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Crack is an internet traffic controller or monitoring software that is designed for Windows all versions. Pro Tools - Music Software. Pro Tools includes 60 virtual instruments (thousands of sounds), effects, sound processing, utility plugins, 1 GB of cloud storage and 75 individual plugins. The MCSA 70-698 exam refers to Windows 10 Installing and Configuring skills. Disk Drill Pro Activation Code: Disk Drill Pro Activation Code 2.4 Crack Full Version Free Is Here. Note: Not all apps, services, features or content are available in all countries or regions. Compose, record, edit, and mix high-quality music or sound for picture -on a Mac or PC -using Pro Tools, the industry-standard audio production platform.

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A best music creation software that includes everything that you need in a music editor. Hacking apps for iPhone and iOS security tools 1. iRET – iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit. Protools 10 free download, and many more programs. Start Menu 8 Pro Crack + Activation Key Full. Each day, or each time the user logs on to their computer, the computer connects to the Activation and Validation Service to verify the license status and extend. Find serial numbers & product keys use this link. Download Setup + Crack.

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With the iOS SDK, Xcode can build, install, run, and debug Cocoa Touch apps in a Mac-based Simulator for a streamlined development workflow. 4uKey Crack & Activation Key 2020 Keygen Download more. The 12 Best iPad Drawing Apps of 2020. FINAL Crack Serial Key Keygen. With Pixelmator Pro, you have many professional and non-destructive editing tools, allowing you to bring the best out of your photographs. ByPassApp - Latest Releases Crack With Keygen, Serial Key https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=1009.

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Mac and is one of the very few code editors that have been carefully designed for the Mac systems only. Tip: Every app that comes with your Mac includes help so you can become a pro using it. To learn how to use an app, open the app, then choose Help in the menu bar. Pro tools 10 mac crack apps. Therefore, it is more flexible editing, recording and mixing environment. IPhone Backup Extractor Crack 7.7.27 + Activation Key https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=1007. It has a very simple interface which ensure the ease of utilizing this tool in a very productive manner. Mac; Tools; How to Crack; Search for: Search.

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The Pro version of iPhone Backup Extractor Viewer supports the extraction of all submitted data from encrypted iPhone backups created to protect privacy. Mac App Store is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac. Lumion Pro Crack is the outclass and great programming among us and professionally use for designing aim we can use this program for our aim of 2D and 3D designing for our great aim this program for our aIm and too much useful program and the great quality. It has all the dynamic working plugins that are essential for pure and unique music production. Software Installation Tools - Free downloads and reviews have a peek at this site. NetX Network Tools PRO. Mac users have access to a vast selection of excellent photo-editing apps, but even against its many competitors, Pixelmator stands out as one of the best.

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Introducing Pro Tools 10, the next generation of the best sounding, most powerful audio production software for recording, composing, editing, and mixing music and sound for picture. So, if you want to transfer photos from your iOS device to your PC. Hence, you can do it instantly. Source from Wikipedia: Mac OS X Server 10.4. Synthesia is music-making, editing, polishing with effects using and evaluating the crypto type power while barriers up for everyone a traditional pattern. The simplest approach to see what apps are on a Mac is to visit the /Applications folder, this will show all apps that users have installed through the App Store, that came bundled with the Mac, and that have been installed through most package managers, and by user drag & drop. Parallels Desktop Crack 15.2 + Activation Key Free Download [2020] Parallels Desktop Crack + Activation Key allows you to run both Windows and Mac applications in parallel. We are getting reports (thanks Mick Corey) that when Mac Pro 5.1 owners are installing macOS 10.13 High Sierra that Apple is updating the Firmware as part of the High Sierra install.

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A good toolbox might require a handful of additional items and consumables, as follows: Sticky pads. It checks your apps regularly and fixes all errors of your apps. Skip or retry shortcuts and target what you skip or miss. Integrated Build System Handles the most complex builds, scaling to maximize the power of multi-core Macs, and will automatically sign, provision, and install iPad and iPhone apps onto a device. Amazon.co.uk: windows 10 activation key https://vipweb-portal.ru/download/?file=1014. Work smarter with our guide to Touch Bar trickery. Above we've touched the trusted Mac cleanup solutions but there are many that work on the dark side.

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CSG Fantasy Football Spreadsheet v8.02

Previous Version
Update Aug 19 9:00MT v8.04
  • fixed some errors with manual keeper import button
  • fixed some coding with the import from old sheet to try and reduce errors caused by this
What's New in 8.02
  • Added boris chen tiers
  • Added keeper import pages back
  • fixed some VBD calculations
  • updated the Lite GoogleSheet Drafter
What I'm working on:
  • Adding IDP/ Auction versions of the lite googlesheet
  • updating draft grader
  • add sheet for users to paste fantasypro custom auction values
  • more modifications to auction sheet to help users customize values as they see fit
  • projections are still from fantasy pro's until https://apps.fantasyfootballanalytics.net/ fixes some of their projections, right now RB's a bit a top heavy and they don't have any projections for rookie players.
  • making keeper input more user friendly
You will need Excel to use this tool - Use the GoogleDrafter for a lite version
Mac Users
  • Versions of Excel prior to 2015 will not be able to use the refresh data button as web queries are not supported. Everything else should work fine.
  • Excel for Mac 2015 the files open read only - make sure you enable macros and allow online data sources when those pop ups occur.
  • You should still be able to edit the sheet and then go to File > Save As to get rid of the read only status.


If you are downloading from Google Drive click the Download button not the open with sheets button, you do not need to request edit access. If you really want to try using the full sheet in google sheets then you can download it and move it to your google drive
Mediafire Google Drive Dropbox
Standard v8.02 MF v8.02 GD v8.02 DB Use this version unless you have Individual Defensive players
Auction Version v8.02a MF v8.02a GD v8.02a DB Auction draft version of the sheet
IDP Version v8.02i MF v8.02i GD v8.02i DB Use this version if your draft includes individual defensive players
Auction IDP Version v8.02ai MF v8.02ai GD v8.02ai DB Auction draft version of the sheet that includes IDP
Basic Guide:
  1. Open up the League Info Tab and put in your league settings Screenshot
  2. Go back to the Overall tab and hide the columns of data you don't need & Refresh the data sources if you feel the need Screenshot
  3. Begin drafting by double clicking box in the Pick Num column corresponding to the player who is drafted next Screenshot

GoogleSheet Version

  • (Lighter version of sheet that runs in google sheets)
Make a copy here

Auction Version

  • ESPN/Yahoo/NFL auction values and AAV's (all from pre-draft league rankings)
Here are some instructions and screenshots:
CSG Keeper Helper Sheet
As most of you know ESPN changed their whole site layout, this broke how my import from ESPN button worked, and the only workaround I've been able to find is for the user to manually paste their roster page from ESPN into the sheet, not the greatest, but better than nothing.
Made this tool to help when you have to input many keepers.
  1. Open the Keeper Helper sheet & the CSG Fantasy sheet.
  2. Go to the keeper sheet and if you have an ESPN league use the ESPN tab, if not use the manual tab
  3. Enter your league settings
  4. Enter the draft pick order corresponding to each team
  5. Either import your ESPN league or Manually input your players
  6. Input the round the players are being kept in. The pick number will update automatically.
  7. When finished pressed Export
  8. Go to the CSG Fantasy sheet and go to ESPN import or Manual import based on your league site
  9. Hit Import
  10. Keepers should be automatically added in the correct position - use the CSG fantasy sheet as you normally would.
Resources & Credit:
  • VBD / Auction Projected values and inflated values & related calculations from elboberto's Auction spreadsheet
  • Draftboard style credit to: daruuk
  • Draft pick odd calculations credit to bizarbus
  • Tiers credit to Boris Chen, Prayes
  • Drafting Style, Pick Trading & various other ideas ManhattanBeachBum
  • BeerSheets: Beer4TheBeerGod
  • Cleaned up a bunch of the formatting (buttons and columns - thanks to rideristfor the macro)
submitted by CanadianSandGoggles to fantasyfootball

Update and Status Thread 09 Oct 2020

Update and Status Thread 09 Oct 2020
Hi all,
Since Reddit only allows two sticky posts per subreddit and there's always going to be multiple things we want to keep everyone updated on, I've created this thread that will be edited and updated regularly with the status of items and any major updates.
Attached here is the link to the Diagnostic Tools that might be referenced in the thread if we need anyone to capture diagnostic logs for their issues. For submission of diagnostic logs, we appreciate if you can include your Reddit user name, the Reddit thread which would correspond to your issue (if there is), or a short description of your issues. There were some submissions with only the log and no other information, so it is also difficult for us to corelated the issues that the log is meant for without combing through the entire forum.
📷📷Diagnostics Tool (Public)
Any private correspondence or submission of diagnostic logs should be sent to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Please note however that this is more of a community engagement email, so those with specific support issues required on their products are still advised to contact our official Customer Support at https://www.creative.com/contactus/, where we have much more dedicated resources and Customer Support Officers to track and look into various support issues.
So, with that being said. Here's the latest!
1) Sound BlasterX G6
1a) G6 Game/Chat support for PS4
2) SB Command Support
3) DDLive/DTS issue [Monitoring. No active update 06/14]
4) AE-7/AE-9 audio dropout (including channel swap on X570 boards)
5) Sound Blaster X3
6) Sound BlasterX Katana
7) Windows 10 Update 2004 20H2
8) Sound Blaster K3+
9) Sound Blaster G3 Intermittent no audio device after device resume from hibernate/sleep (New!)
1) Sound BlasterX G6
1a) G6 Game/Chat support for PS4
The v1.16 beta firmware, which contains support for Game/Chat on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, has been officially released on January 22, 2020. We are still working on reproducing the outstanding intermittent microphone audio cutoff issue on PS4 party chat, with help and support from forum users to help share the setup where they are seeing issues. We have not been able to see this issue internally using exact PS4 model, PS4 firmware version, settings, etc. The team is working to get the exact microphone used by the user to see if that enables us to reproduce this issue.
03/02: We have been working to reproduce the microphone cut off issue in-house with no progress to report at this time. As part of this investigation, we have been working closely with GhostOfficer who has been able to see the issue consistently, ensuring that both the G6 and PS4 Pro model, firmware and settings are identical. We have also purchased the Antlion Audio ModMic that GhostOfficer has used to eliminate potential differences in microphone use, yet we are still unable to reproduce this issue. We have also tested running the PS4 in different environments to see if the user environment played a part in triggering this issue, and have not been able to trigger this consistently.
We have some suspicion that this may be an issue on PS4 itself, where there might be some form of detection within PS4 that will disable the microphone audio if the PS4 determines that the current audio recording is not a valid microphone audio, possibly to prevent issues where microphone audio from some users causes disruption to a chat session. Some threads that seem to be discussing this since 2017 can be found in the following threads.
We do not have any confirmation on our suspicion, but workarounds that are provided by users who encounter this issue, such as keeping mic boost above 0dB, disabling noise reduction, etc., are general actions that will result in higher background hiss/noise in the mic audio, which seems to help to keep the microphone audio working. This is suggesting that PS4 might have some form of heuristics of detecting a valid mic signal which might not work when the microphone signal is too clean. During our internal testing, we did encounter some mic cutoff immediately when the microphone volume level was set to very low, around 4 or 5, which in general is in line with what we suspect as a clean mic signal being part of the trigger to this issue. We suspect that similar mic signal recorded for this particular condition might have occurred during the usage, triggering the microphone cutoff, and we are investigating deeper in this direction.
Meanwhile, for users who can consistently see this issue, we would like you to send us a video showing your connection, the sequence of steps you usually go through from starting the PS4 until you enter the chat session where the issue will eventually occur. This could help us identify if some change in steps that we have not tried might be the key to consistently seeing this issue. Please send these videos to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
03/21 : Based on feedback from various users, we would like those in the community who are able to see the intermittent microphone no signal issue for PS4 chat to try out the following sets of values using v1.16 firmware and let us know the results
The following settings are the same for all 4 sets.
- Mic Volume 68%.
- All other Voice Clarity effects off.
- Voice Morph Off.
Set 1 (matching to v1.11 settings) : Mic Boost +20dB. Noise Reduction ON.
Set 2 : Mic Boost 0dB. Noise Reduction ON.
Set 3 : Mic Boost +20dB. Noise Reduction OFF.
Set 4 : Mic Boost 0dB. Noise Reduction OFF.
Please also let us know the model of microphone that you are using. Please send your results to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
04/25: So far, we have only received response from u/GhostOfficer on the testing of the settings. SET 2 is indicated to be the only set of settings where the mic cut off issue is occurring. The difference in the 4 set of settings are only on the background mic hiss and noise that is present in the mic signal that is recorded by PS4. SET 2 is the set where the background mic hiss is lower but least similar to a traditional mic hiss profile due to the noise reduction.
Our theory is that PS4 Party Chat app is doing some valid mic signal detection on the signal for all users, and it will automatically cut off users with mic signal that does not seem to be valid. This is likely to prevent a signal bad mic signal from affecting the entire party chat. However, it is likely that the criteria for detection of valid mic is dependent on the background mic hiss.
We are considering adding a physical toggle for Noise Reduction in PS4 usage, which can allow for users to toggle the Noise Reduction state. Default Noise Reduction setting would be changed to OFF in PS4 mode, so that majority of users will not face the mic cutoff issue. Noise Reduction setting will be remembered separately for PS4 and PC usage, so that this change will not affect Windows user. A new v1.18 beta firmware with this implementation is target to be release for testing in end ApEarly May.
06/14: Official v2.0 firmware has been released on 20 May 2020. Default setting for noise reduction was changed to OFF which is found to be more compatible and does not trigger the mic validity checking on PS4 to determine that the mic signal from G6 is invalid. Users who wish to try using Noise reduction on PS4 will need to go into sidetone mode, double click on the master volume button to toggle the noise reduction On/Off state. Those who do not experience the mic sudden cut off could continue to keep Noise Reduction enabled on PS4, while those who start to experience the issue is advised to keep Noise Reduction OFF. This setting on PS4 is separated from the setting on Windows platform.
We are exploring is there is a way to inject some inaudible noise to keep the mic signal alive in PS4, but this is hampered by the inability to reproduce the issue in-house, which was also the reason this issue took such a long duration to resolve. We are still working on identifying what could be preventing the reproduction of this issue in-house.
09/12: We are still testing out various scenarios to reproduce the mic cut-off during chat issue to allow for the possibility of a future fix that allow noise reduction to be used on PS4.
10/09: No new update, investigation still in progress.
2) SB Command Support
03/21: We will be working towards adding support for Sound BlasterX G6 in SB Command. We are targeting to have the official support out by Sep 2020, and to have beta version ready for testing at around June 2020.
04/25: We will start to work on this now that AE-5 support on SB Command has been released. Estimated release of beta is currently still June 2020.
06/14: The beta release of SB Command with G6 support is undergoing internal testing, and should be released for community to test somewhere near end of June to Early July.
08/02: Sound Blaster Command v3.4.84.00 has been released on 30 Jul as a public beta for G6. Please refer to this Reddit thread for more information. https://www.reddit.com/SoundBlasterOfficial/comments/i0e69e/sound_blaster_command_for_g6_public_beta/
10/09 – Official support for G6 will available on our support site by 31 Oct 2020.
3) DDLive/DTS issue [Monitoring. No active update]
Please see this thread https://www.reddit.com/SoundBlasterOfficial/comments/ct80w0/dolby_dts_issue_identified_explanation_and/ .
The issue has been identified as a change that Microsoft made to a default privacy setting in Windows.
Here's the link to the latest Diagnostic Tool (v1.0.8.0) that contains the changes for detecting issues with the missing encoder tab. We have change to use a OneDrive public link here to ensure that the community will get the latest diagnostic tool the moment it is ready for release.
Please run the Diagnostic Tools with the link at the start of the thread. Once you've run the diagnostic please send the log files to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
03/02: Since the Diagnostic Tool was made available, we have not received any logs related to this issue. If you have sent us a log on this, please help to highlight this to us by indicating that the log you sent is in relation to the missing encoder tab issue. Also, please re-send the log files to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
03/21: We have not received any logs from users regarding this issue till date. As such, we will put this issue under monitoring and will not be providing any active update. If any users are encountering this issue, please follow the instructions that has been provided and send us the log files.
06/14: It seems that there are still users who are facing this issue, but we are not receiving any diagnostic logs on this issue. If you have sent it but we did not response, we would appreciate if you can help to send again with some indication in the email that the log is regarding this issue.
There is a feedback in the thread saying that one of the community users found that NVidia HDMI sound driver could play a part and result in the SB tabs not showing up.
4) AE-7/AE-9 audio dropout (including channel swap on X570 boards)
10/12 - An AE-9 / AE-7 beta driver that has been tested internally to resolve issues with systems that have had the audio dropout issue is now available. You can download the driver here - https://creative.box.com/s/rpladc8kfu1hg55zbhl5nxhce1uq0eib
10/11 - Good news. With the feedback we've received from various users (many located on here) we've been able to reproduce and isolate an issue that leads to this audio dropout. The internal beta has rectified the problem internally and we will be releasing to the public within the next few days. We will update here once again once the beta is ready for distribution.
12/02 Update: the latest driver is available on Windows Update. We are still looking into audio drop issues when memory is overclocked.
12/30 No Update.
02/05 No Update.
03/02: Currently, the outstanding audio dropout reports are related to high-speed memory (3000+ MHz). We are still investigating this issue, as it is only seen on certain systems.
03/21: We have invested in a new equipment that would help us to expedite and improve our capacity in the investigation of this issue. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation affecting delivery of the equipment, we estimate to be able to do that in June 2020.
04/25: The delivery of the equipment we are getting to improve on our capacity for investigation of this issue has been brought forward to early May. We are also working to gather the relevant equipment and systems required to investigate the issue due to COVID-19 isolation measures affecting the way we can work and look into issues. We are still trying to work as best we can within the bounds of such measures, and we hope the community would understand and give us more time during this trying time.
06/14: We have been studying the issues on a X570 system since obtaining the new equipment at end May 2020. The new equipment has allowed us to identify unusual events that occurs when audio drop or channel swap occurs on X570. Currently investigating the issues based on the additional information found. We are currently focusing on the X570 boards for the investigations which seems to be what majority of users facing the issue is on, and will see if the fix for the issues will help users on other boards.
08/02: We are working with AMD to investigate the issues seen on the X570 chipset motherboard.
09/11: We are still working with AMD on the investigation of the issues. As details of the investigation progress cannot be published, we hope everyone can be patience on this while the investigation continues.
10/09: AMD has advised to adjust the following settings, which may help to resolve the issues:
a) Disable PCIe Link State Power Management and other power saving settings in BIOS. In general, power management can add latency to devices wake up.

b) Disable CPU Global C-State. From AMD findings, disabling this setting seems to have improvement on bus completion latency.

5) Sound Blaster X3
We are working on a new software and firmware release that would solve some of the following issues reported. The update is targeted to be released in January 2020.
a) SXFI effect affected by audio enhancement
b) SB Command showing headphone output when audio output is on speaker
c) Disable audio output from both speaker and SPDIF output when headphone is in use
d) General stability and driver fixes
Update 2/05:
The new firmware, driver, and SB Command update has been released as of January 20, 2020. We are working on a newer firmware that would support the microphone usage on Nintendo Switch.
03/02: We are preparing for a new firmware for X3, targeted to be released mid to end of March 2020. The planned changes are below:
1) Added Nintendo Switch mic support
2) Fixed Volume knob not syncing with OS after power up
3) Improved SXFI effect
4) Allow control of optical output volume
5) Support PC sleep mode, device will enter low power mode with LED turn off
03/21: We are currently testing the new firmware for X3. There are some issues found from testing which we are fixing. The release is likely to be happening in end March to early April, depending on the result of our testing on the new firmware with the fixes.
04/25: v1.3.20200406.0200 firmware has been released on 24th Apr. It should be progressively available on SB Command on all platforms. Windows users are already seeing the update. SB Command v3.4.72.01 has also made available as an app update to users to resolve software related issues.
06/14: We are working on a v1.4 firmware release for X3 which should be available soon. The key issue that is resolved is the inability to sync windows volume control through the volume knob after a cold boot or hibernation.
08/02: v1.5.200705.0120 was released on 13 July to address a L channel inbalance issue. We are planning a new v1.6 firmware to further address the issue of audio level being at a louder level than shown on the device.
09/11: We are still planning the scope of v1.6 update. Focus is currently on some outstanding issues that occur only on Mac OS, and also the intermittent issue where audio level is louder than what is shown on the device. Tentatively looking at Oct/Nov 2020.
10/09: No new update.
6) Sound BlasterX Katana
03/21: We are working on releasing a new version of SB Connect to fix an issue where almost no control is shown.
We are also doing some investigation on the issue where audio drop is reported in Windows 10 1903. We have not been able to reproduce the issue from initial testing, and would like users who are seeing the issue to run the diagnostic app to provide us with more information.
04/25: We are doing some internal testing of the new version of SB Connect that fixes the no control shown issue. It should be release in the 27th Apr week for testing by the community if nothing adverse shows up from our testing.
Regarding the audio drop issue, we are seeing it on 1 particular system which exhibits the issue only on the USB3.0 ports, but not the USB2.0 ports. We did a BIOS update on this system and the audio drop on the USB3.0 ports no longer happen.
While this might not be the cause of issue for all users, we would advise those affected to check on this to see if you are affected by USB port compatibility issues. We are still testing on various system to reproduce the issue but so far, no other systems are showing pops after audio playback of 2 hours.
For users who are seeing the issue, if you have not done so, please help to run the diagnostic app to provide us with more information. We hope to be able to find some hints that could help us identify potential systems or settings that have not been tried to reproduce this issue. Please send your logs to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), indicating that you are seeing audio pops on Katana, and some description on your usage scenario where you encounter the issues.
06/14 : Till date, we have found that the following could trigger the intermittent audio pops with Katana
1) Insufficient power delivered on the USB port.
There were systems with this issue where switching to a different port helps.
2) BIOS update
We have found system that has the issue but is resolved after the BIOS is updated to the latest
We are also testing a new SB Connect release to resolve a detection issue for Katana where available controls are not fully displayed.
08/02: We have discovered some issues that requires addressing during our testing. A new version that addresses the issues found have released for internal testing.
09/11: We have released an updated SB Connect v for Katana that resolved some issue with missing controls and also update the driver for Katana. We are aware that there are users who encounter audio popping issues, which we are still trying to reproduce internally.
10/09: We are able to reproduce the popping issue in certain scenarios and target to release a solution by Dec. 2020.
7) Windows 10 Update 2004 20H2
06/14: With the release of Windows 10 update 2004, we are aware that some users may be facing issues with your existing products. We are in communication with Microsoft on this. Those facing issues which is triggered by the v2004 update could let us know with some description and information of the symptoms, together with the logs captured with the diagnostic app with link at the start of the thread.
Below is an issue that some of you have raised for v2004 update
- AE-5 volume slider lag
08/02: We have found some change in the number of volume set triggered by OS with the Windows OSD volume set. There are many more set by the OS, resulting in more processing as compared to Windows 10 prior to v2004. We are working on a fix to handle this behaviour change in Windows 10 v2004 that is triggering the volume lag.
09/11: We are working on releasing new driver for AE series and SBZ series that will address the volume lag issues.
10/09: The new driver for AE and SBZ series have been submitted to Microsoft for release through Windows Update and users will get it once Microsoft pushes the drivers out.
8) Sound Blaster K3+
09/11: We are looking into reports of audio pop issues with Mac OS 10.14 and 10.15 that users are facing, and targeting to provide a solution in October 2020.
10/09: There is a new K3+ firmware that has resolved the reported issue, it is under internal testing and we target to release by the end of Oct. 2020.
9) Sound Blaster G3 Intermittent no audio device after device resume from hibernate/sleep (New!)
10/09: We are working on a solution, target to be available by early Nov.
submitted by CreativeRobert to SoundBlasterOfficial

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