (3%), 2 wins, 1 loss
It’s Big Priest or Dragon Priest. Dragon Priest can go either way but they are probably favoured.Big Priest… well, they have it or they don’t. Non-game either way.
Mulligan: Keep Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, Felwing, Cat Trick
vs Hunter – there are no Hunters
Probably why I like this deck so much, it’s the absolute underdog and there are no mirrors.

Conclusion / TLDR:
This is not a Tier-S-deck, even though the stats could be interpreted that way. It’s a clear niche deck that tends to thrive in the current meta from r5 upwards (on EU at least). It wins fast, it loses fast. It has lots of utility if teched correctly. It’s an underdog with few to no mirror-matches. This deck and it’s playstyle does not make friends, if someone adds you after a game expect serious injuries to your soul.
P.S.: English is not my first language, if you find errors, keep them 😊 Constructive feedback is of course welcome.
Edit: Added Spellbreaker, Shieldbreaker, Snake Trap to the tech section, thanks for the suggestions.
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